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Aug 2019 · 168
Dead Man Walking
Steve Aug 2019
My life was written in the scriptures but the scriptures had no name,
Somewhere in the darkness a candle burns a metallic ghostly flame,
Been living half alive ever since the devil fixed the game,
I’m just a dead man walking and the cards are stacked,
My hearts a rusty ball and chain,
My fate is sealed the flame is dead, all your demons live in me,  
But when I die the demons cry and my soul will finally be free
Aug 2019 · 281
Steve Aug 2019
Don’t want this life
Don’t need this life
Never asked for it
Can’t escape
Fenceless prisoner
Life sentence
Gone baby
Aug 2019 · 204
Kiss Of Death
Steve Aug 2019
My stolen love,
My lifeless dead,
I’m nothing but a phase,
Just a jester for love,
Methodically killing my heart,
The bearings strained,
My soul desperately screams,
Nobody listens,
Self crushing salvation,
The calming song of silent distress,
My sins paved the way,
I stare in the mirror,
Into my cold grey eyes,
I see ghosts,
A hollowed hell of crushing temptation,
A shell of despair,
Half of what I used to be,
And everything I never was,
A gun on my lap,
A bottle in my hand,
Here it comes...,
Just numb,
Tired of creating something from nothing,
Boy I can feel something coming,
Benevolent self hate under the dying moon,
Am I reaching the stars?
Am I searching for nothing?
I can’t find her,

I guess I’ll love the death in myself
Aug 2019 · 252
Love For The Night
Steve Aug 2019
Every night I search for love,
I grasp anywhere I can to fill my void,
The things I do to pretend you care,
The time I spend just to feel your touch,
My passion is so strong,
I know you only for the night,
But I fight for your affection like a soldier at war,
I’d rather die than to feel unloved,
I need to escape my lonely darkness,
I’ve spent too much time in my personal hell,
I’m worthless,
I’m tired,
But tonight I’ll have you,
Tonight you’ll be mine and tonight I’ll be yours,
Tomorrow you’ll be gone and back into my darkness I’ll go,
Back into my self destructive cage,
Right back into my lonely hell,
I’ll be useless again,
Until the next time,
When I find love for the night
Aug 2019 · 229
Used and Alone
Steve Aug 2019
I’m used over and over again,
my prostituted heart, it’s all temporary love,
everyone leaves, with my heart on my sleeve,
I give everything I have,
I jump through hoops for affection,
I beg for her love,
I desperately need you,
why am I treated like this,
I look to the sky, I ask for mercy,
please give me my eternal fix,
give me her smile, give me her voice,
I can listen forever,
give me her touch, give me her warmth,
I can hold her endlessly,
she doesn’t stay, why is it so easy to go,
I’m left in despair, she’s all I need,
but she’s always gone, always out of my reach,
down and out, I’m left used and forgotten,
I’ll never know true love,
I belong alone, I deserve to be used,
so just leave me,

used and alone
Jul 2019 · 664
Dead In My Lifetime
Steve Jul 2019
Superstitious goblins project images of divine consciousness, forbidden fruits of knowledge, unforgiving droughts of tranquility, I’m mad, I’m reckless, savage screams of yellow disenchantment, suffocating on insane misery, people speak but don’t say anything, my life, oh god my life!, I’m dead in my lifetime,
I’ll be nothing forever
May 2019 · 627
Revolutionary Heart
Steve May 2019
Drinking away the cold reality,
sipping away at the truth,
smell of revolution in the air,
the township rebellion weeps,
radically violent love,
surpressing undignified hate,
**** the cop in yourself, stomp the ghosts in your head,
destroy your masters,
Sweet negation, oh sweet negation!,
Burn down the walls of infinite discontent,
Live your life,
Live for yourself,
The forever insurrection,
The creative nothing,
We are the unique,
Guillotine your captures,
Free your mind, free your body, free your beautiful life!
