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Anika May 2018
Just as the Earth had given up hope
The Moon came waltzing in.
He took her hand and guided her lane
And steered her clear from sin.

“Darling don’t make me throw you a rope,
“Even though you know I will.
“This world can drive anyone insane
“But yours is a special skill.”

And he stayed and showed her how to cope
Encouraging her to leap.
“Your destiny is more than the pain
“And your beauty you must keep.”

And he stayed and showed her the Earth’s scope
For his orbit kept him there.
They knew that the world had much to gain
From this formidable pair.

And then just before they could elope
The Sun finally broke free.
“Now’s the time for destiny to reign
“And there have always been three.”

But now this is a slippery *****
When the three become The One.
The Sun will set and the Moon will wane
But the Earth is never done.
Anika May 2018
I walk into the Graveyard of Dreams
Of shattered hearts and those throttled screams,
Away from where the sunlight gleams;
Where the dead things lie.

And as I pass the long centuries
My soul remembers the deadened breeze,
This body that’s on this life’s lease,
Lets out a shrill cry.

She reads the memoirs of ancient pain
The same souls that have left the same stain,
The suns that set and moons that wane,
And she asks me why.

And I walk towards the ready grave
The tombstone marked with a moon and wave,
All that I had I always gave,
But dead things will die.

I lift him up and bury my love
With one last look at heaven above,
All that I had was not enough,
Though, at least I try.

And with one last glance I walk away
Although my body bids me to stay,
My soul’s seen too many a day,
And She breathes a sigh.

For She knows True Love will not leave weak
Those with the courage and will to seek,
Those with the strength to climb Its peak,
And See with Its eye.

And I know that the Graveyard of Dreams
Is vital to stitch my endless seams,
It provides my supporting beams;
Let the dead things die.
Anika May 2018
...And in the Grand Birthing Room
As your soul chooses its lane
They only speak of glory,
Not of the anger or pain.

They paint such lovely pictures
Of your songs that they will sing,
Not breathing a word of loss,
Or the hurt that Man will bring.

And that one choice is all yours:
How are you going to live life?
Unimportant, unwanted?
Holed up away from the strife?

Do you march with guns blazing?
Do you toe the cowards’ line?
Will you give it all of you?
Will you sit ,and cry, and whine?

Will you forget Destiny
As you rip your soul with Love?
Will you remember the Light
That sent you down from Above?

Do you beg for redemption?
Will you forge a brighter day?
Will you build heaven’s kingdom?
Do you bring a better way?

For, in the Grand Birthing Room
Each one of us has a plan
Granted by the Great Cosmos
To achieve all that we can.

Its completion lies in us
‘All are Architects of Fate’,
And in the Grand Birthing Room
We’re all the same measure of Great.

And then we arrived on Earth
With the curse of Human-Born.
We were alone and tribe-less
We felt disowned and forlorn.

And we screamed and wept with fear,
Solitarily confined.
It takes each of us some time
To truly learn and unwind.

Now Time has reached our doorstep
After we learned and unwound.
Us Human-Born learned fast how
To suffer without a sound.

Which begs me to ask, oh Man
Is not to suffer, the goal?
Then rip my heart open now,
Put a void into my soul.

For to suffer and to love
Where Human souls intertwine
Is the reason why I chose
This treacherous path of mine...

— The End —