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tenielle Aug 2020
i don't know whats real
its like ill never find peace
within my own head
tenielle Jul 2020
i fear what is true
and find comfort in the folds of reality.
lurking between material and abstract,
i find your outstretched hand.
pull me back into your world
and teach me to love.
a letter to you, thought you'll never read it
tenielle Mar 2020
can i miss you?
can i kiss you?
                                                             strike a match.
i cant miss you
i cant kiss you
                                                                     let it burn.
but i do
i really want to
                                                                 throw it out.
tenielle Mar 2020
cadence cadence cadence cadence
cadence cadence cadence.

rhythm rhythm rhythm rhythm
rhythm rhythm rhythm.

patience patience patience patience
patience patience patience.

hidden hidden hidden hidden
hidden hidden hidden.
everything in the universe is constructed the same way. we refuse to make a change. safety is in comfort, fear comes from the unknown.
tenielle Mar 2020
you've left me for good
though you'll never be gone
tenielle Jan 2020
some days there are so many things i want to say
but nobody to tell them to,
nobody to truly listen.
thoughts bouncing around my head
like a bag of bouncy *****
dropped by a child.
eventually they roll and roll
until they stop in a corner of my mind
that even i dont have access to.
tenielle Jan 2020
you can write your story
and present it to the world
but still feel like it has to be told.
nobody understands
the emotion and experience
like you do
and attempts to satisfy the need to share it
can never be truly fulfilled.
or maybe i still write about it because the wound hasnt sealed.
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