Jan 2019 · 433
Falling Like Rain
Steve Jan 2019
No more time left,
held back by false pretense,
suspenseful lust,
prisoners of want,
superstitious compilations,
chasing stars,
chasing freedom,
pockets of sand,
we gain all but dust,
whiskey in my veins,
pain in my heart,
my criminal soul,
****** from the start,
enter my hell,
where was god,
gaze into fear,
a broken man,
sealed my fate,
my deal with the devil,
problem child,
reckless love,
lifeless ambition,
corrupted existence,
capital sin,
unbridled resistance,
live for me,
die for me,
bleed for me,
cry for me,
make peace with death,
make war with hate,
the end is near,
except your fate
Dec 2018 · 373
Steve Dec 2018
Nothing is sacred,
nothing matters,
we destroy everything beautiful, our self destructive bliss,
kissing hell goodnight, the angels weep,
my vacant soul cries, I can’t keep going,
I gain nothing, I die everyday,
society lied to me, anxiety kills my will,
I’ve never lived, I know I’ve lost,
I know I deserve it, every second hurts,
I can’t stop thinking, please mend my heart,
please end my suffering, I need sanctuary,
I need love, I need someone,
dwindling light, deadly sin,
Silent screams, I tried my best,
I’m lost,
I’m tired
Aug 2018 · 2.4k
My Soul To Take
Steve Aug 2018
I know I’m a cancer,
I know I’m a disease,
no matter how hard I try I always lose,
was I born to fail,
am I made to suffer,
I’m nothing but a phase,
you’ll find someone better,
you’ll get tired and you’ll leave me,
I’ll be thrown away,
I’ll be used and forgotten,
be happy without me,
I’m caged forever,
my pirated soul burns,
a ghost of myself,
this parasitic love slowly drains me,
craving the feeling,
please don’t go,
I beg to be free,
I need to be saved,
I’ll never know loves soft cradle,
I know false gods,
I know temporary life,
temporary worship,
I am loneliness,
I am pain,
despair loves me more then people ever will,
sip away my sorrows,
count my burdens,
my ravaged essence,
stolen loves laugh,
time to put this old horse down,
kiss death goodnight

oh love me now
Aug 2018 · 2.9k
Narcissists Love
Steve Aug 2018
She came to me broken,
shattered like a priceless vase,
she was whitering away right before my eyes,
like a long lost puppy without a home,
she said she fell in love,
we found each other in darkness,
with our hands held out we found our way,
but little did I know that her love was rotting day after day,
even though when I found her I was also half dead,
I ripped myself apart to make her whole again,
I loved her more than love thought possible,
but it was never enough,
she threw me away,
cast aside where I belong,
a worthless love,
now I lay broken,
now I lay dead
Aug 2018 · 290
Slave to Freedom
Steve Aug 2018
desire is my master,
I have no worth,
nothing but a slave to my selfless freedom,
I don’t have life,
I have no love,
I have my passion,
a bottle and a gun,
all my will and nowhere to run,
nowhere to hide,
but death fell in love,
there’s nothing left,
nothing to lose, it calls to me,
the darkness,
it beckons my future,
madness talks, a baby cries,
my maniacal life,
a slave to everything,
it’s all for nothing
Jul 2018 · 125
Steve Jul 2018
If I ever get out of here I hope it'll be with her,
she's my sunshine when the clouds are grey,
when the demons grab my soul she's there to pull me away,
she's the light in the tunnel of my trench of dispair,
she softly cradles my lonely heart,
she saved my essence from eternal fire,
she's the rose that grew from concrete,
she's my forest of leisure, I retreat to her like long lost stranger,
she satisfies my unquestionable heart,
she sees right through me,
She brings me to my humble knees,
I've never met a girl like her before,
she's the home I never knew,
in this lifetime nothing's promised,
but I'll never be more grateful to know someone like you
Jun 2018 · 282
Swimming Through Death
Steve Jun 2018
Dullness rots the circuits of my brain,
my freedom is dead,
with my lights slowly dying,
oh merciful lord can you save me,
will I be lost in this disgraceful world forever,
