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jus Aug 2018
it’s bad to think that
in an alternate place,
or time, or reality,
or continuum,
we get to hold again each other.

i cry when they say
“you & me, always & forever”.
for i know i’ll never have
the same chance to regain you.
or the constant feeling to
save us from falling.

i hope when
another reality exists within,
there’ll be us again.
always & forever.
always & another forever,
with you.
jus Aug 2018
what other objects do you have,
to turn them into metaphors
that profess
your affections for me?
do not give me flowers,
or anything that exists in nature.
keep away the comparisons from seas,
the sun, and anything in between.
i have heard them all from past lovers,
& they all left me in time.

— The End —