you’re also just a human, too!

February 2018
The stage is setup just for you, so move your whole being like a coconut fruit is falling off a tree. Let your seduction control my mind and my eyes. Let me feel lost in your world of seduction tonight.

February 2018
Your body is a plate of delicacy
With rich & smooth taste of aromatic fantasy
I bite into each piece slowly with pleasure
Like I’m looking at a secret hidden treasure,
Which meant to be redefined its history
Or enjoyed like a fine aged whiskey.

February 2018
She’s a rare jewel, with an intoxicating beauty that captivated my eyes, a unique design and cut that is polished and fully certified, a priceless jewel I’d love to wear around my fingers, forever in my dreams and my beating heart.

February 2018
I think about you a lot
I dream of your tender lips
I yearn to kiss your butterflies,
Because you’re seducing me slowly
Drowning me in your dream streams
I miss you each day, for I feel butterflies stirring up inside of me, so stay with me forever.

February 2018
I am standing outside, gazing at the moonlight
The sky is so dark blue, like your beautiful eyes
I just couldn’t take my eyes of off the celestial light
And I hope your heart is also with me, as mine is with you tonight.

February 2018
I wish I could control my raging mind and thoughts so that I can eloquently write  poems with metaphor rather than vividly being blunt; that way, maybe by the time you’re done trying to figure out the message behind it, the sun will set and rise thousand times.

February 2018
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