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The Ink Well Jul 18
All of my favorites were about love.

Tales of cunning and bravery,
About exploring
The world - and oneself.

I miss when life felt like a little bit of rhythm
Seasoned with a dash of rhyme;
When it had meaning - when I had meaning.

I’ve uncovered so much peace and joy,
Yanked from the drenches of my soul.

Who knew unearthing could be so bittersweet...

If life is just the story that we tell ourselves,
Am I at the end of mine -
Or could this really be a beginning?

And when did new hurt so bad?

Am I callous or just a little wisened:
Someone who knows a few too many stories.
The Ink Well Jul 18
I want to scream:
To let the dam in my heart open
And flood the world around me.

I want to forget who I am,
Who I was,
And just be.

To learn it all again -

I just want to feel alive again.
The Ink Well Jul 18
I can never be sure if I’m feeling things -

I just wish it could all come naturally;
That I could just relax.

I don’t want to be composed,
Nor walk through life on a path made of eggshells.
The Ink Well Jul 12
... and even memories have to die.
The Ink Well Jul 12
Ive burnt inside at least a dozen times
And tonight i feel like rekindling.

I long to pierce that static curtain that has fallen around me -

And I want to suffer in vibrant hues.

I still yearn for opening old wounds,
Will I ever learn to leave well enough alone?
The Ink Well Jul 4
Im just at that point where I no longer feel anything for who I once was but still haven’t gotten to know who I am now.
The Ink Well Jun 27
In each of us rests a burning cinder;
A tiny beacon amongst the vast darkness.

The burden of a truth that weighs upon us
Is heavy from our first breath -
And one that we carry until we give our last.

That we exist,
As individuals -
And as a whole;
Bound by that same weight:

Life has meaning in every form -
And we may burn with such effervescence
Yet be snuffed within a moment.

We have a dedication to each other,
To keep that flame alive,
To tend each other’s light
That it may shine forever more.

Together let us carry on that torch,
And may it burn eternal.
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