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Makumi Apr 25
At times life drags you down a pit
It kicks you ******* the chest
Tipping you over the edge of that abyss
Into that world where dreams fade and vanish
Into that dystopia,
Where the blossoming flower of purpose withers,
Leaving only remnants to remind of the once technicolor petals.
Makumi Apr 25
Life's a maze
Life's a labyrinth,
That we are all lost in
We are all out in the woods
Trying to find our way home
We are all out in the jungle
Tring to find our way out.
Makumi Apr 25
How the birds at dawn remind me of you
Their glorious tweets and magical chirps
Sweet music that lingers in my mind like a spell
Yours is a voice that leaves me mesmerized
A voice like the heavenly harps that leaves me dazed
Makumi Apr 25
Kismet had us bump into each other
The smiles and stories stuck us together like epoxy
You were a fairy from my dreams
I wonder if I was an angel descended upon you
Fate had the candle we lit blown out
But out of the embers of a fire that once was
Our candle rekindled.
Makumi Apr 21
It's a skewed kind of history
Of what if Da vinci knew you?
Then maybe the mona lisa would be a painting of you
Makumi Apr 19
How the stars at twilight remind me of you
Their mistical twinkle and blinding shine
A wonder I would gawk at forever
Yours is a charm that leaves me infatuated mistress,
A charm that draws a coy smile from me.
Makumi Apr 19
Like moonshine you intoxicate my mind
Like gin you leave my heart staggering,
Beating for you
Like alcohol you fly me to utopia
Like sweet wine you make me relish
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