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Life is as ****** up as you are.
If you let me exist today
And just let me be
I might eat you up raw.
I might scratch you deep.
I will use up all your resources ;
I might fall so down
That you wouldn't be able to see.
I will start picking up my pieces,
I will learn to walk again.
I will learn to nurture.
I am not a monster, mum,
I have a heart too.
Please don't hate me so much.
I wish you knew,
I can't be all that you wanted me to be
I wish you could let me exist
Just for the sake of it.
Maybe didn't let me exist when you had a choice.
You had a choice.
I am not a monster, mum,
I hope you could see.
You are choosing how it all ends while choosing how you start and are progressing with it.
I wish you were brave.
Brave enough to love your edges.
A little more accepting,
Unashamed of what appeals to you.
I wish you could let yourself be
And didn't punish yourself for holding on to what you love.
I wish...
Never mind.
You don't.
And be it so.
But hey,
We could listen to that song you love
and get back to work.
I was so caught up that I lost the pace.
It's never going to be okay
But I can sit with you until you could accept that.
There's nothing different here,
There's nothing different there.
Same life and same set of people
Just different settings.
Jumping from one setting to another is growth,
Falling from one to another is decline
And being in one you were born into is failure.
But is it?
I don't know
But it is exactly what this world accounts for.
Personally, it doesn't matter.
The real fun is to be different people
In same setting,
All in one lifetime.
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