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Jun 2014 · 22.4k
The amateur poet Jun 2014
A ceramic cup pressed to my lips
Hot tea steaming below my tounge
A breath of warm summer air fills my lungs soon followed by green tea
The season is joyous
The cicadas sing
And the lightning bugs mate
But my throat is tight
I grip my tea and take another sip
Three months of relaxation by the pool
Yet the only thing I can worry about is the looming fall
68, 67, 66, 65... And the numbers continually drop with every sunset
Fall draws closer everyday
But instead of the warm welcome of school time once more
The changing of the seasons also changes my life
I sip my tea as the anxiety grows
College college college
That's all I can think of
All of my friends will leave but it's alright
My cup is empty
He's leaving.
I have to face real world problems alone and worry about what his school will bring at the same time
He's changing for his own good. He's following his dreams
I'm happy and envious of him
But I cry because it's all too much
It's summer and I can't even enjoy the night sky
He's going to find someone else
It's okay I tell myself
It's okay he tells me
What will happen will happen
But memories of all the good times shared burn my mind
And the tears stream down my cheeks
It's okay he says
We can make it he says
Part of me wants to believe it, he and I have talked everything out
But another part of me says to break it off now.
Why risk getting hurt when he leaves you for someone else?
No other college relationship works, you're just a stupid high school girlfriend

My conscious fights over this endlessly but he still tells me it's okay
I just want the anxiety to end
The lightning bugs fade
And the cicadas go silent
Tortured sleep comes to me once more under the beautiful night sky
May 2014 · 17.0k
Hand me another drink
The amateur poet May 2014
Soupy slurred words slide from her lips and drip to the floor,
Mixing in with the pool of regurgitated gin and tonic.
Her mouth is bitter but her thoughts are true;
Only the drunk can tell the truth.
Her incoherent words fall to the floor followed closely by her slouched figure and salty tears.
She sleeps on the bathroom floor,
Soaked in the mess she's created.
May 2014 · 14.5k
The Dancer
The amateur poet May 2014
With skin of satin and heart of glass
The dancer watches the seasons pass
The crisp winter air has gone away
Leaving summer an empty stage

Her hair is long
Her body tired
For she has long awaited summers hour

The day is light, life leaps through the sky
Bringing forth flowers and bright butterflies

The nights are warm
A speckled sky
The orchestra plays, natures guide

She stands to dance
Her eyes are blue
But alas she has lost her dancing shoes

The moonlight dances in her eyes
Reflecting the light as she cries
Mar 2014 · 14.1k
an artist of words
The amateur poet Mar 2014
emotions bounce around
to eventually be transcribed
into beautiful words

a patchwork of thoughts from her mind,
made with fragmented sentences,
allow her to expose part of her soul.

words that coax
or emotions
or memories
to arise
in other's minds.

the most magnificent artwork
that changes for every reader

a display of her soul
that will never be seen
in the way she intended it to be seen.

a curse
or a gift?
Mar 2014 · 12.0k
The amateur poet Mar 2014
The night sky we see
is not the same,
as the one our ancestors looked upon.

Stars have faded,
urban sprawl has invaded,
and the once perfect span of night
may be lost in our sea of light.

The busy people do not notice.
No one looks to the stars anymore

The thick black sky,
speckled with whispers of distant life.
Beautiful lanterns floating in the dark.
Guardians of our universe,
watch life dance with death,
as  they silently fade away.

There are no more answers from the gods.
No more stories in the night.
No more questioning how everybody came to have life.

The world is too busy,
drenched in it's artificial light.
Too busy to get lost in this magnificent expanse.
Too busy to look to our creators.
The sparks that create life.
Feb 2014 · 12.0k
Clean Slate
The amateur poet Feb 2014
Let the rain clean my skin
Wash away the thoughts of yesterday
Make me new

The sun rises slowly
And sleep takes me away
A clock without a battery
I'm broken

You cannot tell the heart what to do
But acting without feeling is a sin in itself
Tell me what to do
Wash my skin
Make me new again

Tears burn the cuts of yesterday
And glide over the bruises you don't see
Relight our fire
Help me fix this

Thunder rolls
There's no escaping this storm
Let tomorrow bring sunshine
Wipe yesterday away

Feb 2014 · 10.4k
The amateur poet Feb 2014
Do I love him or let him go?
Only time will let me know

Leave and start anew
Or make what we share burn passionately once more

My biggest mistake
Or greatest discovery?
I'm not happy anymore

I'm not sure what to do

Please hold me close
Drown out my thoughts with your love
Make me curious and spark my interests
I want to feel like a princess once more
Jan 2014 · 9.1k
Tick Tock
The amateur poet Jan 2014
Nothing changes but the time.
Jan 2014 · 9.0k
Clouded Mind
The amateur poet Jan 2014
Emotions are the world's greatest mystery
Found only in the heart and the mind
Invisible puppeteers of our lives

Our emotions create.

