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The Haywire Mar 2015
In the night
Of the stormy shade
Came the sound
Of my unnerving calm
The sound so loud
Yet none at all
The Haywire Mar 2015
I can't love you
I have no love to give
Realize before
I break you further
I'm the abominable fear
I once had in my head
Please stop
Before I hurt you
Go away
No Don't
But stay away from me.
The Haywire Dec 2014
Let's not believe in anything
For a moment let's not think
In this instant let's quiet down
For a while lets just all be one
The Haywire Nov 2014
He called her the setting sun of his day
The only one whose demure would lead to his demise.
The Haywire Sep 2014
With a swish of his hands
And a tussle with his life
Came the unnerving sound
Of his own demise
The Haywire Aug 2014
As I thwated the ladybird aside, it never occurred to me that I just cost a beautiful creature its life. My motive in no way was to **** it, rather my irritation got the better of me and a thing more beautiful than I lay lifeless on the floor. For a moment I hoped it would get up and crawl up the marble staircase, alas my conscience had to accept the fate the ladybug got was on me and not nature. It was my need to feel powerful, being a superior organism with intellect none but my species acquired. What different does it make me from the ruthless murderers or serial killers. I murdered a creature of the nature whereas they just **** their own species. They do it for the power or maybe the lust for blood and I perhaps did it in vain.

I leaned next to the upside down ladybird whose beautiful red polka dotted body was obscured by the ground. I whispered a quite "I'm sorry". I don't think she heard me but at least I felt the remorse I should have.
The Haywire Jun 2014
Don't hold my hand
Don't touch my neck
Don't brush your leg against mine

Kiss me on the forehead
Call me naive
Put your hand on my waist

Don't call me beautiful
Call me Smart

Don't say I'm yours
Say you're mine
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