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Skye Feb 27
is an ocean
that i'm bobbing                                                          ­      
                                            ­              out,      
                                                                ­                        in,      
my head
                                  is resting
on the surface                                    
                        of the water
                         short breaths                                                      
   ­                            come and go        
resurrect me                                      
from my misery
we're drinking oblivion
we're drinking ourselves into oblivion
we're drinking in the parts of ourselves that fell into oblivion

Skye Feb 20
i wanna live
but your words—
they ******,
only you can
send me under
Skye Feb 18
feels like

continuously climbing

this stairwell

that doesn't end
but i guess

we don't really know

what or whom

we're climbing


Skye Feb 13
you are the bow
and i am your arrow

your exquisite shape
sharp agility, flexibility

and i—
nothing more than perhaps
a pointy stick
but together we're something else,
a killing machine...
Skye Feb 13
Burns bright
Ephemeral beauty

Burns bright
Drawing from
Ordinary things
Like paper
And wood
And coal.

Burns bright
Fumes suffocating
Any second now

She's tired
Of burning bright

Skye Feb 12
loving you was the wound
i will never recover

and you're this scab
that i'm constantly
itching for
the inevitable
is that i bleed
for eternity.
keep telling
just a scratch

always resolving
like this

Skye Jan 28
"Can you hear it?"                                                             ­                             
                                                                ­                                            "Sorry?"

"Shhh, quiet. You might ruin it."                                                             ­     
                                                    "Hear­ what? There's nothing to hear..."

"You can't see laughter.                                                        ­                         
                    You can't touch sadness.                                          
                                         Yet they're still there," She said.

"There's always something there,                                                           ­     
                                    you just got to search a bit harder,                         
                                ­                                  that's all."
because sometimes
the most beautiful things
are hidden

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