All products of our mind.

These are all bound together,
Creating a book
With string made of our feelings and subconscious.
All of our thoughts and ideas scribed,
A self coded text.

As we decide what action to take we read these books
Study our history
Our emotions

But what happens when you can't read your own writing?
Often time is from taking bad notes,
Others it's because were too afraid to accept our own thoughts.

Medicine can heal sickness
But only thought can empty a clouded mind.
Jan 2014 · 9.0k
The amateur poet Jan 2014
His deep blue eyes, that shine so bright
Makes my dark, turn into light
His nerdy quirks and hipster ways
Makes me laugh and love him more with each and everyday

He holds me close and keeps me warm
He tells me that he has never felt this way before
We'll make fires and watch the stars at night
Talking about the universe, and everything to life

He is my best friend, my lover, and soulmate.
Without him I'd be lost
You see it seems he stole my heart,
But one day I'll get him back
Maybe taking his last name.
Jan 2014 · 9.5k
The amateur poet Jan 2014
Oh please come back
I miss you so
The lab is empty
Your room is no longer home
I miss your smile
I miss your class
This sub is awkward
(and kind of an ***)
This substitute isn't a teacher
He doesn't even come close
He doesn't guide and care and love just like you do
( We don't even know his name)

Science isn't the same
Without your stories and words
I'm starting to fill the missing joy of my day
With physics
(please come back)

I don't get molecular
And environmental is a drag
I wish you were here
Helping us all learn

If words could help you heal
I'd write you a book
You are the inspiration for everything I want to be
Please come back Mrs. T
Nov 2013 · 9.8k
The amateur poet Nov 2013
Running, running, faster, faster, harder, farther, pushing my limits
The rush of adrenaline floods my veins
Pushing me farther, faster
Making the cold air burn my face.
The closest thing I have to taking flight,
My dream

My dream that has been in the works for eight years now
Now, almost ready to be put into motion
A motion that must be completed once its started
And I've finally started to break away.

Jump, leap, reach for the sky.
My wings are ready,
And so am I.

Smooth, sleek, powerful in design
Just waiting for a spark
The allowance to fly.

Golden tipped feathers, all perfectly aligned
Tone wings from practice
Just waiting for a sign.

Planning, preparing my wonderful escape
Many years of planning, making sure of no mistakes.
The situation thought through
Run, leap, and fly.
It sounds so simple, but that is far from the truth.

Riding on this moment,
Every anxious hour spent crying in pain,
Just waiting to see the world from a freer point of view.

Failure leads to more waiting, and that just won't do.
The first try must work,
I'll make it to the clouds,
Just watch me.
The world will be mine.

The moon, the clouds, tired, sleep deprived joy.
The sights of the world I've only heard of before
Before I saw it rush under me below.
The music of the world
Singing the opening to it's show.
The wind in my ears, fire in my blood
I can only dream of what it will be like flying so close to the sun.

690 days until I can take flight.
690 days of planning it right.
It can soon be mine,
I will be free!
But until then
I fly at night,
with my love
but only in dreams.
Jul 2013 · 9.1k
The Sanctuary Part 7
The amateur poet Jul 2013
Everyday, hell every minute I get to call him mine
I fall deeper and deeper in love.
I decide that I'm going to give myself to him.
Time doesn't slow down,
And so I decide to follow my heart.
Trusting him with everything.
We pick a playlist, a date, and a time;

Then we make love for the first time.

It was everything I wanted and so much more. His gentle embrace afterwards assured me that I had picked the right guy.
But life happens, and and after a few more times, my parents find out.
Two months.
We had only been dating two months
And what seemed like the end of my world had begun.
Tears fell like snowflakes on a cold December night
I expected him to leave me
But see, this is the first time my luck changed when I needed it too.

