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 May 2020 TK
 May 2020 TK
I think of all the different lives
I have lived over the years
And I mourn the losses
of all the personalities
                 that I will never get back.

Time is cruel like that;
it just comes barreling through and

But I suppose what comes along with the taking,
is also the giving
of new faces
    new blood
    new love
    new heartache.

I cannot say that I wouldn’t have it any other way,
For I think we can all agree
that we aren’t given much of a choice,
 May 2020 TK
 May 2020 TK
It is so strange
to see someone else
reliving one of your past lives,
spitting out the same words
you once spoke.
 Oct 2018 TK
Piyush Gahlot
It's  nine in the morning,
can't open my eyes,
don't wanna come out of the dreamy world,
I wanna be asleep,
I wanna be static,
if sleep is a drug,
I am an addict.

Most comforting is the morning sleep,
my eyes won't open,
I struggled to sit up,
but crumbled back again.
Have to be in the office,
the clock ticked
If sleep is a drug,
I am an addict.

let me lay in the bed,
don't feel like picking up my phone,
Whatsapp texts are unknown.
the sun is up, I don't wanna be.
take a leave or be awake and go,
my mind is in total conflict.
Yes sleep is my drug,
And I am an addict.
struggling to wake up this morning. Devoted to all the lazy people.
 Oct 2018 TK
the words spilled from her mouth

here i sit,
as my best friend,
tells me
you have another.

i shouldn’t care.
but i do.

no matter how hard i try,
the poetry for you in which i write,
never ceases.
it just keeps pouring out of my soul.
it sometimes seems as if,
the poetry i write for you is what keeps my heart beating.
what keeps me breathing.

but now, what am i supposed to do?
do you think she will love you?
do you really think she will love you?
please tell me.

it’s hard to think of you with another
because we used to be so in love with each other.

it’s been a long time since we last spoke,
but it feels as if all the memories of us i have were just made yesterday.

you have another.
who will never,
love you in the way i could.

but my question for you is,
will you love her in the way you could towards me?
 Feb 2018 TK
I feel off
Like there is something missing
Between my skin and my soul and my heart and my teeth.
It hurts a little -
Like the cold does.

I am shivering.
My bones feel fragile -
Not like they could break but like they could just melt into nothing.
Maybe I want them to.

I am weak.
My eyes beg to not be forced
to stay open any longer
But the dark makes it hard to speak.

I don't want to talk anymore about anything to anyone.
But I am dying
of silence.
I am dying
of heartache.
I am dying
of me.
 Nov 2017 TK
They said If I took cough syrup that I could die
Slowly I gave the escape from reality a try
But I drank more than the recommended amount

After a while I lost count
The liquid tastes best mixed with sprite
Friends pushed away , and confusion in sight
The devil brought out my innocence one night

I layed crying on the bathroom floor
And the devil out the door
The purple liquid down the drain
And nothing to escape from the pain
 Nov 2017 TK
Lior Gavra
Be Thankful
 Nov 2017 TK
Lior Gavra
I write what I see,
Because I am blind.
I write what I hear,
But I am deaf.
I write what I feel,
But paralyzed.
I write what I smell,
In my burnt nose.
I write what I taste,
The only sense left,
And thank the day,
Because it can be worse.
 Jul 2017 TK
 Jul 2017 TK
they say that alcohol releases another side of you
to say the things you wouldn't say sober
to feel more or feel nothing
to bold while faded
it's intoxicating

perhaps that's why I am drawn to you
your presence challenges me
challenges me to be bold and be me
the thrill is intoxicating
but you're gentle arms invite me
like the warm feeling the liquor gives me
but then you turn cold and sour
I'm left confused and feeling hungover
still in progress please help!
 Jul 2017 TK
Ryan Holden
If I wisp away
Into this humid night,
Whilst my sweat drips
With my honey and
Your anguished hollows.

And as these trees calmly
Blow in this muggy fall,
For when my legs can't clamber
These piercing cliff rocks,
And my knees tremble.

Because I fear, yet anticipate
My own emotions in misty
Wind that blows between us,
That will guide me into a pool
Of my own heart shed.

''Tis not your sensitive heart
My mind will whisper,
We're all a lover deep down
Yet I'm cursed with overthinking
Like a poetry puppet.
I feel like us poets are all sensitive - or we all think way too much into emotions and love. Hopefully some of you can relate!
 Jul 2017 TK
Jackie Mead
A Dogs Life
 Jul 2017 TK
Jackie Mead
Dog walkers come from far and wide, to walk their dogs by their side.
They come by car, with dog, lead, and toys; dogs barking for joy as they arrive.
The door is opened, the dogs jump out, barking getting louder, as their owners shout!
Wait a minute boy, don't pull on the lead, not long now you can soon run free.
Not a care in the world, the dog runs and runs fetching the ball for its owner with pride, dropping it neatly at their side, looking up with big wide eyes; waiting and longing for another surprise.
Where will it get thrown next they look wonderingly, trusting their owner dutifully.
The owner pats their loyal dog on its head and rewards it with a treat.
The dog pays the owner back by falling at its feet.
Dog tired and ready to return back home, it climbs back in the car.
Settles down, no barking now, it's time to get some sleep.
A dog's life is a free life and one without care.
A simple life, no thrills or flare, a good life I do declare.
I am not a dog owner but inspired today on a walk around our quay. Sometimes a simple life is all we ask.
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