B Oct 10
When people stress me out, I imagine a front porch....

Imagine you're 80 and senile. You can't barely pick yourself up and all you've got are your stories, your wrinkled skin and a lot of liver spots.

You are sitting on a front porch enjoying a cup of tea. The kind old people like. The kind your 20 year old self wouldn't even dare taste.

You are sitting with an old, old friend. A friend you can't barely remember how you met but surely, its someone who never left your side since.

Hours of laughter pass followed by countless trips down hazy memory lanes. At times, one would even dose off in the middle of a conversation, but you both didn't mind.

And just before the sun fully set, you thank your friend for stopping by. Then, you smile and tell yourself how lovely that day was.

When people stress me out, I imagine a front porch....

And if you can't see a person with you on your imaginary front porch, carry on with other things. Shrug the ***** off. Power through. Be the bigger person.

Know that your peace of mind is priceless. Choose it all the time and you'll live a happier life, for sure.
For the friends I'll grow old with.
B Jun 9
Trying to forget someone is one of the most difficult things you'll ever do in your life. You do it by putting dislike into the equation. By reminding yourself of his bad qualities. By telling yourself that you read all the signs wrong.

Basically, the opposite of all the things you did when you decided to start opening up to this person. When you open up to people, you give them a chance. And on the other hand, you give yourself hope - hope that this chance you just gave out won't be wasted.

You look past their imperfections and all the things that mismatch and you love them. You just love them flaws and all. Regardless, nontheless.

And telling yourself that what you've been doing all this time is wrong, is a very painful, shattering thing to do. But through it all, you have to be brave.

Be brave with grace. Hate not only destroys the image of the person inside your head - it destroys you too.

Be brave but be soft. Never let yourself harden, because softness has always been a beautiful trait of yours.

Be brave to hope again. Hope that someday you'd be able to open up again. And maybe then, it'll be worth it.
B Oct 2017
I wish I could box you in my tiny world and make you stay

But, your soul is too beautiful, too large, too perfect for me

You deserve to be in places better than this

Better than this
For the guy who played the piano for me over the phone when we ran out of stories to tell.
B Mar 2016
With great disinterest, you veer from every word I utter

With every empty glance, I almost beg your eyes to luster

With your ideals, I reevaluate what I can't deter

With you in the same room, to vanish is what I would prefer
B Mar 2016
Find me

Lost among eyes of otherworldly colors
Among streets signs of gibberish letters
Among myriads of towering strangers
Among exhaled smoke and borrowed lighters

Find me

Lost among boats heading for shore
Among waves, uncertain as before
Among horizons that are never closer
Among regretful glances on rear view mirrors

Find me

Lost among train tickets and maps
Among muddy sandals and undone bootstraps
Among misadventures and mishaps
Lost among these, I'll find myself perhaps
For the love of traveling and how it saved me in so many ways
B Mar 2016
Dark clouds roll over me again
Underneath them, I can't bargain

They're ominously creeping in
Making my shoulders sink, my feet, frozen

Thoughts coming in like bullet trains
Unapologetic, unforgiving

Now, I'm tearing self-made sutures open
In my cellar devoid of oxygen
B Oct 2015
I'd like to think that my life is divided into chapters. And just like in books, it is inevitable for one to end no matter how beautiful, comfortable, **** or life changing it was. When it is time to flip through the pages of the new chapter ahead of you, you'll know. Take your time. Be brave. Because it is nothing like the previous one. It'll never be. But, one thing is sure, it'll surprise you and that alone is enough reason to go on. Have a great day, B.
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