He held me through the tears
Picked me up when I was hurt
Reassured me that he would never leave
He was strong for the both of us and made me smile when he could
Possibly the biggest obstacle a high school couple could face was thrown at us early in our relationship
I guess we should've waited.
But I don't regret my actions.
We endured it, grew closer, and loved each other like nothing had changed.

Loving him was the biggest epiphany I've ever had,
I stopped trusting the universe and put some faith in myself
And the ones I loved

The world has been brighter ever since.

Hard months pass.
We attend his Junior Prom
I slow dance for the first time
And the Star Wars series is completed.
Before we realize it, summer is in the air, along with it our half year milestone.
6 months pass with this boy and I feel as if he asked me out just yesterday.
We spend the day together and I thank him for the wonderful date and kiss him goodnight

Under that full moon which has watched my relationships end, he holds me close after our kiss.
With teary eyes he thanks me for the best 6 months of his life.
I hug him teary eyed as well.
I shut my eyes and take the moment in.
His scent, the cold breeze, and the cicadas singing to us in the dark.
If there is a love anymore true than this, please tell me.

I look up at the night sky at the distant worlds and ponder our own
Earth may be my home planet
But I know that I'm holding the other half of my life in my arms.

My parents begin to ease up
Theres talk of college in the air
I start to feel happy once more.

I paint my canvases with bright colors
And begin to stain blank pages with my life story once again.
A new sun is rising.
Mar 2013 · 6.9k
The amateur poet Mar 2013
Music filled the air,
But the band was silent.

Her heart was soaring,
But her feet were on the floor.

His mind was racing,
But his hands stayed in place.

Head to head.
Face to face.
The two mirrored each other.

Like a puzzle piece falling into place,
He broke the symmetrical pattern
Stealing a kiss
Setting her world on fire.

Even though they stood
In the pouring rain.
Mar 2013 · 6.7k
The Day She Killed the Music
The amateur poet Mar 2013
A morning bird calls
And the sun rises in search of the wonderful music
Light pours over the dark world
But instead of finding the source of the noise
The blinding light peers into a secret world
Built by two lovers deep in the night

Two awake from a blissful dream
And realize they've been exposed.
The sun continues to rise
The bird continues to sing
And the two lovers get separated
In their blinded stumble
Abandoning the place that was secret no more

The sun begins to burn their fragile skin
And tears well up in her eyes.
The forest offers her cover,
And in the shadows she collects her thoughts
Allowing for emotions to build.

Nothing can rebuild the safe place they shared,
Not even a river of tears can bring back the night.
Not even a broken heart could bring him back.
And as her world falls down around her,
The vengeance she craves is soon satisfied.

The sun stopped searching for the sound
And the world fell silent

Walking away under the setting sun
The morning bird sings no more.
Mar 2013 · 6.3k
Snowy Thoughts
The amateur poet Mar 2013
A snowflake blowing in the wind
A faint being travelling under the wintry sky
The songs of a foreign world
Landing and kissing the head
Of someone who was expecting nothing of this sort.

An idea.
Rare and complete,
In full bloom,
For the bright days of spring have yet to gift this idea life
But it sticks still
Deep in the mind
Of the unwary girl.
An idea,
Individual and unique
Much like the snow that falls.

The stars whisper secrets of the universe
To comfort her premature feelings.
Ahead of her time,
Aged beyond years.
Catching snowflakes meant for someone else.
Mar 2013 · 5.7k
891 Days
The amateur poet Mar 2013
Who do you listen to you? Your heart or the people that have control of everything in your life....

891 days. 891 more days of being the owner of opinions and ideas that will go unheard. 891 more nights of sleeping in a place that I will never own. 891 more days of being a guiding older sister, and an unfortunately human daughter (key word human). Yes I have ideas, I am my own person, and yes I want to do things. Listen to me and value my voiced ideas as you would any other, and I will respect you. Force me into a mold of someone I am not, I will return what you throw in my face. I have problems and I am free to decide what I will do with them. You can restrict my body, but I assure you, you will never control my thoughts; my mind. Actions and words are easy to forget, but feelings, emotions, ideas…what constitutes the being of a person, cannot be erased from the mind. And the beauty of the true feelings of an individual is the ability for one to be able to choose who to share their true form with. If now I cannot, fighting and prying at me will only close me off further from your grasp. I have many sides and many personalities if I don’t trust you I will put on a mask, and I will only remove it when trust is earned or my spirit breaks.

