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Tess Jan 29
You smile
And my heart implodes
Please be kind
Tess Oct 2020
I am so scared
Scared that you'll leave
Scared that you'll laugh
Scared that you'll see
Tess Oct 2020
I am Pluto
My life evolves around everyone else’s
I get lost in the shadows, always forgotten
Too small to be a real planet, too big to be a rock
Tess Oct 2020
Hello, I seem to have lost my mind
If you happen to find it would you please be kind
For it is a delicate thing with low self esteem
It lives in a world of its own, a self inflicted dream

Society was mean to it, it’s gone into hiding
I hope it’s happy, where ever it’s residing
Tess Oct 2019
The city looks so pretty
Do you want to burn it down?
Imagine all the colours we could paint this petty town
Tess Aug 2019
I know that feelings end and feelings change

But how could you love me yesterday and not today

How could you make me happy then make me hurt
Give me roses then give me dirt
Call me pretty then not reply
Make me smile then make me cry
Tess Jul 2019
There is a pain so intense no one can bare it
not the strongest or the bravest
this is the pain of being in love

the perfect agony
the painful ecstasy

it is not the affliction of love
love does not burn so much
the love for friend of family
does not reduce people to their knees

this is the agony of ‘in love’
the first glimpse
the first touch
before you see they are also human...
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