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Some prose poems patched in his hands
Suddenly then, ecstasy or hypnosis faces him!
As he was reading, bathing in scents of cedar
She stands before him, disrobed, Phaedra-like and solemn!

He mouthed those lines while blossomed within him
A garden of secrets, rustling beeches
The mused muse came to visit him when
Every morning he read on, gold upon her head

He never put the velvety book down
The air heavy with laughter, desires, and rhymes
The Western wind gently rocked them as they held
Each other…Yet as the last poem echoed, she adamantly fled!

Translated on April 17, 2019
Nancy, France
This is a translation of a poem I wrote in French in early March, exposing the topos that the allegory of inspiration is a fe/male muse to poets

The theme, Beauty, is this year's "Spring of the Poets" topic and inspirational concept for us French poets. It's a sort of national festival celebrating poetry through gatherings, readings, conferences and exhibitions throughout France.
Jordan Rains Apr 9
Why are you hiding the words of your heart?
Tell them quickly, before the light departs
Darkness makes you sick, it tears you apart
All your hope departs, now you need a start
My soul says to itself- you're in no go-cart
Life's laying cards on table, don't fall apart
You're a superkart, it's time to play the part
Wear that crown of thorns, don't end up ****
Beat your counterpart, all you can outsmart
Set yourself apart from em, you're Blackheart

I used to be the Arclight, one that spark fights
If I write the same **** once again, that's trite
Now I'm picking up the words with hindsight
Life's a long *** flight, you know that's right
Used to hard-start all ways, yeah, I ran quite!
Now I start hard always, even on a dark night
I am not scared of the dark, I'm a Dark Knight
Need flashlights? No, I don't, Thanks, Dwight!
I don't lack sight, when I look I see stars light
Up in the sky, I feel high like I'm in a dank site

I'm **** right, my flight ain't gonna descend
The voices in my head builds predicaments
No matter what, I'll never go round the bend
The monster under my bed- him I'll apprehend
For the time he spend pretending as my friend
Adding fuel to the fire, slowly to the fire I blend
Now a Dark Phoenix, I'm breathing fire, I ascend
Deep in my heart I know, anything I can mend
I fend for myself, he'll always be my opponent
So I'll keep this fight going untill I see the end
Jordan Rains Nov 2018
The evil is back with more bubble packs
Dismembered body parts of a quarterback
I carry her head in a sack, I'm the new Zodiac
I excel at everything I do, I'm a crackerjack
Threw a few hay-makers at Razorbacks
Went to Fat Jack's and ordered a Big Mac
As their cook, I told em to hire Bolivar Trask
He found the needle I put in their haystack
So I gave him for free a recipe for disaster
Also the pen I stole from my headmaster
A sticking plaster, castor beans, a cadastre
An adapter, a jasper and court plaster
After we said goodbyes, on my way back
I heard a chick's laughter, so I went after
Asked her out, she said no, so I flashed her
By the way, she told me she's an actor
For me, she's like a lobster so I harrased her
Smashed her head on the floor, I bashed her
Slashed her throat open up, in this I'm a master
After that I carjacked Mike Tyson's hatchback
****** his wife twice and ate his flapjacks
And now let me get down to my brass tacks
In my backpack, I have got a book of rhymes
To write down my crimes, a vacuum flask
A portable phone jack, an eye mask
Two strips of Xanax, a couple of Hardtacks
A ***** jack, a hardback to learn Kazakh
A graphic novel written by Jack Katz
A box set of Mad Max, two dead black cats
A black hat, few hundred grams of Black Jacks
A carton of Zantac, a flat map, Ginseng Panax
Also I see three strips of Prozac, my phone bill
Eight sets of tie tacks, a small hand ax
Two hornbill casques and an oxygen mask
Not to mention, a full bottle of Cognac
A compact oak cask, an old Kodak
A Black Wax, a spare key of my old Lomax
A Tic-tac, a few dozen knick-knacks
And a brass plaque I stole from Frank Jack
Arghh!!! I think I have again gone mad
But still, stable as Planck, insane, insomniac
By the way, I have no plans to hit the sack
Gonna keep driving around in my Pontiac
Listening to ****, wearing a green anorak
In search for a couple more nymphomaniacs
I'm cruel as Saddam Hussein's ***, I harass
women for fun- eye-gouging & chem attacks
I'm gonna stick a bumper jack inside they ***
Cut off their fannies & put em in a ***** pack
Stack em up all to make a jumping jack
Sell it on eBay so I can keep on huffin' wax
Degreasers, disinfectants, and fuel gas
I'm Satan Santa- I'm a ******* killer shark
I came here to give all hoes a heart attack
So go tell your spouse that the evil is back
Jordan Rains Oct 2018
When it's time for the show, words don't flow, rhymes don't show
up in my mind, Lil' ****** up; Havent slept for three days in a row
I could get myself some help but I prefer pills & hemp over 'em
Or I could write but nowadays when I scribble, there's no rhythm.

I took a deep breath, sat straight then thought for a minute.
My life is like battletoads, I know I'm never gonna win it
I making bad moves though I've played this many times before.
No cheat codes and my feet won't fit in my shoes anymore.

Feels like I'm losing this game; I wish things could be same
Like 5 years before, now ashamed of myself for what I've became
An ent- the perfect host for everything I once hated the most
Now slowly descending towards The End, I'm there almost

I admit I cut myself from every person who cared for me.
Built a humongous wall all around me and kept storm in
Hopin' to fight it alone instead loneliness fed on me
And as it kept formin', I saw the sky falling down on me

I started callin' friends, Hey! Any plans for tonight, homie?
Why don't you come over? Tonight's drinks are all on me.
As life is a busy *****, most of 'em said- Nope, buddy!
Only silence was there for me and I felt like I'm a nobody.

Felt so hard for me to cope with truth so I used to contradict
all the **** I cooked up; I got hooked up with some derelicts.
I mixed my days with ******' drugs; I became a dope addict.
Drug is the skippin' rope which kept me jumpin'. Stop, Addict!

Okay! This is what I usually do when I see me in front of dead ends
I know I'm not a quitter but I sit there all day long smokin' blunts
A hophead soon to be drop dead, I never make use of my talents.
So many friends I've offended, its time for me to make amends.

When I came back to senses, realized I have fallen already.
All the offenses I did started followin' me, I walked steady.
No one to help me; There are many ways, Where am headin'?
Went from place to place; Somehow I lived but was dead in.

I tried to let all my emotions out on a paper but it never came out
Still don't know who the **** I am or what my life is all about
Feels like livin' on a sinkin' boat, save me please I never shout
Life in motion, deeper than oceans, I'm full of diffidence & doubts

Life is a decoy for pain, it ******' destroys us to be full-blown
Lord give me more choices, sorry I didn't take the path you've shown
All I want is these voices in my head to leave me the **** alone
Please silent these noises, that's all I ask, this you should condone

And I swear to you, rest of the things, I'll take care on my own
Not afraid of being alone, as I know one day we all will be gone
To acheive my dreams, I'll beat my head against any stone wall
Not a thing I'll mothball, all crown galls I'll **** once and for all
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