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Steve Aug 2019
My life was written in the scriptures but the scriptures had no name,
Somewhere in the darkness a candle burns a metallic ghostly flame,
Been living half alive ever since the devil fixed the game,
I’m just a dead man walking and the cards are stacked,
My hearts a rusty ball and chain,
My fate is sealed the flame is dead, all your demons live in me,  
But when I die the demons cry and my soul will finally be free
Steve Aug 2019
Don’t want this life
Don’t need this life
Never asked for it
Can’t escape
Fenceless prisoner
Life sentence
Gone baby
Steve Aug 2019
My stolen love,
My lifeless dead,
I’m nothing but a phase,
Just a jester for love,
Methodically killing my heart,
The bearings strained,
My soul desperately screams,
Nobody listens,
Self crushing salvation,
The calming song of silent distress,
My sins paved the way,
I stare in the mirror,
Into my cold grey eyes,
I see ghosts,
A hollowed hell of crushing temptation,
A shell of despair,
Half of what I used to be,
And everything I never was,
A gun on my lap,
A bottle in my hand,
Here it comes...,
Just numb,
Tired of creating something from nothing,
Boy I can feel something coming,
Benevolent self hate under the dying moon,
Am I reaching the stars?
Am I searching for nothing?
I can’t find her,

I guess I’ll love the death in myself
Steve Aug 2019
Every night I search for love,
I grasp anywhere I can to fill my void,
The things I do to pretend you care,
The time I spend just to feel your touch,
My passion is so strong,
I know you only for the night,
But I fight for your affection like a soldier at war,
I’d rather die than to feel unloved,
I need to escape my lonely darkness,
I’ve spent too much time in my personal hell,
I’m worthless,
I’m tired,
But tonight I’ll have you,
Tonight you’ll be mine and tonight I’ll be yours,
Tomorrow you’ll be gone and back into my darkness I’ll go,
Back into my self destructive cage,
Right back into my lonely hell,
I’ll be useless again,
Until the next time,
When I find love for the night
  Aug 2019 Steve
I love you
never going to tell you

I love yous

she doesn't have to know
I dream of you
walking in
it's small little things

Slipping away
longing for you to stay
I can't look at you
bite my tongue
I don't show
I never tell

If I spill my darkest secret to you
will you keep it
take it
into the melting moon
chase the night
before dawn blooms
Steve Aug 2019
I’m used over and over again,
my prostituted heart, it’s all temporary love,
everyone leaves, with my heart on my sleeve,
I give everything I have,
I jump through hoops for affection,
I beg for her love,
I desperately need you,
why am I treated like this,
I look to the sky, I ask for mercy,
please give me my eternal fix,
give me her smile, give me her voice,
I can listen forever,
give me her touch, give me her warmth,
I can hold her endlessly,
she doesn’t stay, why is it so easy to go,
I’m left in despair, she’s all I need,
but she’s always gone, always out of my reach,
down and out, I’m left used and forgotten,
I’ll never know true love,
I belong alone, I deserve to be used,
so just leave me,

used and alone
Steve Jul 2019
Superstitious goblins project images of divine consciousness, forbidden fruits of knowledge, unforgiving droughts of tranquility, I’m mad, I’m reckless, savage screams of yellow disenchantment, suffocating on insane misery, people speak but don’t say anything, my life, oh god my life!, I’m dead in my lifetime,
I’ll be nothing forever
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