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Jun 2018 · 449
I Wait
Boygene Borice Jun 2018
Dear Love,

I wait for that day,
Like the dawn waits for the sun,
When the glamour of us,
Will outshine the radiance of the sun.

I wait for that day,
Like darkness waits for the night,
When the affection of our hearts,
Will touch like a magnet upon an iron.

I wait for that day,
Like a flower waits for daylight,
When our souls will embrace,
Within the warm breeze of romance.

I wait for that day,
With vigor and longing,
To hold you close to my heart,
While our bodies touch in ecstasy.

I wait for that day,
When all barriers between us,
Will be a tale forgotten in the past,
And us will only be us.

My Love,
It may tarry,
But I will always wait for you,
For I’m only living for that day.
Love is a treasure worth waiting for
May 2018 · 208
Eyes of Love
Boygene Borice May 2018
Can you estimate the worth of love?
Can you measure the beauty of love?
Love that sprouts from the heart,
And flourishes beyond the boundaries of the soul?

My Love, it’s only through love,
This kind of love, that I see you.

When they complain about your architecture,
It shakes not my heart,
I look beyond your curves,
For my love is not like a sketch of a building.

When they will mock you of your voice,
My lips will not join them,
Neither my heartbreak at their shouts,
For my love is not built upon vocals.

If your décor becomes mixed,
I will not turn away from you,
Neither seeks for you, a new skin,
For my love is not founded on art.

When you go wrong, I will still love you,
When you turn away, I will still be with you,
When you fall, I will stay with you,
True love forsakes, never.

What’s better than love that lives,
Beyond what the eyes of man see?
What’s meritorious than affection,
That ignores human expectations?

In your imperfections, I still adore you,
In your regrets, I still exalt you,
You are the one I revere, always,
With every fiber of my being.

When I see you, I see an August woman,
When I see you, I see an honorable woman,
With your faults, you are recherché,
Whom my heart adores and loves it's all.
love is the most precious thing ever
May 2018 · 186
The Woe of a Whore
Boygene Borice May 2018
How could this have happened?
How did it first start?
I thought you needed a service,
Then go your way.

You, a man of honor,
A Manager of well-known Bank of Kamulu,
Well respected by everyone in town,
How could you fall for me?

I have never heard a man whisper to me,
Any word of romance or love,
They only come for a satisfaction and go,
But why you?

Do you remember when you came?
You promised it was just for an hour,
And never will I see your cute face again,
Neither will your feet lead to me again.

Have you gone, mad Sir?
To claim your love for a woman like me,
A woman whose reputation is much dented,
And her acts viler than a snake’s venom.

Don’t you feel ashamed to love me?
How will your colleagues and friends see you?
Do you think they will honor you again?
When they see you with a *****?

Have you analyzed the loss you are creating?
By falling in love with me,
Have you foreseen what your boss will do?
Since the other day, I rejected him.

Imagine what your parents will do,
When they hear their only son,
Is getting married to a ***** in the city,
Do you think they will bless our marriage?

And what of the village elders,
Your Pastor who loves you so much,
Will they propose our marriage?
Since they are number one in condoning my business.

Will they really understand?
When I tell them it was not my wish,
To lead this life of immorality,
To treasure this life as if it was my only way to heaven.

Will they accept when I explain to them?
That I did this business for the survival of my family,
Will they really listen to me?
That life pushed me into this after my Dad rejected me,
And no one was there to fight for me?

Are you ready to stand firm and ignore the gossips,
“How can a whole manager marry a ***** like her? Uhu!”
While we walk down the aisle as couples,
Will you withstand those whispers and blows?

Have you given it a thought Sir?
How our children will feel when they hear,
Their mother was a ***** in the city,
Do you think they will respect me again?

Do you think your neighbors?
Will allow their children to interact with ours,
Since they hate ****** for taking their husbands,
While they spent nights lonely in their beds.

I love you and that’s the truth,
You have made me know what love is,
Though since my childhood love was a fairy tale,
But am sorry, marriage can’t work out for us.

It’s not that I am afraid,
But I fear you will lose your reputation,
You will become a laughing stock in town and in the village,
Not even your juniors will ever respect you.

I’m sorry Sir,
Please just make another choice,
I am satisfied with my life,
I don’t want to be another doom to your path to success.

I love you.
I know it sounds awkward but I believe everyone is supposed to be respected for who they are. You don't have to rush to judge, you never know what made them who they are.
May 2018 · 269
I Will Tell Her Tomorrow
Boygene Borice May 2018
My heart is tired of waiting anymore,
I can’t hold unto this any longer,
I will not be afraid anymore,
I won’t listen to the demons inside me.

How can I keep this love for long?
How can I pretend it is okay?
When inside I am decaying,
No, I must tell her tomorrow.

I will tell her I adore her,
I will adorn her with words of life,
I will pour all jewels in my heart to her,
Because I am tired of pretending.

