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Nov 27 · 169
Don't try to find love
Love will find you
At right place at right time
Just keep patience.
Nov 18 · 135
Life is beautiful without some people in it.
Nov 18 · 46
She left me and I started loving myself!
Aug 29 · 222
Your lips and cigarette both tastes and acts alike. Hence i never missed kissing you when you left me.
Aug 29 · 154
And after you left me to die alone
Drugs helped me to live a little longer.
Aug 29 · 136
You were destructive 
You destroyed some of my parts and left me mercilessly.
But some parts are still begging to die by you.
Please come back and destroy them too.
Aug 29 · 94
If I had a gun with two bullets
And I was in a room with you,
I would shoot at my heart twice.
Aug 29 · 82
Your memory breaks and heals me everyday
Mar 6 · 655
And after that night i started believing in love
when she kissed my lips after kissing my flaws.
Mar 3 · 254
Abhi toh aadhi raat hi hai,
Din ka aana abhi baki hai

Abhi toh unki aankhon mai khona suru hi kiye hai, unki yaadon mai khona abhi baki hai

Abhi toh unke lafzo ko hi sun paa rhe hai,
Unki saanson ko sunna abhi baki hai

Abhi toh bas beete hue pal hi yaad aa rhe hai, aane wale kal ko samjhna abhi baki hai

Abhi toh khuda se lad pare hai hum,
Unhe manna ke tumhe pana abhi baki hai

Abhi toh bas tum humse dur hue **,
tumhra wapas aake hume gale se lagana
abhi baki hai.

Abhi toh aadhi raat hi hai,
Din ka aana abhi baki hai
Mar 3 · 203
kaash ki yeh itna aasan hota
ki tumse baat krne se pehle
itna sochna na hota

thoda puch lete hum tumhre baare mai
thoda bata bhi dete hum aapne dil ke halaat
thoda haas lete tumhre sath mai
thoda roo bhi lete tumhri yaad mai

bata dete tumhe wo sarri baaten
dikha dete tumhe wo sare alfaaz
suna dete tumhe dharkane aapni
sunn bhi lete tumhri madhor awaz

thodi der k liye hi tumme wapas kho jate
es aandheri duniya se kahi dur chle jate
tumhre sath kuch aur pal bhi bita lete
khud toh thoda sa pyaar bhi kr lete

Par kaash ki yeh itna aasan hota
tumse baat krne se pehle
itna sochna na hota.
Mar 3 · 189
Kabhi chhor kar jaana na mujhe,
tujhe rok nhi paunga
Behad pyaar karta *** tujhse,
Lekin bayaa nhi kar paunga.

Haan shayad jee toh lunga tere bina bhi,
par tere saath marna chahata hoon
Haan shayad teri yaad bahut aayegi,
Par iss dil ko maloom hai tu kahin nhi jaayegi.

Ro bhi lunga kissi ke kandhe par sir rakhke
par mujhe shaant karne ke liye tu nhi hogi
Muskura bhi lunga tere jaane ke baad bhi
par tu yeh na samjh lena khush rahunga main tere bina bhi.

Kaash ki samay ko yahin rok pata,
Aane wale kal ko naa dekh pata,
Khush rehta in palon me,
Kyunki sayad kal tu mere sath nhi hogi.
Feb 25 · 165
i understood Love pretty well when she left me.
Feb 13 · 214
Have you ever left in a situation
where you want to write a poem
and you have exact words and emotions to write about;
but then looking down at your own words your eyes start hurting so bad that now you don't want to write it any more?
Feb 11 · 362
And sometimes I think I'm cursed;
for whenever someone tries to come close to me, they leave me broken.
Jan 25 · 537
sometimes i laugh when I'm alone
sometimes i dream of you when light is on

sometimes i miss you when I'm with my friends
sometimes i want to hug you when everything seems like the end

sometimes i try to control my feelings when you say you missed me too
sometimes i try not to blush when you come too close to me

sometimes i ponder how did someone as beautiful as you came into my life
sometimes i wonder if I'm so much in love with you?
Jan 18 · 417
She nicknamed me "Home"
I asked her why she chose it for me
but she never answered;
nor did I push.

Years passed and things worsened
She left me alone to feel all pain.
I thought she would return to her home;
but may be, she was in search of a new home.

The name troubled me again.
The voice inside me questioned
"Why is she not coming back
when she called you her home?"

My mind hated her for getting away,
And tried hard to forget her in every way.
While my heart had the mind of its own;
It knew she would come to me very soon.

And then, my eyes found her
Her old laughter rang in my ear,
the same old smile made my heart flutter
But this time, she smiled for a stranger.
I realized that I was the home
which she lounged around in, when she felt low.
A shoulder to cry on, that's all I was.

I was her old home,
But it still gave me hope.
One day, may be, she will be back
Wanting again to be in that old home
Jan 17 · 463
The only thing that is more intoxicating than her eyes is the sound of her voice.
Jan 15 · 209
i knew it from very start that
One day you will leave me in dark
but i didn't know that
i will make that darkness my home.
Jan 11 · 210
I don't believe in forever, she said,

With a million thoughts in my head,
I said,
someday someone will make you believe in love and eventually you will start believing in forever.
A forever which leads to eternity.
Dec 2018 · 260
I'm afraid that you are coming closer to me
And soon you will get to see my flaws.
I wonder what you'll think of me
once you know them.