891 more days of useless titles. Brother, sister, father, mother; useless. There's a biological relationship, sure, but family is not made up of pure science. People you can trust communicate with, share ideas and feelings with; that instinct to help when you know when someone is hurting, this constitutes a family. Love. Love is not forced, love is not created; much like trust love is earned and grown over time. One cannot decide that today a family will be made…forcing communication will only drive people further apart. Love grows when the conditions are right and that requires probably the most valuable thing us humans will experience in our life, time.

891 days until I am free. 891 days until I can be me. 891 days to learn, to grow, to cry, to laugh, and learn to show… show people who I really am. But like I said, everything takes time.
Mar 2013 · 6.7k
The amateur poet Mar 2013
It's so funny how everything in this life can seem so small when looking into infinity. How things held so high in everyday life are useless when looked at from a stars perspective. Problems... money... what does it all really matter if your still living? It gets scary when you look at life from this perspective, you are living right now but if tomorrow you were to cease existing... what have you done with your life? Tangible things have no value, and that college degree on your wall does not equal happiness. People live their entire lives seeking to succeed in useless objectives, when in reality none of it matters. Live in the moment, live now, be happy. For that is life. Emotion. Nobody can feel it but you, but it can change the world around you. Why endure relationships that cause you nothing but pain? Why are you punching that clock when there is so much more to life then just that? Im not saying drop out, quit your job, and live on the side of the road... I just need people to realize that you can irradiate things in your life that cause oneself pain. Go and lay out under the stars and listen to the songs of the universe. The stars have been around far before our time and will surely exist even when we do not. Stop wasting time worrying about things that don't matter and just enjoy life. Do not live in such a way that you are pleasing others, that isn't living at all. Find yourself, chase after your dreams, voice your opinions, and smile. Be happy, be free, be yourself; for that is all you can be.
Mar 2013 · 6.6k
The amateur poet Mar 2013
The beating of a heart
As my head lay on his chest
Entangled in one another, both body and mind
The beating heart continuing on.

A new sensation in the veins.
The both of them felt it.
And a shimmer of laughter painted their faces
The same physical tiredness growing
Mutual feelings

And with that a fiery new seed planted in their hearts.
Chemicals were flowing through the veins
In the aftermath of the raging fires of their hearts.

The breaths began to slow.
As the electricity built up in the thick air.
She ran her hands through his hair
While his arms held her body
Tight enough to press her figure against his own
Snuggling the two into one.

Starlight peeked through the dense forest
But other than the dim light, the two lovers are alone.
She marvels at such strong feelings she shares for this boy
But cannot help but continue on to wonder why such a beautiful experience
Is so heavily shamed upon by society.
That is not for her to worry now though.

And so to the soft murmur of music
With nothing but love in each other's hearts,
Deep sleep kissed her cheek
As he detached himself from her.
But for once she was not worried about his departure

For they were now connected,
Both were aware,
Neither was scared or holding back.

They were truly in love.
Mar 2013 · 5.1k
The Year Long Ball
The amateur poet Mar 2013
She danced through the seasons
Wearing and tearing her heart,
Which she wore and showed off proudly,
Awaiting her prince to come ad dance.

The girl had danced before but being as clumsy as she was,
Often fell
And astonished at her lack of grace and feminine manner
Her prince would leave her halfway through a song.

As the year's brilliant colors began to fade,
Her hope of finding a prince fell
Along with the dead laves blowing in the wind.

In the deep days of winter
Her dress, the beautiful garment she poured the essence of her being into,
Was ragged and tired.
A reflection of her efforts.
She retired to her seat.
The year was coming to its end,
Like the sands in an hour-glass
There was no time left to give.

But just as the sands were over-turned to start the year anew
This quiet boy asked for her hand to dance.  
He loved every tear in her dresses seams
Accepting her scars and showing her similar burdens he carried.

The two tripped on their words
Laughing, on the ground they fell upon, at the other couples around them.
While they tried to fit societies accepted definition of lovers,
The two enjoyed each others company and got lost in each other's eyes
Neither of the two were good at dancing anyway.
The two ragged lovers thought on this as they held each other
Long past the ending of the ball
While the other picture perfect people ran out of time.