my iron locks of crippling struggle,
the unforgiving master threw away my keys,
superstitious queen kidnapped my care,
Rebirthed I am the pope of nihilist conformity,
It's a ***** world filled with robust tears of growth,
its lonely here on melancholy mountain,
it all feels so fake this life we live,
when there's nothing left for us to take the only thing we can do is give,
accept the fruit, don't bite the hands of time,
just keep your head above water, don't drown my son
Jun 2018 · 210
Drunken Poet
Steve Jun 2018
Empty bottles gather at my feet,
the feral creature is my forbidden religion,
oh sensitive child do you see the evil,
do you see your future,
the straight jacket of steel,
the tears glistening in the night,
my life lied to me,
long walks in the streets,
smell the reapers dead flowers,
I can't stop staring,
sipping away at the truth,
I look to the heavens,
I count the burdens,
I see no gods,
there are no masters,
the truth is ever so clear
but I can't see straight
Jun 2018 · 307
Steve Jun 2018
When will the moon constrict my hopeless burdens away,
when will the cold murderous slumber end,
when will the tigers eyes of tranquility call me again,
when will the rocks braze the underworld beneath,
when will the masks of quivering grief be lifted,
when will these rosegold chains dissolve,
when will the wild beast in my head lay to rest,
when will the ghosts strangle my rugged devotion,
when will I be salvaged by cupids soft arrow,
when will the fatigued ruins of my pirated soul be free,
when will the blistering light of the son go out,
When will the treacherous waves of the oceans calm,
when will the songbirds symphony of agonizing pain stop singing,
when will the gaps of my devoured heart be mended,
when will my insufferable day of reckoning come,
when will my sullified essence be cleansed and my debt be repaid,
when will the howl of solace encrypt my unqwuentionable love,
when can I sip peacefully from the fountains of youth,
when can I eat the benevolent fruits of prolific endowment,
when will I be saved

Jun 2018 · 212
One Love
Steve Jun 2018
I wished upon a star and I gazed upon her face,
for a moment I went numb,
for a moment I went deaf,
the cliché is true,
love is defiantly blind,
it's ruthless,
it's unpredictable,
and it wreaks havoc in our souls,

love is the ruler of my mind,
my heart is like a helpless slave,
I carry chains of hopeless passion,
love is my never ending hunger,
love is the most important thing of all,
without love I'm nothing but a king of my internal abyss,
nothing compares to the compassionate warmth of another,
loving someone from scratch is like creating a beautiful painting,
when your glittering auras dance in the beautiful moonlight,
when you see past each other's eyes you can feel the sparks fly,
In that very moment everything's perfect,

she made my whole world stop,
like being frozen in time,
like traveling to another dimension,
She rearranged the cosmos,
I gave her all I could give,
I gave her all of me,
but just like the sands of time,
love forever escapes my grip,
if I ever find my twin flame,
she'll be all that I want,
for all I'll ever truly need is my one true love
Jun 2018 · 376
Nothings Everything
Steve Jun 2018
Just like everything else she goes away in the end,
there's no such thing as special,
it's all just the false spectrum of our perceivable desires,
liberty's eyes of unappeasable bliss maniacally stabbed out,
everything is nothing,
and nothing doesn't exist,
In the unforgivable end I'm always alone,
I live for your romance, but my love lets me starve,
loves unstable walls of unbridled lust,
The ****** weeping angels of pride,
classical war zones of ridiculed misery,
the devils mine of fraudulent consciousness,
starkness clouds of fictitious reality,
life's a dangerous game, humanities humble begrudging essence,
all for one and none for all,
our world's gone mad,
all lives taking part in the hollow pit of it's permanent nothingness,
it's a sad sad world
