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People grow old
Like the withered roads they drive on
Like the houses who hold them while they dream
Forgetting their future one second at a time

The day after tomorrow
And the day before yesterday
Slipping away into distant worlds

People pretend to be people
Forgetting yesteryears memories
Who will be the last one standing

People wait nervously
For something that is nothing
For nothing that is something
Perpetuating endlessly
(Dreaming of black sheep)
A paradigm of calm insanity

People cry out into the dark
But only the soft ticking of clocks answers
Killing time with each inhale
Killing themselves with each exhale

In the end
The question is the same
On the hospital bed
Or on the battlefield
"What did I do to deserve this?"

Soil and flame pick apart the body
A ghost remains
The black sheep
And I want to believe you when you tell me that it'll be okay-
And I want you to hold my hand and walk me through that door.
And despite my fears I'll dance for you,
becsuse I just dance the way I feel.

Now catch that shut eye in my room
Sleeping in-
Oh, summer moon,
Starts at night - worthless insight
Lapping lakes like Leerey Loons-
Patience, shadow, hold on tight;
Waiting alone in your caccoon,
Till dawn till dusk; till you fade to light

& every night,
you fade to light.
Inspired by my wonderful lil Ipod
Life is passing by a lot faster than I thought.
All my memories seem so far away.
It seemed just yesterday that I was on the train to New York City.
With the phantom lights dimmed down and my guitar in my hand.
Strumming away the days like grey rain raining down cafe jazz.
But now in my cup of coffee is a blurred reflection staring back at me.
All the things that I seen and all things that I have done stored in my memories.
I'm riding in the backseat of a taxi with my face pressed against the window looking out at familiar faces.
Life is passing by a lot faster than I thought.
This is from my imagination
On a clear sky night
The sound of harmonica dancing
By the angles of the Moon

Drum pounds  widespread
Waves floating in an ecstatic pace
The quiet bay listened with radiant Shells

Star specks lit sky humming
The Earth murmuring deeply
Pines reverberating in back chorus

Kids giggling around trippin' in thick dark
Tripping over some minor rocks, happy to
Embrace the unexpected music, dogs wiggling

Heavenly carousel shining upon their faces
Theater dreaming  of the joyfull now
This exuberant laughter unsyncopated

Steps rhythm fading on their paths
Instruments put down, sounds of
Crickets, bare naked, two plunges

Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty and
Catmonk B
A dreamy collaboration
I am a time traveling being. A substance of the infinite universe. A multi-dimensional being. A vibration or light, time and space. I see through infinite eyes. With infinite possibilities. All the colors in the universe come together to create something beautiful. I am a creator of what ever I imagine. I am in the matrix so whatever I imagine I can create. Things are just projections of the mind after all.
Water falls and exuberant mossy hills rise and fall across the horizon. Grey and purple have toned the sky. A smoky fog hangs in the air and all is still. Peace.Peace.Peace. Stars are enlightened by the dark dusk coming upon them . Each star containing a electrifying  glow illuminating the somber sky. The sky now is crawling with a chill and the sun that once beat down on you is now silent and still, caressing the sky with tones of darkness. Darker and darker and darker the sky becomes. Somber waves of the near by ocean calms your mind.
Dandelion flowers and purple tulips fill the fields. The somber night has gone and now morning has arrived.
I grow weary of crafting words that are spun together
feeling as if there is a beauty spurting from my pain
because the words are still marching from your wellspring
and they're saturated in your sticky intoxication
It forces me to taste the sour fact that
the fire you set to my life still burns
and decimates ties strewn out of feeble love attempts
No matter the count of the condemnations of our life
you still dwell inside of my every word
and all of my metaphors
My vocabulary is limited to you and
you drag me below the pool of new words waiting on the surface
So I rewrite the same sentiments that play between
self loathing
and love

Write where you want me.
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