This year was new
This year was theirs
Mar 2013 · 4.8k
What I Feel
The amateur poet Mar 2013
There aren't enough notes in a song
To let you hear what I hear.

There aren't enough stars in the sky
To let you see what I see.

There aren't enough words in the world
To let you know what I feel.

What I hear when you say my name
What I see when you look into my eyes
What I feel when you kiss me

These things that you give me
Make me feel like a princess
But not just any princess,
And that's all I could ever ask for.
Mar 2013 · 4.9k
The amateur poet Mar 2013
Three words.
That's all it takes to contain the world,
Which you long to give me so.
Three words.

The meaning of life,
The driving force of theuniverse
Boiled down to its simplest form
I love you.
That's all it takes.

I don't want the moon
And I don't want the starts
Why own these beautiful things,
When I'd rather share them with you?

It seems to be embedded in the male mind
That physical gifts are the best way to show their feelings.
To an extend this shows commitment and selflessness
And I will cherish even the smallest of gestures given
But the thing I long for most are those three words

Holding me in your arms
And letting me look into your heart
While those three words spoken
With pure honesty in your eyes.

Three words, contain the world.
Feb 2013 · 5.5k
Date Night
The amateur poet Feb 2013
Gentler then the sweet spring rain
And bolder than the thunder storms that follow
With the hue of a freshly awakened flower,
That has the courage to dance with the elements,
She takes center-stage of the room.
Bearing the most captivating outfit she could throw together
The beauty that surrounds her cannot be described with mere mortal words
For she has transformed herself into a goddess
A gift of nature
Such an uncommon sight, seeing this woman carry herself with such grace
One would be lead to believe she is searching for attention
But the opposite is true
For holding onto her arm, her most prized-possession,
A man of simple taste that treats her like a princess.
She is not dressing up for her own pleasure but for his
Showing her beauty off to the world
And letting them all know he is worthy of such a girl
Feb 2013 · 6.5k
Dear ...
The amateur poet Feb 2013
There will be no sunrise, without a sunset
There would be no life, if there was no death
To live is to love
And to love is to live
What would be life if there was no love to give?

I gave up on love,
And my world… it was blue.
But then of course
I stumbled upon you
You saw something in me
And took me to be
You’re player 2

I find this hard to believe
Even harder to say
But from your nerdy quirks
To flirty looks
I find myself falling deeper in love with you
Each and every day

You’re the guy for me
That’s really all I had to say,
But I hope that you’re having
A great Valentine’s Day

<3 Me
Jan 2013 · 4.3k
The Sanctuary Part 6
The amateur poet Jan 2013
Weeks past
Having no motivation to pick myself up
The universe smiled upon me
And sent a boy with his head in the stars.

My mind draws a blank.
Having burnt my past I'm speechless
My heart races and I can feel my face flush
An unexplainable sensation overpowers my body.
Starting over.

Its almost as if the frozen winter forged a blank slate
And the affections from this boy melted away everything...
The rush, the butterflies, it all feels new again.
Like I have never fallen in love before

My new sensations are accompanied by a changed mindset
I was truly a new person.
Memories from past loves
Cannot compare to my heart's newest obsession
Such sweet words...
Sugar coated but genuine.
His gaze, his walk, his talk
It all makes my heartache
My tongue is tied as he showers me in compliments

Oh his eyes
The way he looks at me and tells me I'm beautiful
I feel as if im drowning
But why?
I'm an experienced lover and swimmer.
But the fog caused by his intoxicating scent makes my past seem ages ago.
Why is this all so fresh...

My thoughts are spinning
And before I can even ask my mind for advice
We're dating.
I was following my heart entirely.

I'm so stunned
It's as if I was wiped clean of my past (and confidence)
Starting over.....again.
Never thought it would feel so

And so the winter trudges on
His arms around me keeping the fire alive
Snuggling while watching Star Wars
Fueling each other's passions.
I would have never guessed my fate just a month earlier.
Thanks universe.
.....I'm in love. how?...
Jan 2013 · 4.9k
The Sanctuary Part 5
The amateur poet Jan 2013
As the hazy summer days flew by
My heart still sang a lover's song
Longing to retrieve pieces of a broken heart
Perhaps forge anew withing another's arms
But there simply is not enough time, the summer was dying.
Much like the blazing fire within my soul

Deep pensive thoughts,
Concocted by this newly acquired sense of maturity,
Took hold of my mind
As the winter's grasp took my heart.
All the while the scent of old textbooks, chlorine, and dead flowers
Fueled my life.

