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  Jun 2018 Steve
Mike Essig
The wind is curiously silent tonight.
Nothing disturbs the deep darkness,
but the wafting scent of madness.

In the desert, captive children
toss and turn, whimper and sleep,
the government their souls to keep.

They will wake to razor wire,
and the company of strangers,
caught in concentration camps
of unknown bureaucrats and guards
blamelessly following the orders
of distant, calculating masters
who play political chess
with the lives of the innocent.

The country that separates
mothers from their babies
will rise and ask no questions,
going about its business,
buying, selling, grasping at more,
untouched by this insanity,
kissing its own kids good morning,
unwilling or unable to feel or see
the malignant cancer eating its way
through the complacent, rotting soul
of what, once upon a time, used to be

the home of the brave,
the land of the free.
Steve Jun 2018
Dullness rots the circuits of my brain,
my freedom is dead,
with my lights slowly dying,
oh merciful lord can you save me,
will I be lost in this disgraceful world forever,
my iron locks of crippling struggle,
the unforgiving master threw away my keys,
superstitious queen kidnapped my care,
Rebirthed I am the pope of nihilist conformity,
It's a ***** world filled with robust tears of growth,
its lonely here on melancholy mountain,
it all feels so fake this life we live,
when there's nothing left for us to take the only thing we can do is give,
accept the fruit, don't bite the hands of time,
just keep your head above water, don't drown my son
Steve Jun 2018
Empty bottles gather at my feet,
the feral creature is my forbidden religion,
oh sensitive child do you see the evil,
do you see your future,
the straight jacket of steel,
the tears glistening in the night,
my life lied to me,
long walks in the streets,
smell the reapers dead flowers,
I can't stop staring,
sipping away at the truth,
I look to the heavens,
I count the burdens,
I see no gods,
there are no masters,
the truth is ever so clear
but I can't see straight
Steve Jun 2018
When will the moon constrict my hopeless burdens away,
when will the cold murderous slumber end,
when will the tigers eyes of tranquility call me again,
when will the rocks braze the underworld beneath,
when will the masks of quivering grief be lifted,
when will these rosegold chains dissolve,
when will the wild beast in my head lay to rest,
when will the ghosts strangle my rugged devotion,
when will I be salvaged by cupids soft arrow,
when will the fatigued ruins of my pirated soul be free,
when will the blistering light of the son go out,
When will the treacherous waves of the oceans calm,
when will the songbirds symphony of agonizing pain stop singing,
when will the gaps of my devoured heart be mended,
when will my insufferable day of reckoning come,
when will my sullified essence be cleansed and my debt be repaid,
when will the howl of solace encrypt my unqwuentionable love,
when can I sip peacefully from the fountains of youth,
when can I eat the benevolent fruits of prolific endowment,
when will I be saved

Steve Jun 2018
I wished upon a star and I gazed upon her face,
for a moment I went numb,
for a moment I went deaf,
the cliché is true,
love is defiantly blind,
it's ruthless,
it's unpredictable,
and it wreaks havoc in our souls,

love is the ruler of my mind,
my heart is like a helpless slave,
I carry chains of hopeless passion,
love is my never ending hunger,
love is the most important thing of all,
without love I'm nothing but a king of my internal abyss,
nothing compares to the compassionate warmth of another,
loving someone from scratch is like creating a beautiful painting,
when your glittering auras dance in the beautiful moonlight,
when you see past each other's eyes you can feel the sparks fly,
In that very moment everything's perfect,

she made my whole world stop,
like being frozen in time,
like traveling to another dimension,
She rearranged the cosmos,
I gave her all I could give,
I gave her all of me,
but just like the sands of time,
love forever escapes my grip,
if I ever find my twin flame,
she'll be all that I want,
for all I'll ever truly need is my one true love
Steve Jun 2018
Just like everything else she goes away in the end,
there's no such thing as special,
it's all just the false spectrum of our perceivable desires,
liberty's eyes of unappeasable bliss maniacally stabbed out,
everything is nothing,
and nothing doesn't exist,
In the unforgivable end I'm always alone,
I live for your romance, but my love lets me starve,
loves unstable walls of unbridled lust,
The ****** weeping angels of pride,
classical war zones of ridiculed misery,
the devils mine of fraudulent consciousness,
starkness clouds of fictitious reality,
life's a dangerous game, humanities humble begrudging essence,
all for one and none for all,
our world's gone mad,
all lives taking part in the hollow pit of it's permanent nothingness,
it's a sad sad world
Love, life, meaning, romance, death, pain, poem, alone, lust, pride, misery, consciousness, humanity,
Steve Jun 2018
Succulent hate and misconceived trees of sorrow,
living under the devils tombstone of love,
rattling my subsequent bones of decay,
on my knees begging to be saved,
witnessing cains ******,
whipping gods eyes,
throw the feedbag on the horses face,
gorging the lies,
galaxies spark strange atomic waste,
suffocating the creator,
starving the witch,
branding the third eye,
searing flesh of goblins
distorted cries,
screams of freedom,
screeching violins play in Lucifers den,
ancient prognosticated scriptures of evil tribes,
frivolous hope crushed again by temptation,
reaching for the forbidden fruit,
love always just out of my grasp,
laughing and mocking my desperate tries,
my crippled desire burns to death right in front of my eyes,
helpless crushing weight from the chains of despair,
cage my raging savage endearments,
destroy me, my tortured love
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