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Step upon rose petals
One by one gently
Don't hesitate

life is a continental dispersity
                            Grab your depth
                             Onto what's left
                              Unsaid and do

                                                       Transfix the sunrays
                                                        G­ather them in a left
                                                         Hand, handful burn
typhoons of tender typographies churn

Grab the liar by the hair roots
And pull yourself out of muddy
You didn't see this coming, did you?
You couldn't handle it when you saw me crying and heard me mumbling about how I've been wishing for death to find me and rock me to sleep. But that doesn't mean that you can control me... You're feeling like you've failed me. You're wondering what it is you've done that could possibly make me want to disappear forever, you've done nothing worth mentioning so don't worry, you're in the clear.
Angry tears are falling
when you ask me why
they worsen, and now
angry words are spoken.

Stop trying to control me
since when was I banned
from showing my emotions
even in private I can't recall.

But you of all people should know
that locking me away from the world
will not strengthen our bond,
it will worsen unwanted hatred.
When was the last time that you read my words, and thought of me as the bird that would always be outside of your window?
I remember how things used to be between us. I know things will never be the same. But I remember.
I wonder what you're doing right now
Are you sleeping or are they testing you?
I hope you're eating enough.
I know we're never really apart; only far
from eachother.

But I can't wait to feel you in my arms.
It's hard for me to write these days
knowing you're so closely, far away.
That night I snuck out to get high
but I was only trying to invite some
new feelings inside to feel something
instead of being so empty all the time.
He feels the same pain that she does
Which makes her feel sad because...
The mask she wears,
he takes off and puts on,
But she sees the cuts behind the sleeve
Along with the smile that everyone believes.
How were we to know
that in our effort
to be extraordinary,
we would make only
careless, forgotten love.

How were we to know
you would be only
a freckle
on sun-kissed skin,
a whisper in the wind
not strong enough
to tickle my neck.
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