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I need something to help me cope
I need some sort of ******* hope
Something to cover it up
A comforting hug
A warm blanket
That everything feels okay in
this is what the night has crescendo'd into
me sitting here , drunk, nothing to do
I wish I could break this vicious cycle
but I've always been a faithful disciple
once I start down a path
I always try to make it last
but it never works in the end
looks like change always wins
If I could collect my thoughts
I would be different
If things weren't so hard
I would be distant
My life is too hard
For me to give in
I tried
I tried hard
It didn't work
It happened again
I don't know why
I tried so hard
And things seemed good
Then things went back
To the way they were
It happens every time
I tried so hard
But this is the story of my life
A dream long forgotten
Close enough to touch again
Usurped just before the end
is it when you're born
or when you decide to start living?
not a quite room
not a night in a country cabin
not an awkward silence
real silence you can feel
its like all the air got ****** out of the room
real silence has its own sound
and its scarier than anything I've ever heard
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