My legs were tired after constantly running.
One boy to another
And the embers begin to die.
No longer does my heart desire the affection of another
Why run to the beach?
Why try again?
It all ends in pain.
The long hours of talking on the phone
Sharing secrets
Learning all there is to know about another
Loving all there is to love and getting your soul torn?
No, I quit this cruel game.

Months pass and I am still hiding in the deep corners of my mind
Trusting another with my emotions?
What insanity
I can trust myself, and myself alone
The snow starts to fall and the cold reaches my core.
I am alone.

My fault? Perhaps
I just gave up on the game of 'love'
But all it really takes is little spark
To make a fire once more.

The new year is rung in with a bonfire under the stars
Notes, cards, flowers...everything
All up in flames.
I watch my old year ablaze before my eyes
And scratch open into a new notebook
The blank pages stare back at me
As I ponder which words to embellish the skin with
More deep thoughts...
What do I want?

Having ignored all social aspects of my life,
I was happy.
Good grades, friends at my disposal, decent swim team times
As my thoughts continued
I ignored the feeling building up in my throat.
"Nobody loves you."

Independent, strong, beautiful, cunning, intelligent...
Sure when you brake it down I have a lot going for me.
But to take all these qualities
Have someone love your every flaw, bizarre habit, and womanly curve...
An impossible task.
And so I put my faith in the starts
Asking the universe for a miracle.
And then I waited.
Jan 2013 · 5.1k
Kiss Goodnight
The amateur poet Jan 2013
Wrapped in your embrace
Drunk on your scent
Trapped in your eyes
My hands around your neck
You say you have to leave
Robin's calling her Finch
So you start to lean in
For a goodnight kiss

I get all confused
I loose my cool
You want a simple peck
And I was going for more
The moment still happened
Your face so close to mine
I stand there dazed and confused
...Well there's always next time.
I think i just feel awkward about this moment because I overthink everything.... and im just a total nerd ._.
Jan 2013 · 6.2k
Snuggle Buddy
The amateur poet Jan 2013
His hand on my shoulder
My head on his chest
The heartbeat in my ear
Racing along with his breath
Closing my eyes
Taking in his intoxicating scent
I could fall asleep here
While he caresses my neck
Jan 2013 · 4.4k
What Makes a Princess?
The amateur poet Jan 2013
You call me a princess.
But this can't be true.
A princess has grace,
Along with nice shoes.
Her hair, always perfect
Her outfit, just right
She speaks with class and never with spite.

But you claimed something different.
You told me I was wrong.
You told me I was a princess
In that class I do belong.

A fair maiden is beautiful
With captivating eyes
A princess is lovely,
And you are the epitome.
So a princess you are.
I hope you to be mine.
Well I can genuinely tell you guys that I have no idea whats going on here. This conversation (more or less) went down on skype last night after some ukulele playing... gah. I'm so nervous and girly lately haha its weird for me. I really like this guy :) and cant focus on my midterm work now haha.
Jan 2013 · 3.7k
Snow Day Dreaming
The amateur poet Jan 2013
A monotone voice says no school today
Followed by a hazy sleepy stumble,
Back to sleep right away
Warm sheets embrace me and
Lull back the dreams,
I get comfortable
Allowing for blankets to surround my form
Hold me close,
As no one else can...

No longer the frigged winter but on a beach far far away
The day comes to its end and the sky begins to blush
As the sun kisses her cheek, goodnight
Sand in my toes a lofty breeze in my hair
What more perfect a moment than being free in the summer air?
My subconscious ponders
My heart begins to sting
I am alone.

And so I emerge from my slumber,
For the boy of my dreams cannot be found when I'm asleep.
Jan 2013 · 7.0k
Flirting with Your Eyes
The amateur poet Jan 2013
I shuffled down the hallway
Trying to stay out of view
Peeking down the walkway
To catch a glimpse of you

But just as i heard you laugh
You looked over my way
I was smiling in a dreamy trance
As our eyes met that day

Your beautiful ocean hue
Made it hard to look away
But I broke the gaze and knew
Id see them once more that night when I lay.

