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1.6k · Jul 2020
Soul Garden
Rivers flowed from my eyes
Into the seed within my heart
I nourish the seed with the well of love
right now I am in a drought
I long to soak in water through my soil
I long to spread my roots through this dry soft land
I long to sow truth
this is my intent
I long to rise up and bloom
I long to open my petals and taste the sunlight
I yearn to bask in the warmth of your rays of love
until we meet again I sleep and dream of you beneath my petals
367 · Jul 2020
Day by day I sit in wait
In this apartment of hell that I hate
Every day I open the blinds
to let in sunlight that I hope to illuminate
this dark soul of mine
Is it me that is blind
Is this prison that I perceive real or am I the one who is blind
Ask a spiritualist and they will say it is an illusion
Ask another and they will say it is how you look at it
Either way I am sick and tired
Of this anger that burns inside of me like a fire
Day after day and night after night my soul finds a reason
to moan and complain
My heart is tired and mad I've had enough
I will break out of this soul cage
A prison is not a home
Sometimes the innocent are made captive
Am I innocent or simply ungrateful
I know not the answers to these questions
I do know that I am fed up and I will not
Live my life for other people anymore
I am a lightworker
But if I only live my life for other people
then I am not shining my light am I
Which is what I came here to do
Maybe that will help me fulfill my mission to heal others
328 · Sep 2019
My Heart Song
I love life
Oh how long it has been
Since I have felt truly free
To run singing in the fields as a wild
Horse in the wind
Inside my temple embers burn
Brightly a fire life burns within
I am a madly wild independent woman like a mare I have been kept on these reigns on this trail take this bit out of my mouth if only they would listen to me I consider them friend they consider me servant
I just bucked my owner off and he lost control of me I am now running so far away from those people
That family should have known better
You cannot tame a wild horse not one as wild as me
Quite a while it's been and I am in
Green pastures I found my little foal oh how happy I am to be home again with my baby again free and peaceful
#freedom #horses #Sagittarius #heartsong #trapped #freemyself #freeyourself #idonthavetonetrapped #TAKINGMYPOWERBACK #CLAIMINGMYINDEPENDENCE
297 · Sep 2019
It is good to be alone
Alone is a healthy thing
You learn to enjoy your own company
We must be alone with ourselves
Let's meet ourselves shall we
Until a person can be content
In their own company
That person will always be looking
For love and approval
From other people
Take it from me
I've learned to be alone
I've become used to it
Alone can ache your bones
When your friends and family won't
Call or answer the phone
My advice to those who feel alone
Do things you enjoy
Don't chase people who dont care
Spend time with animals
I will be your friend
I am here
People have problems
They cannot be there always
But someone who cares
Will make you a priority
I am worth being treated first class
I'm not a second choice
Take me or leave me
I love me
God loves me
I choose gratitude
For I do have a few friends
I have a small family
We are not a perfect bunch
On the contrary no one is
So I choose to see the best in people I love people anyway
For that is how I was raised and taught
Being thoughtful and considerate
Pushes trouble away and keeps Mans face from the rubble
Written by Danielle Elizabeth Summers
174 · Jul 2020
Feline Fine
One little whisker
two little whiskers
make a wish
One cat fast asleep on the sofa
One cat looking out the window
Cat dreams of tasty friends
Oh Sammy sweet that hummingbird you shall not eat
Run fast little kitties run and dance for joy in the sunshine
Hide under the bushes
Walk on the mailboxes
The neighborhood is your playground
Badass alleycats you are
Respected you shall be
Royalty you are

— The End —