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18h · 34
August 18h
i hate that i still hope
3d · 44
mon cherie
August 3d
through ups and downs
through waits and starts
i'll stand with you
cause you're my heart.
why would i not love you?
you're perfect.
August 5d
you make your weird jokes
to cheer me up
but i think you know
you're what really gets me smiling
and blushing
6d · 542
August 6d
you consume every thought
and my heart will never beat the same
now that it beats for you
7d · 142
August 7d
raise your hands in the air
and cry out your sorrow

accept the changing of the winds-
nature doesn't change her blows for a simple drop of water-
and let your mask fall to the soft ground.

daisies in the wind-
dandelion puffs in your hair, your mouth-
life soon to be-
or not to be

look around-
what do you see?

daisies, small white petals and little yellow seeds-

the sun with her bright face
beaming down to mine

the grass is long- to my knees-
wet from the morning dew....

raise your hands in the air
and cry out your joy

you've accepted the changing of the winds-
nature doesn't change her blows for a single drop of water-
and let your smile light up the world.
not sure about this one but here we go.
Sep 19 · 740
do you dare to speak up?
August Sep 19
it is not fixed just because you lost interest.
people are still being hurt for no reason
other than
their skin is a darker shade...
but their souls are so much brighter than
the people who
to lay a hand on love.
Sep 19 · 69
August Sep 19
autumn: cold and bright
the soft light hits the orange and yellow leaves,
the rain comes with the breeze
and i am reminded
that the love and joy of warm blankets and hot chocolate
is so much more beautiful
than you.
Sep 17 · 124
domingo montoya
August Sep 17
don't call me an artist,
don't call me a poet.
i'm just a kid in a room
throwing some words on a page

but one day
if i write a song, a poem, a story
that confesses the grief and despair
of loving one who loves you back

call me an artist then,
and i will answer.

Sep 15 · 217
August Sep 15
scars down my legs --
and for what? grief. loneliness. it never
did help. no more, my sweet, my
love. no longer.
last one of the series :)
Sep 14 · 46
August Sep 14
hey, love. how is
your mother? i wonder how we could have
turned out if i never made
that joke. oh well.
Sep 13 · 146
August Sep 13
scared and lonely
exposed, abandoned, who would dare approach?
you wouldn't; you never did.
goodbye, my love.
Sep 12 · 81
August Sep 12
daffodils are
flowers of the sun and of the light. i
stand in the silent garden
watching them die.
4, 10, 7, 4
Sep 11 · 67
August Sep 11
smoky skies and
hot air, the world is a desolate
place. leave me to my crying
and poetry.
Sep 10 · 213
August Sep 10
it feels so strange
the world is collapsing around us
and all you care about is
so i fell asleep in class. whatever. consider the rest of the world, y'all.
Sep 10 · 41
August Sep 10
all the tales of woe
speak of yellow skies
choked with smoke
and air so hot it kills.

i stand outside in the death
and admire the stories
becoming reality
Sep 9 · 44
August Sep 9
rubble and ruin
grief and despair
bones and blood

leave them to silence,
leave them to hate
leave them to everything
they've come to love.

no --
not love.


they live in the shadows,
and block out the light.

consider the fear
of the hope and the wonder
the awe of a great glowing orb

because nobody understands
the dead and the dying

nobody lives
to tell the story.
will smith (i am legend)
watched it ten months ago and it still scares the **** out of me
Sep 9 · 40
August Sep 9
nobody cares for disease.
nobody cares for endings.
nobody cares for ruin.

so if everything deserves a place,
like they said,
then why are so many neglected?
August Sep 9
water through my fingers
pulled towards the ground
just like you slipped through my fingers
pulled away from me.
Sep 9 · 78
August Sep 9
a shabby hut - a yard of bones
a man of guilt and grief, alone,
and who would love a cannibal?

deganawidah saw hope in
a face of fury and wrath. he
climbed the chimney, looked inside at
a cauldron of flesh and blood. and
the cannibal looked, and saw his
face, and never was he the same.

what have i done, he breathed, and ran
to fix his deeds. he tossed his past
onto the ground, and screamed his pain
to the world that broke his heart.

never again, never again,
and never again did he ****.

his mouth was ******, his hands were
cold, and yet he yelled his repent-
ance. and so we see, that even
evil is not the permanence
it seems. so yell your anger, yell
your grief, but never shall you fall.
Sep 7 · 113
August Sep 7
we all have the same skeleton
and the same insides
so why does the mask have to matter?
Sep 7 · 54
sunshine (love)
August Sep 7
maybe the sun looks down on us
because we're tiny and
maybe because we think we know ourselves.
maybe because we love too much.
maybe because we let it consume us.
Sep 6 · 137
van gogh
August Sep 6
yeah, you got me blue
so i'll swallow some sunshine
and hope it tapes my heart.
Sep 6 · 66
mom the second
August Sep 6
fix my faults
heal my wounds, and
light up every one of my days.
nobody can compete.
August Sep 3
you hurt my pride, my mind, and my heart
and now i grind my teeth even during the day.
so technically, you should be the one
to pay my dentist bills.
August Sep 2
dear v.

sometimes i look at you
and i am reminded that you are
the boy i fell in love with.

i know you fell for me too.
and that is the most beautiful thing.
Sep 2 · 46
guy or girl?
August Sep 2
in the movies, the guy always saves the girl.
does that mean i won't be saved?
or that i will never save anyone?
because i'm neither?
August Sep 2
i dream of an old car.
i dream of a hot highway
and a sunset.
Sep 2 · 60
- good riddance -
August Sep 2
honey, i'm done writing about you.
Sep 2 · 32
the end is here.
August Sep 2
dear k.