If she says no, I will return again,
Because I can’t love another,
I can’t cherish another,
My heart is for her alone.
Its just that
May 2018 · 387
A Reason to Leave
Boygene Borice May 2018
I have loved you with my heart,
Not because I was after your flesh,
But I wanted us to be one,
For the beauty of your virtues, is my light.

I have always held you close,
Treasured you as my own breath,
Cherished you as my own soul,
For my love, abounds in eternity.

You have been the abundance of my heart,
The strength of my bones,
Always honored you as the queen of my life,
For my love, flows out of the heart.

I haven’t been the type that fades,
When they are pricked by thorns,
But I have always stayed beside you,
For my love, never, has it been seasonal.

Have I tarried to love you?
Have I ever run out of affection for you?
Have I ever left you alone, to bliss myself with others?
Have I ever let you, drop tears without me wiping them?

Today, you tell me to leave you alone,
You want me to forget the US,
Tell me, my Love, because I don’t know,
The reason to leave you alone.
When the heart loves, nothing can stop it
May 2018 · 259
Beyond Beauty 2
Boygene Borice May 2018
My Love.

I will not wait to see our love fade,
Just because they laughed at your beauty,
I will not keep silent, to see you vanish in pain,
Just because they mocked you, of your weight.

Haven’t I treasured you sincerely?
Haven’t I valued your being, honestly?
Why then do you want to suffer my heart?
Just because they criticized your beauty.

I will not wait, to see you destroyed by chemicals,
Just in the name of seeking ‘true beauty’
I will still love you with my all,
It’s not beauty that binds us, but love.

I don’t care if they don’t love your décor,
I don’t care if they don’t like your weight,
I don’t care of the wrinkles on your face,
I don’t care if they dislike your voice.

To me, you are more than a Queen,
You are more than a shiny gem of diamond,
You are the epitome of my being,
And my love for you;

Is beyond physical beauty.
If you love, you won't focus much on the physical beauty, even if everyone mocked you.
May 2018 · 257
Beyond Beauty 1
Boygene Borice May 2018
I have loved you with my all,
In my heart, I have adorned you,
In my soul, I have lifted you up,
And still, I will love you.

You are the beauty of my life,
The true splendor of my being,
The adulation of my heart,
Why worry about your beauty now?

You are a reflection of true virtue,
You are the true creation of a Queen,
A virtuous woman, indeed,
Why do you fret over your architecture?

I have loved you the way you are,
I have honored you just as you are,
I have held you to me as you are,
Always cherished you for who you are.
Love goes beyond the physical beauty..for beauty fades like an old rose
May 2018 · 327
What If?
Boygene Borice May 2018
The world is full of pain and inadequacies,
Dripping with many an evil men,
Whose hearts burn with ungratefulness,
Whose desires are only but selfish.

What if, amongst these men,
You came out and stood alone?
Released light amidst darkness,
Radiated your goodness in every corner.

What if you became generous and saved,
Those who are persecuted by the wrath of lack?
Stopped for a while and helped the old woman,
Trying to cross the street while others mock her.

What if you, you never judged anyone?
But showered them with fountains of love,
Made them realize who they are,
And what they can do to change the world.

What if, you appreciated everything around you?
Even if they caused much pain for you to bear,
Is it not what the Good Lord commanded us?
In everything give thanks, always.

If you can honor everything however small they are,
If you can love everyone whoever they are,
If you can learn the art of gratitude in everything,
Then your life would be simple and fulfilling.

© May 2018, Boygene Borice
If we can see the world in a different way, we can live in a peaceful and tranquil way
May 2018 · 177
Stay Strong
Boygene Borice May 2018
Times may tarnish on you,
Seasons may break your heart,
But give in to no weakness,
Stay strong, for the Lord says so.

You may fall many times,
People will mock you of your failure,
But give in to no self-pity,
Stay strong, for the Lord says so.

Every way may be so dark for you,
Every path you take halts,
But give in to no surrender,
Stay strong, for the Lord says so.

Only the strong in the Lord survives,
Those who can persevere,
Will feed on the goodness of the Lord.

© May, 2018 Boygene Borice.
Weakness is not an option in the game of life
May 2018 · 1.4k
Boygene Borice May 2018
Focus is like a walking stick to a blind man,
When he loses the way, it guides him,
Gives him the touch of his path,
As he moves towards his destiny.

Focus is like a shoot of the tree,
It guides the branches in alignment,
When one branch falls off,
The tree still has hope of growing.

With focus, mountains are leveled,
With focus, oceans are crossed,
With focus, clear ways are made,
With focus, destinies are fulfilled.

What if it is only focus that you lost?
That’s why you are messed up,
That’s why you can’t accomplish a task.

If you focus today, you will reach your destiny,
If you focus today, you will battles,
If you focus today, you will conquer enemies,
If you focus today, you will have what you need.