Love, life, meaning, romance, death, pain, poem, alone, lust, pride, misery, consciousness, humanity,
Jun 2018 · 240
Steve Jun 2018
Succulent hate and misconceived trees of sorrow,
living under the devils tombstone of love,
rattling my subsequent bones of decay,
on my knees begging to be saved,
witnessing cains ******,
whipping gods eyes,
throw the feedbag on the horses face,
gorging the lies,
galaxies spark strange atomic waste,
suffocating the creator,
starving the witch,
branding the third eye,
searing flesh of goblins
distorted cries,
screams of freedom,
screeching violins play in Lucifers den,
ancient prognosticated scriptures of evil tribes,
frivolous hope crushed again by temptation,
reaching for the forbidden fruit,
love always just out of my grasp,
laughing and mocking my desperate tries,
my crippled desire burns to death right in front of my eyes,
helpless crushing weight from the chains of despair,
cage my raging savage endearments,
destroy me, my tortured love
Jun 2018 · 3.0k
The Workers Symphony
Steve Jun 2018
Tired of living in a false paradise of consumption,
suffering everyday our labored prostitution,
trade in your hours for a handful of scraps,
smile while your master puts the cigar out on your back,
this is the workers symphony,
aching joints, aching psyche,
smothered with whiskey to **** the pain,
our autonomous freedom we'll never regain,
slave till you die, laugh till it hurts, your meaning in life, to merely survive,
collect your checks week after week, creative minds stomped out, just smile and drink,
be a good slave except your fate,
it's just the way it is boy get back in your place,
we gravel in dispair, they spit in our face,
we waste our lives away,
on our hands and knees we just smile and drink,
thinking about breaking these chains,
it's punishable by law,
authority laughs when you die slow for your keep,
with your eyes wide shut,
don't wake your slumber,  
it's all a bad dream,
just go back to sleep,
and forget life's blunder
Jun 2018 · 178
Steve Jun 2018
Shackles of my eternal prison,
the chains I bear are translucent,
it doesn't really matter what I do,
life is a dice game,
my dice are loaded,
I sit back and think about my past and my future,
I can't figure out my internal plight,
why am I treated like this,
I'm a whimpering dog in the cold steel night,
tossed aside and forgotten,
my candlelight sussed out,
confines of my being don't really have much meaning,
tried to find my way,
love cut me down,
my pursuit of life,
executed on sight,
my bloodthirsty hell
the fire of passion raging inside,
extinguished by my hunger,
my famine of love,
everything's broken,
my paper mache soul,
a smashed porcelain doll,
my whitering heart,
a slave to my shattered devotion,
sentenced to a life of hard labored desire,
a quivering cast system of worship,
nothing but dust in the end,
the stars cry for me,
I had all I ever needed,
I had her,
now she's gone,
I'll find solace in death, empty living, nothing left
Jun 2018 · 175
Master of Puppets
Steve Jun 2018
Brisk lies of torment shake the foundation of time,
I'm breathing stale led air through the jesters tortured soul,
the darkness surrounds me under the murderers stone,
creations of decieved conceptual evil,
the marionette master of toiled deviation,
a songbirds symphony of infinite pain,
cast iron crown of peasantry nailed to my head,
brainless maggots of dead religions call to the sky,
the underworld answers, heathens of insanity cry, nothing truly exists, perceive your mind, one last breath, it's time to die
Jun 2018 · 142
The Task
Steve Jun 2018
Unimaginable understanding of our cosmic reality,
our job in life is to seek crippling fatality, hostile universe enforced in suffering,
our primitive minds incredulously wondering,
the purpose of existence, the perpetual question,
there's no rhyme there's no reason, our misguided fears,
our self conscious treason,
we cry, we live, we die, we dig, lives wasted toiling,
masters thrive our planet broiling, what is the path we take?
