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thecitylife Jan 2015
you're a killer
you **** in silence
your brown eyes shine
and everyone's locked
on you.
you have that bright smile
the words that can change minds
we all fell under your spell
for you to break
and for you to crush
our naive souls
one by one.
i recently got away
from the trance I was in
made me wonder why i was there in the first place
when I saw your ugly skin
your brown eyes shone
with pleasure from our stupidity
your wicked lips continued to play
a mean game
no one noticed
you were sending us to hell
with your soft words
and your teasing laugh
you were a monster
that destroyed everything in its path
not for anything particular, felt like writing something a little "scary"
thecitylife Dec 2014
i hope next year
people will get better
this year's been torture
as i suffered through
sins and thoughts of misfortune
not just for me,
many people have come and go
people i always forgot
were getting older and couldn't hold on anymore
the news this year was depressing
each day I turned it on
another shooting, another one held hostage
another fight
the list goes on and on
it seems like people just can't have it any other way
so I'm praying next year
we can all take a breath
sit back and relax
as we smile at the simple things
and I pray that God will shed light
on the problems at hand
so we can become better
instead of blindly going through life
For anyone who has struggled this year, I have two things to say:
1. You are not alone.
2. Always have hope that things will get better.
thecitylife Dec 2014
stranger things have happened
to this very day
then a girl who's in her feelings
who looks on with wistful ways
she's only an adolescent
but it seems she knows of all
only people do not notice
and she's taken for granted


a beautiful mind
waiting for the world to see
but people are busy
they do not have time
to see these things

her sharpness
looks dull to many
because they have it ingrained in their heads
you can only be cool
if you wear certain brands and
have that mean bread


the once beautiful mind
with the sharpness she owned
has become just a shell
of what she once was
society has got it in her head
that she can only wear certain brands
and she must have that mean bread

stranger things have happened
to this very day
then a girl who's in her feelings
who does not remember her wistful ways

another problem
to those who do not have time
has been

thecitylife Nov 2014
i write to
cushion myself
from a tragic fall
where people betray me
and never dare
to be different
from the other one walking
they must
be the same
clone after clone
i never see anything
i write to dream
a different kind of peace
one where we are all loved
because the world we live in today
is scarily full of hate
full of anger and full of lies
there is only so much I can take
i write to inspire
in hopes that someone will ask
why do i keep this notebook hidden to myself?
to discover
the wonders
i keep to myself
so their eyes can see too
the dreams i hope will come true
i write
because it is a language
we can all speak
no matter what part of the world
this language is the language of me
thecitylife Nov 2014
why are certain people cursed
the one they love is gone
the will to live is gone
the drive to win is gone
and it gets harder and harder
to find it
when you're ready to try again
its not fair, you say
this isnt right
but we all
bring it upon ourselves
we are our own demise
we are our own faults
we cause our pain
we let it linger
we let it consume us
we let it take us
for the devil to pry on
because we are broken
and the broken are easier to break
because we
are tiny
and we do not know
the directions to our box
thecitylife Nov 2014
tell me you love me
because i always seem to forget
make sure you kiss me goodnight
every night
because i need to know you're there
I am very
very forgetful
thecitylife Nov 2014
talking, laughter
that's what i'm after
that carefree joy
i wonder how people get it
is it something you see?
is it something you know?
it seems like it's hiding from me
the happiness and joy
i see all around me
can't possibly be hiding from me
because i want it the most
i pray for this
i pray for that peace
peace of knowing somebody's there
and that no one's forgotten me
but it seems I'm always that one
the one left behind
i'm always the shadow
in the eyes of sunshine

— The End —