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Skye Sep 2021
the way the letter
'i' misses 'u'
only 12 letters apart
and its like the whole universe
fits into that space
we're separated
by an ocean of letters
that we cannot say.

Skye Jun 2021
that's just it.
every poem
every emotion
and memory
and accomplishment
with a click of your finger
to everyone who was once in the hp community.

Skye Jun 2021
you gave me infinity
for a split second
Skye Jun 2021
close your eyes
and count to one.
that's how long
forever feels
Skye Mar 2021
you are my universe,
infinity lies underneath your touch
your love expanding, encasing
eyes distant, filled with a cosmic expanse
that i'm lost in.

you are my universe,
but he's everything in it—
the galaxies and phenomenons
in your empty darkness,
smile brighter
than a myriad of stars.
Skye Feb 2021
is an ocean
that i'm bobbing                                                          ­      
                                            ­              out,      
                                                                ­                        in,      
my head
                                  is resting
on the surface                                    
                        of the water
                         short breaths                                                      
   ­                            come and go        
resurrect me                                      
from my misery
we're drinking oblivion
we're drinking ourselves into oblivion
we're drinking in the parts of ourselves that fell into oblivion

Skye Feb 2021
i wanna live
but your words—
they ******,
only you can
send me under
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