Be focused!
You cant achieve anything if you don't have focus. stay focused
May 2018 · 205
Just a Dream
Boygene Borice May 2018
It’s just a dream, they will gossip,
But who knows the end?
Like Joseph believe.

With faith make a step,
Focus and you will achieve,
It’s only a dream when you sleep.

Wake up, overlook their whispers,
Though it’s just a dream at the beginning,
If you persist, it will be a harvest.

When it is done,
They will come,
But will they say, it’s just a dream?
No, they will praise you.
Never allow anyone to look down upon you nor discourage you from pursuing in what you believe in
Apr 2018 · 218
New Dawn
Boygene Borice Apr 2018
Today I woke up with a smile,
Not that daily smile, but the one with glory,
I could feel the touch of your love,
I could hear the whisper of your affection,
I could smell the romance of us,
Moving through the core of us.

Today my Love, as this day we celebrate,
I want to love you like the sun loves the day,
Like the stars cherish the nights,
To hold you like the sky holds the new moon,
To walk with you like my own shadow,
For you are the making of my life.

The glory of my love I bestow upon you,
I will hide in my heart like a treasure,
I will preserve your heart like a precious stone,
I will clothe you with love like a bridegroom,
I will radiate our love to shine in our paths,
For you are the one with me as I am with you
Always love
Apr 2018 · 224
What If...
Boygene Borice Apr 2018
What if love was the only cure,
To the ailments facing the world?

What if we could stop judging,condemning,
And start sharing love with each other unconditionally?

What if we could learn the art of forgiveness,
And unclothe ourselves of hate and malice and revenge?

What if those we despise today, those we see as nothing,
Are the ones to set us free from our shackles?

What if we could stop being too religious,
And embrace the art of human equity?

What if we shade off the scales of pride,
And guarded ourselves with suits of humility?

Life is short, live it wisely,
Share love unconditionally,
Bless those who curse you,
And leave vengeance to the Lord.

Before you act, ask yourself;
What if...
Today be kind and love everyone. Do good and don't wait to be praised
Boygene Borice Apr 2018
Dear Love...

If only you could allow me,
To stay longer in your presence,
My heart will be calm and peaceful,
And this pain will sublime a little.

If you could see the love in my eyes,
Which are now being drained of life,
You wouldn't walk away,
To let me die in loneliness.

I beg thee, my sweet Love,
Don't let me cry in hopelessness,
While this disease feasts on my bones,
The bones that served you with affection.

Let me not wander, for death is near to my soul,
I can hear its whispers, waiting to take me home,
Will you, my Love, allow to rest in your arms for a little?
As I wait for my departure time.

I want to let go of my breath while holding you,
I want to be weak while I see your face,
I want to say goodbye while you stand by,
Can you my Love, allow me in our presence?

If only I can die in your arms, my Love,
I will die an honorable death,
For there, in your presence I where I found love,
It's where my soul found refuge.
One thing that glories a dying heart, is death in a lovers arms. It always ends peaceful
Apr 2018 · 212
If I Was To Live Again...
Boygene Borice Apr 2018
If I was to live again,
I would desire to build my mansion,
In your heart, deep within,
And dwell there with you forever.

I would spend each of my days,
Guarding our love with all mighty,
That no third party would intervene,
Nor interfere with our foundation.

I would spend each minute by your side,
Wipe every tear that falls from your eyes,
Kiss every pain from your heart,
heal every wound in your soul.

I will adore you with my heart,
Honor you with my life,
Revere you with my affection,
For you are my heart.

But my Love...
I cant live again,
My life is no more,
Only death awaits me with joy.

If I was to live again,
I would always be there for you.
When you have time to love, always love
Apr 2018 · 229
Boygene Borice Apr 2018
That day, when I saw you with him,
Touching his lips in ecstasy,
I couldn't say a word but walk away,
I couldn't watch you betray our love.

I may not have known your passions,
I may not have fulfilled your desires,
I may not have dug deep int your heart,
But my heart was overflowing with your love.

How I wish I could tell you,
I was already dead to myself,
just to live for you
Apr 2018 · 154
The Chosen
Boygene Borice Apr 2018
I chose you...
Not because you are very beautiful,
But your virtues are a perfect,
Revelation of a Proverbs 31 woman.

I chose you...
Not because you are very perfect,
But still in your imperfections,
You remain transparent in your doing.

I chose you...
Not because you are much learned,
But you treasure Godly knowledge,
With much integrity and intensity.

I chose you...
Not because you are much talented,
But the devotion with which you love,
I cant find one to compare to thee.

I chose you...
Not because you are from royal family,
But your ways are adorned with humility,
Always thinking of yourself less.

I chose you...
Not because of your much strength,
But the loyalty of your heart to me,
Has always been my closest pillar.

I chose you...
To love you,
To cherish you,
Becuase you are YOU

— The End —