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You were a gypsy- and had to move.
I had a need, a quiet thing to prove
there's an accidental fire burning in the coal mine.
there's a southern gospel choir singing "love in hard times"
she had everything my heart was questing for
but she doesn't kiss me in the daytime anymore

you were a gypsy-the world was yours.
never did i gaze at you with thoughts that weren't pure
there's a river running through it
a strange knocking on my door
but she doesn't kiss me in the daytime anymore.

She was a gypsy-horizon bound
and to this day the greatest beacon I have ever found
there's a deep and tragic longing
there's a salted, barren ground
She was and is and won't be soon restored
She doesn't kiss me in the daytime anymore.
Days go by faster
if you're not hungover
Life goes by faster
if you arent sober
I know I feel it
and I'm looking older
But i'm only 25

Attempted determination
with every momentary rise
up for interpretation
to be a man who tries
I know I see it
With my old fashioned eyes
But I'm only 25

A lack of inspiration
with full on doubt and pride
to quit at slightest inclination
I know it still must be inside
I know I feel it
In this old heart that almost died
But I'm only 25
Twice a week i'll prove
and show the world that I am clean
An older me I cant recall
no longer floods my dreams

I'll never dwell, or kiss and tell
your secrets safe with me
i'd break the paper chains
if I intended to be free.

I blame the crush, a seismic rush
To flatten and to build
lets raise another glass
to all the brain cells that we've killed

it makes no sense, I need no rest
I need no room to breathe
I love the violent precious things
they gently sing and seethe
I would seek the light at the end
if only I saw a tunnel first
an inside longing for an outside gesture
A glance perhaps
an accidental graze of skin
on the only part left exposed by a heavy winter coat.
Neither poorly worded poems
nor hand crafted metal flowers can breach the invisible walls
that bar my entry into your world.

Again I promise myself to stay in your comfort zone
for I refuse to cause discomfort
they say to grasp your attention in some way
to dance as if that would make you see me
and as if seeing me would be the answer.

but I shall not dance

I only seek a tunnel
an inside longing for an outside gesture
A glance perhaps
an "accidental" graze of skin
on the only part left exposed by a heavy winter coat.
I remember it was bright
like a lamp
to eyes adjusted for the night
yet welcome and desired
like the memory of a good thought acquired

it was love
precious and unfailing
to the unwitting heart
in need of some saving

it was love
to the naked and fully clothed eye
you were there with me
when I started to try
like a bird with a broken wing
nursed back to the air
I have not forgotten
what it looks like to care

there is joy here
when all things are new
there is hope in my heart
and now I blame you
how much more struggle will I allow myself
I'll give up blood and mental health
for knowing what it is I've learned
about passing up every good turn

there is a certain comfort in the cold
a comfort to doing what I'm told
and since I cant be left alone
I might as well now change my tone

absinthe and absence of money
in a couple days my heart will feel sunny
but for now  there is no good thing
that can to my wintered heart give spring

everything ends or changes shape
or dies and fades into the landscape
everything works for the greater something
I just have a hard time remembering
have yet to write a song
about a woman's eyes
I've only written songs about
a man who fails when he tries
a man who lies yet still denies

you have conjured hope from what was numb
something to run at-not-from
your existence holds my soul enraptured
I now feel more like tamed-not-captured

an untainted me calls out to you
from a place I had but never knew
I hate to make my heart so open
but I would rather tell you and have it broken
than never try to make you mine
I'm following the light you shine
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