I blushed and we both passed
He smiled and turned to leave
I looked back for one time last
To find him looking at me.
Jan 2013 · 3.1k
60 Minutes
The amateur poet Jan 2013
1 Hour.
The first of many.
An hour alone with him.

Talking with me
Smiling and laughing
All of his quirks
Without anyone else stealing his gaze

I get to bask in all of him
And show him
What being with me is like

1 Hour
To show him how to fall in love
Jan 2013 · 4.3k
The amateur poet Jan 2013
What is this feeling in my veins?
Thawing my frostbitten heart, but not for your own gain...
After the long cold months of walking in pain
Your melting my lungs so I can breathe again

A word so short
Short and plain
So much potential
Associated with so much pain
You've awakened a part of me that I thought to be dead
Jump-started by the words you've put in my head

Can this be true?
Am I falling for you?
Only time can tell...
But I hope you'll catch me.

The fire that reawakens even the dead
Jan 2013 · 3.9k
Tongue Tied
The amateur poet Jan 2013
I don't know how to talk
In the few minutes that we walk
In-between classes

You talk with such grace
At a troubling pace
While my mind freezes
And draws a blank

I have so much to say
But can't find the phrase,
As I get caught in your wonderful gaze
You take away my thought
You take away my words

When you look at me,
My tongue starts to twist
As I stare back in wondering bliss
At these eyes,
Deep as the ocean
Deep as a sea,
Light up as you speak,
Speaking only to me.

Thats all I can see,
Your eyes on me.

I loose track of time,
Perhaps lost in wonder
How those blue eyes of yours
Leave me longing for more.
Jan 2013 · 4.1k
The amateur poet Jan 2013
This feeling he gives me
Truly it is new.
A discovery
A finding
But one that can't be proved

There is no explination
There is no proof of flaw.
But his motives can't be explained
By any natural law.

His emotions are  not testable
His feelings are unknown
To understand the thoughts this boy has about me
A challenge I must face alone
Jan 2013 · 4.5k
The Scientist
The amateur poet Jan 2013
Words upon words spoke in a rapid manner
I listen to him spit out physics
Intelligent, stunning, confusing, and funny
He rambles on about these numbers.

A calculation for this,
A theory for that.
It can explain everything he claims
It can always be broken down to a science.

I hold on to his every word, and just wonder what equation
Can tell me how he feels.
What does he want
What does he need?
Will he ever have an interest in me?

I don't mean to sound nerdy
I don't mean to sound cliche
But I believe there is chemistry between us
Our minds are bonding.

Sadly there is no science behind the human emotion.
So I will wait
And try to analyze this boy myself.
Research conclusion to soon follow (I hope...)
Jan 2013 · 2.9k
The amateur poet Jan 2013
He sings a song
To me
For ones love for another
Should be known

But words so carefully
Written and sung
Can never be interpreted correctly
By one

What do they all mean?
What is he trying to say?
Or are the words he sings all part of a game...

The motive he has I do not know.
But tomorrow again I will go
And talk with my sweet finch
Trying to unravel his feelings.
Without scaring him away.
Jan 2013 · 3.0k
The amateur poet Jan 2013
As hard as I try
My moves only push him farther away,
So it seems... but perhaps I am mistaken?

While he hasn’t the slightest hint
That the smallest act of acknowledgement
Would send my heart soaring
Away from the voices of roaring tongues
In the mouths
Of people who misunderstand

