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Oct 26 · 174
burn it down
Tess Oct 26
The city looks so pretty
Do you want to burn it down?
Imagine all the colours we could paint this petty town
Aug 2 · 151
Tess Aug 2
I know that feelings end and feelings change

But how could you love me yesterday and not today

How could you make me happy then make me hurt
Give me roses then give me dirt
Call me pretty then not reply
Make me smile then make me cry
Jul 23 · 472
In love
Tess Jul 23
There is a pain so intense no one can bare it
not the strongest or the bravest
this is the pain of being in love

the perfect agony
the painful ecstasy

it is not the affliction of love
love does not burn so much
the love for friend of family
does not reduce people to their knees

this is the agony of ‘in love’
the first glimpse
the first touch
before you see they are also human...
Jul 20 · 1.0k
Tess Jul 20
I feel like I’m in a dark room
Without light or a sense of direction
I used to be scared by the infinite gloom
But now I know you’re somewhere in it
May 24 · 346
Tess May 24
how deep are the oceans
how vast is the sky
in these endless escapes
is there somewhere to hide

somewhere to go and never be found
somewhere to scream yet not make a sound...
Tess May 15
We, humans, are senseless and unthinking
We set off nuclear bombs for amusement
So fond of debauchery and drinking
We **** each other for entertainment

We attempt to build buildings to the sky
Brick over brick, we don’t stop to ask why
Slowly we replace the trees with carbon
We are caught up in the devil’s bargain

Timidly we roll our dice, fingers crossed;
Although the odds are not in our favour
We claim to be bright, but our minds are lost
We sit and wait, hoping for a saviour

We have strapped ourselves to an iron rod
Pretending, playing at being a god
Tess May 15
Mankind think of themselves like deity,
Yet they are unable to touch the stars;
They foul the world, searching for aureity
And when earth dies they search for life on Mars

We ignore the collateral damage;
We ignore the all-consuming wildfires
That burn the world, leaving it in famine;
Man acts high and mighty on their pyres

We train our children to stand in straight rows,
Murdering all their creativity;
We tell them life’s purpose is buying clothes
Cynically we prompt naivety

Here, above, with no more conspiracies,
These are the faults of the perfect species.
Tess May 15
He sits on his chair of unearned power
Time caused his temper to spoil and grow sour;
Faulting those lower in the hierarchy,
He rests, contented in his monarchy;

He wreaks havoc on anyone with dreams;
Though his entity divides at the seams
King of his castle, he sits unconcerned
Playing with fire, about to be burned

He has not learned: what goes up must come down
Breathing in water, and soon he will drown
He pushes others down to lift him up
He is bitter and decaying closeup

Written and read in a voice of deadpan:
The crimes of a diabolical man
May 3 · 153
Enough of us
Tess May 3
Enough of us
We have been here for too long a time
Growing fat and disregarding our crime
We ignored our eviction notice
Time has changed us, we have grown hopeless

Our marks on the world have turned into scars
So polluted, we can not see the stars
With waters of black and islands of waste
We brake things simply to get them replaced

Our earth will grow tired of our naivety
Listless in a way so unsavoury
Our landlord will defenestrate us
Too negligent, it’s too late to discuss

We must pack our bags, the reason is clear,
As our Earth has had enough of us here

— The End —