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 Jul 2020 rhea
The world lies red
ahead of me.
As the smokes hit
my lungs.
It burns into me as
it dissolves
the air of fear out
into the grave
of roses,red.
Where I plant the
of love that is to glow.
 Jul 2020 rhea
 Jul 2020 rhea
My dreams linger
like a tipsy
adventure of the
mind, That
encapsulates all
your love
and my rays of
I wish dreams could come true.
 Jul 2020 rhea
Nandha K
Sea of faces
 Jul 2020 rhea
Nandha K
The sea of faces,
None so real as the others,
Hiding behind these physical faces, are the real ones?
The most beautiful ones may yet be
A mask none the less.
We are masked monsters hiding
Under the empty smiles, hard angers,
Like a vacant soul I wander knowing not
With what to fill the deep crevase
That hails violently asking to be filled
Deep in me like a hungry hyena
That scours around looking for the dead
When many are alive around.
 Jul 2020 rhea
Elizabeth Preston
Talking partying friends
Always on the outside
Always fun until it's not
Anxiety always wondering
Not always fitting
 Jul 2020 rhea
Rachel Lady Durand
The Walls of Jericho came down tumbling,
they fell onto the ground,
they heaped up dust and rubble
all happened with a sound.
Standing, wrecked, solitaryobserving
as the ruins lay bare forlorn,
I felt my heart like old ways
irretrievably torn,
A new foundation is needed,
pile carefully brick on brick,
building firm on this foundation
because the old walls made me sick.
thank you path humble for sending me your poem You have taken my voice, it hurt me deep, it made me sad, and inspired me to write the above, I have been holding onto trauma a long time, I only realised it was there a year and a half ago, once I saw it I couldn't unsee, now to build a newer me, thanks I think I healed something today.
 Jul 2020 rhea
Mary Anne Norton
Her hands for many things
Embracing her children
Patching up boo boos
Carrying shopping bags
Cooking for others
Pushing her cart
Picking out vegetables
Folding her hands
So lovingly in prayer
The rosary she held
So tight in her hands
As the beads slipped gracefully
At each Hail  Mary
And now she's in Heaven
Where she can see Mary
 Jul 2020 rhea
Amna Khan
Maybe if I write about you
my heart will be at ease;
maybe the butterflies will stop.
I can't acknowledge you
because then,
I'll have to admit to crimes
that even I don't know I've committed.
Constructive criticism is always welcome.
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