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1.4k · Jun 2015
The Hell in Hello
Gabriel Nicolo Jun 2015
The magic in your eyes,
The "make my knees weak" smile,
The "my heart skipped a beat" moment.
The "world stopped turning" for a while.
That electric feeling,
when our elbows touch,
That comforting lie,
"I've missed you so much"
The heat of the moment,
When my hand wraps around your waist,
and I pull you close,
with the other hand on your face,
The "drumroll" leading,
to the firework kiss,
The warm embrace after,
that always makes me wish,
That if clocks could be broken,
Then so would be time,
And I wouldn't have to hurry,
In this paradise of mine,
and all these heavens,
that begin with a hello,
All disappear,
and time begins to slow,
and I try my hardest not to show you,
but no matter how hard I try,
The hell in hello,
is when you say goodbye.
No goodbyes, No goodbyes,
just hellos,
just hellos.
760 · Sep 2016
Gabriel Nicolo Sep 2016
Falling for someone you don't entirely know,
You are tirelessly entering an endeavor you are to lose,
You give your entire being to an entirely different entity,
Who entices you with flashes of brilliance and mistery.
You effortlessly exert effort for a hopeless cause.
You are endlessly waiting for an eternity that will not come,
You picked a battle you have lost long before you could have won.
To fall in love with someone you barely know, don't do it, just please, don't.
707 · Apr 2017
What it means to be "Okay"
Gabriel Nicolo Apr 2017
I'm not lying when I tell you that without you I'll be okay.
I'll eat three times a day if I feel like it.
I'll laugh at jokes.
Smile at things worthy of my smile.
Wake up.
Go to work.
Earn a living.
Watch a movie every now and then.
Read good books.
Drink great coffee.
Maybe have ***. Or not.

I'll be okay without you.

I'm not lying when I say I'll be okay without you.
I will no longer feel my heart beat a mile a minute.
Or my cheeks turn blood red.
Butterflies in my stomach.
Electricity in my veins.
They will no longer see magic in my eyes,
Or hear the power in my voice,
Or see a spring in my step.
I will not be lying when I tell you that without you I'll be okay,

Okay is not synonymous with fantastic.
Okay is not even close to happy. Or fine.

Okay just means, okay.
And without you...
I promise...
I'll be okay.
Gabriel Nicolo Apr 2017
I never thought,
That one of,
if not the best,
Feelings in the world,
Would be looking at you,
And feeling absolutely nothing.
494 · Apr 2017
Gabriel Nicolo Apr 2017
How beautiful,
Yet how tragic,
The sight of a burning bridge,
Ignited by an unrequited lover's fire,
Not out of hate,
Not out of anger,
But to make sure,
That to the very person he or she longs for,
They are no longer a burden,
They are no longer a bother.
406 · Jun 2016
Beyond your beautiful
Gabriel Nicolo Jun 2016
Let me see beyond your beautiful,
Let my fingers trace your scars,
Not to haunt you, or taunt you,
But to remind you of all your battles, that you have made it this far.

While everyone else gets to hear you laugh,
I want to be there whether you quietly sob, or when you scream your lungs out.
I wouldn't want to miss any uphill battles, Or any moments headed south.

While the world patiently waits to witness what you make,
I want to be a witness to whatever it is that makes you.

I will walk with you, bare-foot, slippers, sneakers or boots.
The world gets to adore the beauty of the rose,
While I find myself falling in love with the roots.
227 · Sep 2016
Gabriel Nicolo Sep 2016
"I'm obsessed with the idea of waking up in your arms;

What assurance,
Do we have,
That each time we fall asleep,
We'd still wake up?
Every night could be our last,
And when I wake up,
With the warmth of your breath,
Gently brushing my neck,
What a feeling it would be knowing,
That the night before could have been our last,
Yet we chose to spend it,
Wrapped up in each other's arms."
174 · Apr 2017
Nicotine fantasy
Gabriel Nicolo Apr 2017
How I'd love to be the other end of each cigarette you've smoked,
Slowly burning myself out,
For your happiness,
Your pleasure,
Your relaxation,
Your serenity,
Your ease from tension,
Your escape from reality,
Your cooling sensation,
Your maintenance for sanity,

Darling, If you let me be your fix of nicotine, I only ask that once you are done with me, put me out gently.

— The End —