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Leave me alone, will ya?
I hate being asked about my day
I hate small talks and all those gazes
I hate crowd or groups
I don't like to talk
And I don't like to be bothered
I am reclusive
Selfishly embedded in my own self
Talking overwhelms me
As do your presence.
Please don't knock
Don't try to start a conversation
I would love to be left alone
Do me a favour.
Let me be.
Sad, Scared, Hidden.
Don't knock the door
You are not welcome.
I have let the lights guide me
Sometimes, even lead me astray.
World full of fairies they say!
My mind is full of fluffy clouds,
An errie zone of curated comfort.
A self-inflicted sense of self.
But it is the kind of drug that saves me,
Sustains me.
Agreed, even damages me
More than I would admit.
But that's how we survive,
Drugged with beliefs.
Finding purpose and hopes in beliefs.
But sometimes I let the waves hit me,
To let life happen and see it as it is.
All for a while until I feel my ground
Feel my place, be humblest and grateful.
To learn and persist.
Until I puff up my cheeks with idealism again.
It's madness. And I'm guilty of it.
But that's how it goes, hand in hand,
Like Arrogance and Self-Doubt.
Oh well! I've died a few times.
But it has never managed to **** me.
Right from holding my hands
on the hospital bed
To laughing hard with me
on the wheel chair,
There has been times when I was in
excruciating pain both
mentally and physically
And yet a simple glance over you
has been a relief.
I love how you let me dance around
in complete madness
And hold around just enough to not let me fall off the cliff.
I can't believe I am writing a poem
out of a simple occasion of us meeting
After almost an year.
That's something.
When you have colours playing inside of you,
It shows.
And when you don't shy away from it,
they envelope you
so much that your soul dances in sheer love and happiness.
Each breath paints another world
So much that
you merge in thin air,
transparent yet strongly present.
Would you believe, if I were to say,
Life is woven in despair
So much that it
almost feels like happiness...
A girl had a jar of pebbles.
Each with a colour and an emotion.

Purple for jealousy, orange for anger,
Pink for content, blue for curiosity,
Yellow for joy and translucent for grief.

They would turn soft with her intent of fun
And then she would stuff them in her pastries.
One after another, she fed her friends,
To see all the funny things they'd do next.

It was funny after all,
The disasters that she saw
Of what a day full of emotions
Did to a person.

On she went with her jar full of pebbles
Until she fed them all
And even then
She'd dig some more,
Only now,
To make newer combinations.
If you start writing, not even about your feelings but just about the things lying around, you'll know with what degree of manipulation you work with.
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