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The Arsonist Mar 2017
You see,
in a world of
dos and don'ts,
you're the only reason
I need
to conquer anything.

Cigarettes are a close second.
The Arsonist Mar 2017
I found the moon
somewhere far from here.
But I thought she
knows me the same way
she did before—
now she's nothing but
a dream
I'm hoping to forget.
A forbidden love
from a forbidden island—
oh, I hope the sun rises
before the night
takes me away again.

I miss you.
for you.
The Arsonist Mar 2016
sent to the heavens
like love letters.
"bitter," she said.
i never really
knew what she meant
i was too afraid
to tell her
that whenever i close my eyes
to pray,
or to hope for today,
she replaces
every last piece of you.
and yes, she'll eventually be
my heartbreak,
i don't mind that.
i don't mind that at all.
The Arsonist Mar 2016
"Did it help you, babe? The silent treatment, I mean."

"I'm not sick, babe. I don't need you to treat me that way."

"I have to."

"No. You just want to. Don't worry, I'm not taking you back."

"Thank you."

"Thank yourself. I'm only doing this 'cause I loved you."

"Until now?"

"Babe, I think this is the part where I reciprocate the silent treatment. Also, I said it in past tense."

"I don't believe you."
"I know."
It's still you. *****, right?
The Arsonist Mar 2016
nothing better to do,
that's why i did it.
drugs never caught me
do the police, darling.
i started
to sweat,
you started
to swear.
you felt terribly real
inside my mind for a second there.
she said,
"honey, will you fix my hair?"
i said, "not anymore, baby. no."
not you.
****, why do I still miss her? #hoursofthedayseries
The Arsonist Mar 2016
i'm tired of seeing
your pictures at the beach
with that guy.
i know you're ******* him,
but we used to have moments.

i wish i took a chance on you.
Not a regret of mine. I just wanted to write about her.

The Arsonist Mar 2016
i hate how
she reminds me of
warm embraces
and forehead kisses
on this lazy
when all she ever did
was to leave.
Strangers again. #hoursofthedayseries
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