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Steve May 2019
Drinking away the cold reality,
sipping away at the truth,
smell of revolution in the air,
the township rebellion weeps,
radically violent love,
surpressing undignified hate,
**** the cop in yourself, stomp the ghosts in your head,
destroy your masters,
Sweet negation, oh sweet negation!,
Burn down the walls of infinite discontent,
Live your life,
Live for yourself,
The forever insurrection,
The creative nothing,
We are the unique,
Guillotine your captures,
Free your mind, free your body, free your beautiful life!
Steve Jan 2019
No more time left,
held back by false pretense,
suspenseful lust,
prisoners of want,
superstitious compilations,
chasing stars,
chasing freedom,
pockets of sand,
we gain all but dust,
whiskey in my veins,
pain in my heart,
my criminal soul,
****** from the start,
enter my hell,
where was god,
gaze into fear,
a broken man,
sealed my fate,
my deal with the devil,
problem child,
reckless love,
lifeless ambition,
corrupted existence,
capital sin,
unbridled resistance,
live for me,
die for me,
bleed for me,
cry for me,
make peace with death,
make war with hate,
the end is near,
except your fate
Steve Dec 2018
Nothing is sacred,
nothing matters,
we destroy everything beautiful, our self destructive bliss,
kissing hell goodnight, the angels weep,
my vacant soul cries, I can’t keep going,
I gain nothing, I die everyday,
society lied to me, anxiety kills my will,
I’ve never lived, I know I’ve lost,
I know I deserve it, every second hurts,
I can’t stop thinking, please mend my heart,
please end my suffering, I need sanctuary,
I need love, I need someone,
dwindling light, deadly sin,
Silent screams, I tried my best,
I’m lost,
I’m tired
Steve Aug 2018
I know I’m a cancer,
I know I’m a disease,
no matter how hard I try I always lose,
was I born to fail,
am I made to suffer,
I’m nothing but a phase,
you’ll find someone better,
you’ll get tired and you’ll leave me,
I’ll be thrown away,
I’ll be used and forgotten,
be happy without me,
I’m caged forever,
my pirated soul burns,
a ghost of myself,
this parasitic love slowly drains me,
craving the feeling,
please don’t go,
I beg to be free,
I need to be saved,
I’ll never know loves soft cradle,
I know false gods,
I know temporary life,
temporary worship,
I am loneliness,
I am pain,
despair loves me more then people ever will,
sip away my sorrows,
count my burdens,
my ravaged essence,
stolen loves laugh,
time to put this old horse down,
kiss death goodnight

oh love me now
Steve Aug 2018
She came to me broken,
shattered like a priceless vase,
she was whitering away right before my eyes,
like a long lost puppy without a home,
she said she fell in love,
we found each other in darkness,
with our hands held out we found our way,
but little did I know that her love was rotting day after day,
even though when I found her I was also half dead,
I ripped myself apart to make her whole again,
I loved her more than love thought possible,
but it was never enough,
she threw me away,
cast aside where I belong,
a worthless love,
now I lay broken,
now I lay dead
Steve Aug 2018
desire is my master,
I have no worth,
nothing but a slave to my selfless freedom,
I don’t have life,
I have no love,
I have my passion,
a bottle and a gun,
all my will and nowhere to run,
nowhere to hide,
but death fell in love,
there’s nothing left,
nothing to lose, it calls to me,
the darkness,
it beckons my future,
madness talks, a baby cries,
my maniacal life,
a slave to everything,
it’s all for nothing
Steve Jul 2018
If I ever get out of here I hope it'll be with her,
she's my sunshine when the clouds are grey,
when the demons grab my soul she's there to pull me away,
she's the light in the tunnel of my trench of dispair,
she softly cradles my lonely heart,
she saved my essence from eternal fire,
she's the rose that grew from concrete,
she's my forest of leisure, I retreat to her like long lost stranger,
she satisfies my unquestionable heart,
she sees right through me,
She brings me to my humble knees,
I've never met a girl like her before,
she's the home I never knew,
in this lifetime nothing's promised,
but I'll never be more grateful to know someone like you
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