i've written you

and you can't even say
one --
August Sep 2
let me tell you the story of a person.
this person was very very lonely.

every night they would stare at the stars
and wonder why they existed.

they would fantasize about made-up people,
living in made-up worlds.

they fantasized about people who loved them.
because nobody loved them.

so they hurt themselves trying
to find someone to care about.

and after a while, they grew
cold and numb.
numb to the pain.
and they knew they would never feel love.

and then you walked into their life.

at first it was hesitant,
and you could tell they were shy.
they never touched you,
afraid of rejection and hate.

one day you grabbed their hand
and kissed their knuckles
and told them they were loved

and they believed you,
because you had that special way
of making them feel safe.

years passed, and you lost touch for a while
when they moved.

and then you called
and everything started again.

you talked every day
and you made them laugh and smile
and you told them things you never said to anyone else.

and everything was perfect before you left.

and you never call again,
and they ask again and again,
what's wrong? what did i do?

and, do you know what the cruelest thing is?
you knew that this would break them.
you knew them better than anyone.
you knew how self-conscious and paranoid they were.

you know they blame themselves.

but you couldn't call,
and you wouldn't call.

let me tell you the story of a person.
this person is very very lonely.

every night they stare at the stars
and wonder why they exist.

they fantasize about a real person,
living in a real and broken world.

they fantasize about someone who used to love them.
because nobody loves them.
August Sep 1
yeah, it's pretty selfish of
to leave me behind without saying
one word
to ease my mind.
and, if you were to come back,
i don't think you have a place here.
because you are not the person i loved.
Sep 1 · 58
August Sep 1
just say
i hate you
and i'll be okay
because any kind of closure
is better than this
August Aug 30
she says love is a ruthless game
and i never really believed that
but now you've gone
and nothing has ever seemed so true.
Aug 30 · 82
and so you stay.
August Aug 30
i can't erase
what's been inked into my heart
without ripping out
the thing that keeps me alive.
Aug 30 · 165
great ones
August Aug 30
are you ever just scared?
not afraid of the future or a monster or the dark.
just scared.
Aug 30 · 61
so it goes
August Aug 30
i always fall in love the wrong way.
Aug 30 · 52
August Aug 30
when i see dust,
my instinct is to run my fingers through it,
to trace patterns in the gray.
but maybe that's the wrong thing to do here.
maybe it's time
to leave the past in the past.
Aug 28 · 36
August Aug 28
warm breath on my neck
and your sharp teeth brushing my skin
are you afraid?
you ask.

(no,) i reply.
why is your pulse so fast, then?
your soft voice sends shivers down my spine,
your warm lips skim my neck.

(it would be a pleasure and a privilege
to be ended by you, love.)

you smile against my throat,
and i feel your teeth sink in slowly,
draining the red from my body.
i have a thing for vampires.
Aug 28 · 37
August Aug 28
if i never see you again,
that smile is what i'll remember.
Aug 28 · 86
new hampshire
August Aug 28
darling, it won't be long
before a moving van
is parked in front of your house.

and what will we be then?
Aug 28 · 30
August Aug 28
one day, you told me you loved me.
and i said it back, knowing it wouldn't last.

you pulled me in for a hug,
and i let you, because i loved you, too.

we watched the sun sink over the horizon,
afraid to speak. we knew that the end was near.
Aug 28 · 32
August Aug 28
the salt water washes over my disguise,
pulling it from my mind,
as i ponder the complexity of being:

to think and to feel and to love;

i watch the sand around my feet,
feel the waves beat against my chest.

the wind in my hair,
the salt in my eyes,
the water in my hands.

i remember, again and again,
that the ocean is stronger than i,
stronger than anything i can imagine.

and, hours later,
as i wash the pacific from my skin,
i am grateful.
August Aug 26
you always told me
with that special smile in your eyes
that i should learn to accept a compliment
that i was beautiful, inside and out
and other people's opinions can't change that.
you told me that my words were

i reminded you that
a smile doesn't mean that you're happy
a joke doesn't mean that you're present
a word doesn't mean that you felt it.

we couldn't be separated by
hate or distance
and when it mattered
you were there.
when it mattered,
you held me
and let me cry all over your shirt
and smiled at me
when i finally wore myself out.
you touched my face
and told me
we'll get through it together.

and i believed you.

until you left.
Aug 26 · 67
August Aug 26
is the sun as bright as your smile?
i think not.
August Aug 25
it brings my mind back to summer
laying on the floor with a speaker on my stomach
so i could feel the beat to my core
the music
drowning out the rest
of the world

and that's why it reminds me of you:
you drown out everything else
until i can't see anything but your face
Aug 25 · 67
August Aug 25
you were the person that held me down
you kept me standing here
so if i was living for you,
but you left,
what am i living for now?
Aug 25 · 39
scotch tape
August Aug 25
maybe if you said,
"darling, i never wanted to leave,"
my heart could be fixed and whole
but you didn't and you won't
so all i've got is
Aug 25 · 24
yet again
August Aug 25
yeah, i thought we were forever
but then again,
what do i know?
Aug 24 · 31
August Aug 24
how many times have i cried over you?
how many poems have i written about your eyes?
how many days have i wasted thinking about you?
how many times have i wondered where you are now?

and of all these months,
has there been one moment
when you regretted leaving me?
Aug 24 · 1.4k
my personal opinion
August Aug 24
two girls in love:
what's more beautiful than that?
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