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The drops of my tear
Telling me you're not near
The color of love
Telling me to stop it's over

These lips of mine
Wanting to touch the heaven again
The heart of mine
Wanting to **** by you again

The scars on my left hand
Showing how deeply I was in love
The crack on my mind
Showing how much you're corrupt

The pain in my body
Erasing these symptoms
The hate in my blood
Erasing the shadow of us

The soul of mine
Seeking revenge
The sweat of these night
Will take your breath.
Look deep into my eyes
It manifest no lies
I'm done with your fallacy
Now I have no mercy

The deeds you did to me
Will never be pardon
I will face the eradication
And I will stand strong

Until then you keep
Laughing on my situation
Joking on my imperfection
Mocking on my glorification

I promise I will conquer a new lease of life
I promise I will show you the pain the sorrow and the consequence
I promise I will come back to you
And i will smile, smile and smile.
Tears are drying and I'm trying
To forget you and to forgive you
But this heart of mine
is filled with pins of hatred
that can never be removed.

Liquor flowing through my veins
And I'm drinking blood as a drink
Hoping it can **** either one of us
Knowing I'm the only one who have to suffer.

Come and watch how helpless you made me
Come and watch how badly I'm waiting for my own death.
Today i declare out loud to the universe that I'm over you and i promise one day I'll show you how hard I was broken because of you and your lies.
Aye khuda bata de
Kis haq se na nafrat kroon main usse
Akhir Usne hi toh Cheena hai usko mujhse.
Respect the time
Then only time will respect you.
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