Will you get mad at me?  
Will you ask me why I didn't tell you earlier?
Will you ask me why I hid them from you?
Will you leave me and never come back again?
Dec 2018 · 215
Winter was the warmest that night
When you kissed me for the first time.
Oct 2018 · 607
You smile, i smile
You cry, i cry
You get upset, i get upset
You get happy, i get happy
You loved me, i loved you

Then why is this
You left me, i can't let you go
Oct 2018 · 979
And if a turtle could he would walk faster
Just to watch Her smile.
Oct 2018 · 1.2k
Remembering you never hurt me;
Forgetting you does.
Oct 2018 · 713
And its one year since our break up,

I hope that every morning when you wake up you don't think about me

I hope that every morning when you're in your bed you don't wait for my good morning wishes

I hope that every morning when you get confused you don't miss me for choosing the color of your dress

I hope that every morning when you eat your breakfast you don't care about whether or not i had mine.

I hope that every afternoon when you get bored you don't miss talking to me

I hope that every afternoon when you
need a little motivation you don't need my stupid motivational speech anymore to get motivated

I hope that every evening when you go for walk you don't miss holding my hand

I hope that every evening when you watch the sunset you don't need me to make you feel that you are more beautiful

I hope that every night when you need someone to share your feelings your heart doesn't call out my name

I hope that every night when you go to sleep you don't twist and turn in your bed and reread our old conversation

I hope that every night you have a reason to wake up for next day, A reason which isn't me.
Heera Thank you so much for helping me to complete this :)
Oct 2018 · 823
Oct 2018 · 2.4k
Maybe all this is just a nightmare
and when i wake up i will be
lying next to you.
Oct 2018 · 484
My heart and my mind were fighting
She said "HEY" and they both stopped fighting.
Sep 2018 · 717
I saw a Shooting star
and wished to help me
to make things right between us

But instead of falling on Earth
it goes up away from Earth
Sep 2018 · 2.5k
Every night I write a poem for you

Hoping that someday you will find and read them
And then i know, you will hug me tightly just like you used to do
and then everything will get fine just like it used to be.
Sep 2018 · 503
She loves me so much
that i don't need me
to love myself.
Sep 2018 · 990
i tried hard to write something
not about you
but my thoughts are limited
only up to you
Sep 2018 · 4.8k
And the way she looks at me
makes me feel like
the happiest person alive
in the universe.
Sep 2018 · 741
"i love you",
"you're my forever", "i love you more",
"im never going to leave you",
"i'll always be there for you",
"i love talking to you",
"i can do anything for you",
"you're my world", "I’d die without you"
"i'll love you till my last breath"..

Things people do to pass time when they are bored and lonely.
Sep 2018 · 1.0k
While talking to Moon i asked "How can she sleep peacefully after hurting me so badly?"

"Because you wished for her happiness."
Moon replied
Sep 2018 · 1.5k
I still think about you at night
you come back to me with all your
sweet little lies.
Sep 2018 · 2.5k
Dont you worry little boy,
in the end
you will find
a substitute
for every **** thing.
Sep 2018 · 1.5k
they will stop loving you
they will stop missing you
they will stop caring for you
they will stop giving you their time
they will start making excuses
they will start avoiding you
they will start ignoring you
they will start lying to you

And one day they will finally leave you

but just like an idiot
you're still gonna love them unconditionally.
Sep 2018 · 1.6k
Long were the days when she told him
"i will love you till my last breath"
Sep 2018 · 251
He waited and waited and waited for her
She dated and dated another
Sep 2018 · 1.0k
You left me but i found you again in my poems.
Sep 2018 · 3.3k
Even though we are not together anymore
Even though we don't want to talk to each other anymore
Even though we don't want to see each other's face anymore

Somewhere I still hope that you remember my birthday like i remember yours.
Sep 2018 · 350
Half Track II
When you were there with me
We were dancing with glee

Late night talks, making each other blush,
smiling and laughing were our things
Each day gave me new wings

Thinking about our love i flew-up
Without taking any back-up

Then a day came when you were not there
Even the sun felt hemisphere

I am sitting here, alone in darkness
And wondering how is God so heartless

I waited and missed you a lot
But silence and despondency were what all i got

I'm waiting
And i'll keep waiting 
For you, to come back

If you come around
Please know that someone, you left,
Is waiting for you in the half track.
Edited by Heera
Aug 2018 · 1.6k
The one who was protecting my heart
The one who promised me forever
The one who taught me how to love
The one who made me believe in love again
The one who used to love me
The one who knows all my scars and flaws
The one who is perfect for me
The one who used to make me smile
The one who was there with me every time
The one who talk to me day and night

Left me ! Left me!
Aug 2018 · 7.7k
When you were there with me
We were dancing with glee

Late night talks, making each other blush,
smiling, laughing were our things
Everyday which gave me new wings

Thinking about our love i flew-up
Without taking any back-up

Then a day came when you were not there
That day even a sun felt hemisphere

I was there sitting alone in darkness
And blaming why God is so heartless

I texted and missed you a lot
But silence and despondency were what all i got

I am waiting
and I'll keep waiting for
my beloved to come back
If you see her
please tell her that she left someone
who is waiting for her on the half track.
Aug 2018 · 8.5k
You know what hurts the most?

To be just friend with someone whom you truly love.
Aug 2018 · 1.3k
They say "When it comes to love, Never settle for less."

And it left me wondering
Why did you choose me?
Aug 2018 · 1.4k
Its funny how two strangers get attached to each other and later left each other like there was nothing between them.
Aug 2018 · 738
In the world where everyone want to share
their emotions and feelings to get free from it.

She hugged me and told me "I'm always there to listen to your problems and solve them."
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