the people rise, the power crushed, the sleeping will wake, we must fix mans mistake,
open your crying eyes,
wake up and see for yourself, the false prophets of life,
the living dead, our worthless wealth, death smiles as ignorance leans, it's time for change,
all existence disguised its not at all what it seems
Jun 2018 · 259
Steve Jun 2018
The bridled city of taboos has bright lights and sleepless nights, blood stained murderers alley, the den of thieves, illegitimate conceived *******, mischief and *** gorge the air, strange prostitution and troubled gamblers, the city burns angry with bright red ambers, whiskey stained carpets and icy malt liquor stares, thick cigars conceive children of ash, deranged eyes of supernatural madness like burning glass, the prowler, the stalker, audible mumbling outlined in chalk, 44 magnums, psychedelic cannibals, our bodies paint the street, screaming mothers cry, your sons buried 6 feet deep, pills and hash, crack rocks stuffed in socks, od's and priests, og's and freshly bleeding meat, the jungle cries, unimaginable struggles of our conceptual being, ignore the vice, schizophrenic minds, atomic clowns, drinking wine off the devils horn, incredulous depictions of murdering Christ, our sacrilegious hell, welcome to our life
Jun 2018 · 181
Eyes Wide Shut
Steve Jun 2018
The realms of possibility crash at our feet,
cosmic understanding lights the way,
the stranger in your eyes, the killer on the road,
after the end where do we go, convulsing creatures of darkness spitting up blood,
wild savage men dance in the forest,
a flooding paradox of self realization,
the fuel of life and death, sinful love and enlightened hate,
no one truly sees, our fateful misconceptions,
choking on lies, life smothered by rulers,
the tsar of suffering, the king of false credence,
revolutionary justice, the guillotines judgment,
**** the god in yourselves, mask your perception,
guided by primal fear, what do you see,
cancerous power, the manifestation of destruction,
the Anarchists howl, the crying freedom,
angels of darkness claw at your eyes, chronic seizures of deceit,
the ghetto of love, maniacal streets,
the pigs decapitated head, our time is up, one final scream, our eyes wide shut
Jun 2018 · 313
Steve Jun 2018
Today I am broken, today I have died, I've shattered under the crippling weight of consciousness, crushed under the pressure of insatiable living, love is the creator and the destroyer, I died trying to live, I lost trying to win, destruction of reality, a fever dream of dispair, ungodly depression, dared to fail, tormenting my soul, grief laughs as I suffer, the stare of perpetuating madness, the touch of seething insanity, Icey cold breathe of death on my neck, I am changed, I am lost, when will my resurrection come for I am gone, dreams buried in shallow graves, love gave me life, love took it away, love baptized me under the beacon of hope, nourished by the hands of gods, love gave me reason, love gave me the rope, the hangmans noose, I starve and rot in a sea of wasted existence, a cesspool of deception, demons tearing my flesh, my bleeding heart, my crying eyes, lost in pain, the dead shall never rise
May 2018 · 184
Horses Eyes
Steve May 2018
All existence divided by absolute nothingness, the walls of perception pulverized by the hammers of interpretation, the creators of everything exist in ourselves, what do our eyes grasp when we stare at the bold truth? do we actually look or do we pretend to see? taught how to fail since the day we were born, a number and a name, property owned by nothing, our world is created with the lust of savage kings, never understanding why but always searching for an answer, learn to run before we can crawl, learn to fight before we can love, pitted lies of false alienation, the sausage maker of educated nothing, lustful ignorance crattles the ego, self righteously all knowing beings, we all exist but are we truly here? are we living? or are we just pretending to see?
May 2018 · 392
Steve May 2018
Disconfronted madmen tasted the fruit off the devils tree, insatiable love ruined by temptation, mocking death, grieving bewildered beasts of decay dance in my head, we all die in a meaningless wasteland of discontent, disconnected rotten souls banish our existence, gods laughing in the moonlight as we whither away gasping to death, choking on red air, we are lost forever, we are gone
May 2018 · 203
Our Fear
Steve May 2018
Praying breeds compliancy to evil lost in a flowing yellow river of inhuman insanity,
steel rusted chains sway in the devils mine,
supernatural whispers constrict your atmosphere,
ghosts strangling your reality the driving force of your ambition,
skull crushing fear that swallows us whole,
nothing more than an illusion of fictional time and space,
we are crippled by seething imagination of our internal false prophets,
rage into the cold crisp night confronting eternal salvation, laughing in the face of disaster, where the sky’s call your name awaiting a patient death,
never look back, our lives forever expanding past comprehensible understanding,
time disappears, existence lives on
May 2018 · 191
Strange Fruit
Steve May 2018
Love is is the epitome of pataphysical self deception,
disdained and rotting from the inside out,
strained crys from the shepherds dying son,
lost souls of chronological madness laugh in the guise of strange fruit,
bearing witness to the tearing flesh of mothers scorned,
sacrilegious harmony whimpering in the cold death,
returning to the land where the Pharaoh died,
eyes whipped shut,
eternally salvaged souls from self cannibalization,
the end of living, our suffocated light.

— The End —