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I don't like games
Where someone is picked on
Where someone loses
It breaks my heart
It makes me feel
Like a wet cat
After a bath
Like the sensation of coffee
Left to cool
It reminds me
That some days
I'm the loser
And that always
There will be a loser
But people seem to like that
That's how the world plays
People bouncing over people
We have no choice
But to play the game
We have no choice
But to uphold the winner
And bring down the loser
And I weep at the universe
The writings
Of a horrified prophet
Flailing like black ships
On the edge of a forgotten lake
His speech
Is the screech
Of a mad mountain lion
Crisp air blowing through
Hibiscus and red roses
Filling my nose with
A touch of pink health. Spreading
To my face like soft kisses
The sky had darkened
From fire smoke from the East
The river flows with garbage
Smelling like rotting flesh
It was warm
There was nothing to excite the body
Or delight the eyes
Everything had the shadow
Of disappointment
Even the birds
Have given up singing their song
(Tell me dear reader,
Do you have the time to be strong?)
All I can do
Is wait for the rain
To wash it all along
I have felt the stars' brutality
Sting my mind and body

Tears flow out red from my eyes
Tired of your stupid lies

I gave you food to eat
You left me in pain on the street

I followed your laws and decrees
You had my friends hanging on trees

You gaslit me, you told me what to do
When in the end, you know what's true

Betelgeuse tell me he's sorry
I do not believe his story

I am angry at all of you
What is there left to do?

It's either you or me who die
It will be decided after I cry

Stars of the milky way
Hope that you have time to pray

Because I'm stronger than you all
By my words alone, you will fall
Humanity is not composed of winners and losers
It is composed of gemstones
Of varied shapes and colors
Blending like waves
In the eyes of God
Reflecting His face

So it is that you are obligated
To love your neighbor as yourself
To kiss each stone you meet
In the face
With sweet devotion

So then dear poet
Concern yourself not with fame
Nor personal glory
But in sharing
With the world
The brightest colors
Death flows out of me
Into a silent pond
Here, wild animals drink
And leave invigorated and happy

It is excruciating
This flowing out
But I do it
For their sake
Animals need their drink
And I need their company

It is bitter to my taste
And cold to my touch
Animals are built different I guess
But I feel safe
Watching the young ones play
The lions with the zebras

God told me to stop
But I ask
Why create me this way?
This is how I live
This is how I love

After every animal has left
I go back home and sleep
In my dreams I play with the animals
Slowly, slowly inside - the deep
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