The silent melodies
Of his still lips
Only makes me wonder more
Jan 2013 · 3.7k
The amateur poet Jan 2013
Soft, pink, and fragile
The wild-flower does grow
Against the current
Jan 2013 · 2.5k
Dancing Away With My Heart
The amateur poet Jan 2013
Of course
Its the soft spoken boy
Who happens to be dancing away
With her fragile heart
The allure is gone
As the crisp rain beats down
And washes away the sparkling
Dreams she had about him
Dancing the night away
Just once
But she can’t have what she wants
She’s so spoiled
Jan 2013 · 2.8k
Cold Coffee
The amateur poet Jan 2013
Sitting waiting alone in the cold
The coffee stale
A ghost of its prime
She sits holding the cup hiding her tears
As he walks by
Thinking of what could've been
Hows a flower to bloom if you wont give it a chance?
As the winter freezes her heart once more
Jan 2013 · 2.9k
The amateur poet Jan 2013
I've decided to start the year anew and try to figure out my problems.
Complaining at this moment in time has become redundant. For the only problem I feel is one I have created for myself. Not being able to let go, move on, I am carrying a flaw because I have become attached to. My last known friend who I can truly open up to. I am deeply conflicted with my own thoughts and don’t know where to start to fix this problem, that I have again created for myself.
To start off, I abuse him. Emotional of course, and not intentionally, but abuse none the less. Perhaps I'm subconsciously pushing him away because it’s better for him in the long run. The deeply ingrained flaws in my diverse personality are openly seen when reacting with his nature. When this has occurred with others I’ve simply distanced myself from them, allowing for my weaknesses not to be exposed… but he genuinely cares. As in basic human nature I am drawn to others that care. The romantic way no (not any more at least), for even if I wanted to love him I could not; having all guards down for another requires trust, trust only family can gain. As having only one person worthy of understanding me, well trying to at least, all the burdens are laid on him. It’s such a cruel fate but I could not help myself… before the worst of me came to light I attempted to bring some source of happiness into his life. This was a success thankfully, a beautiful and smiling ray of sunshine. Unfortunately I have come to hate this new relationship, leading to even more confliction. He deserves to be happy, but I crave his guidance and compassion. This almost primitive feeling of replacement and resentment arises, although I have already accepted him as brother, I don’t understand. Furthermore she’s the pretty girl my mind will never allow me to be. I can’t comprehend her thoughts, how can she be so happy, shallow, blind, loveable… how can she be so simple. Perhaps this is a portion of the problem, part of me longs to be more alike to her while the other resent her simplicity. Who knows, surely not I. What annoys me further is my lack of ability to explain. Trying to word all of this to him in a manner where he sees my true meaning…close to impossible. Such confliction of the mind, I see both sides and debate myself over what’s right, impossible to describe unless it is experienced. Individually I love them both, but together… I'm envious of their blind love. To experience to walk into another trap, too young to find it for real; that middle ground where options are few. Going over these things my own self-loathing increases, multiple opinions allow for one to distance herself from her own actions and analyze actions…locate the source of the problems. But here there are too many all pointing back at the ‘victim’. To cry for help when one is creating her own problems… such weakness. Do I set the one closest to understanding me free? Or continue on ignoring the cries… accepting they are a creation of my own mind. Such conflictions.
Dec 2012 · 2.4k
Other Fish in the Sea
The amateur poet Dec 2012
If I am a fish,
And the world is the sea.
Then I need to go swimming
To find another fish,
One meant for me.
Dec 2012 · 2.9k
Message in a Bottle
The amateur poet Dec 2012
When you talk to me
I can only smile
Your voice, it gives me chills.

But for every word
That your mouth forms
My mind receives scrabble pieces
Shaken in a bottle.

You laugh and shine
Like summer time.
But I can only smile

Your meaning evades me,
But I adore you so.
For now I'll watch you.

Lift my heart up,
And send me more riddles
As I try to decode
This message in a bottle.
Nov 2012 · 2.5k
The Leap
The amateur poet Nov 2012
Loves not my scene
thats sure to say
I dont want to give my heart away
I may have just given up,
Im not the only one it seems...

Your playing with my mind
And have convinced me to jump
Back into the game of love
But you lack strength of heart
And the faith to make that leap

How can I let you see things through?
Love exists oh *** its true
Im good for you
Your good for me
Why can't you see?
How can I make you drop your guard?
Nov 2012 · 2.2k
The amateur poet Nov 2012
Why must we be so
Imperfect. Shallow beings
It only causes more pain.
The amateur poet Nov 2012
Why even try in school?
Ill runaway to New York
Thats my masterplan
Nov 2012 · 2.0k
The amateur poet Nov 2012
Why can't you just love me?
Let me show,
The side of me others will never know.
Nov 2012 · 2.3k
The amateur poet Nov 2012
Dreaming of when the morning comes,
Will I be awake to see the sun?
Or will the hazy, dreamy world of slumber
Have captured my thoughts by then?
Dragging me into subconscious.
Nov 2012 · 2.1k
The amateur poet Nov 2012
The one who you long for
Evades your eye
You talk to him like nothing
Has changed between you two.
And yet you know,
Deep in the labyrinth
of your aching heart,
You long for this boy like no other.
Ignore these feelings, its the only choice you have.
So ignore them you shall.
Until of course he wants you in return,
Once more.
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