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Jul 2021 · 503
mara Jul 2021
A canvas for sin
Read the language of my pain
From carved lines on skin
Apr 2021 · 1.1k
People pleaser
mara Apr 2021
I'm broke...n
I get on my knees
And sell myself
to people please
Apr 2021 · 331
mara Apr 2021
Its not your words that I fight
But you bury me alive
As rejection builds a home in my heart
Dec 2018 · 742
mara Dec 2018
Get high off music
Meloncholy calls To me
He sells depression
Oct 2018 · 165
mara Oct 2018
Draw a confession
Hold it against me until
I become empty
Jan 2018 · 401
Haiku #2
mara Jan 2018
My Dear rose petal
Your silk touches define you
Slip through my fingers
Dec 2017 · 1.4k
mara Dec 2017
Paint me a picture
My body is your canvas
Brush me like you do
Dec 2017 · 277
'I love you'
mara Dec 2017
How dare the
I Love you
be used in
reference to
other than

How defiant
they are to
claim their
and lose their
Dec 2017 · 307
mara Dec 2017
The sun is setting
it's getting cold out,
I want to wake up
can I go now?
My breath is fading
and my heart
forgets to
Dec 2017 · 149
mara Dec 2017
Perhaps i am more
day than night
so say then i am more
dark than light
should you desire
I will bring you stars
should your heart incline
I will bring you fire

Could it then
be said
all Is one
Dec 2017 · 193
mara Dec 2017
Girl in the mirror
Its cold inside
gloved hands
ripped tights
closed eyes
maybe it'll work
this time

What does mercy taste like?
Is it bittersweet
like medicine
is there enough
for someone
like me?
Please tell me what you think? What did this poem mean to you?
Dec 2017 · 142
mara Dec 2017
How far should i
go to find you?
lost promises
retraced steps
i hold hope
reality too
to comprehend
Dec 2017 · 181
mara Dec 2017
Water me with
your words
and I'll bring you
the ashes from my
Nov 2017 · 170
'Good people'
mara Nov 2017
Is there a guideline
to being a good person?
Is there a rule book that
I can read?
Who defines it?
Is it God?
Or is it man?
Nov 2017 · 217
mara Nov 2017
What do i regret?
I regret that
i cant form a sentence
the words construct
and break apart
almost like they know
theyre too ashamed to
be associated with eachother

I drag words from the back
of my mind and force them
into submission
i try to speak but silence
is a weight and
words are foreign.

You translate.
The silence...
not so repressive
becomes a blanket
i want to hide under
Nov 2017 · 670
mara Nov 2017
Will my flaws
be the face of me?
Does my past
haunt my future?
If i colour within the lines
will that save me?
When you look at me
What do you see?

Regret is my hunter.
You are the sun that
unveils me
exposing me under
your observation
the question leaves its mark
burning through my mind
do you see me or
do you see my shadow?
Please give your opinion, I'd love to hear feedback :)
Oct 2016 · 209
A question to the trees
mara Oct 2016
How many colours
contribute to
your beauty,
an ever-changing
piece of art
'There's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much' - American beauty
Oct 2016 · 175
mara Oct 2016
Flashes of light
tear through
the wall of darkness
giving hope to
the lost
Sep 2016 · 440
mara Sep 2016
Take me to
because im lost
in this space between
Sep 2016 · 180
mara Sep 2016
If i drown,
will the water take away
my sins as it has
taken away
my breath?
Sep 2016 · 535
Loves me, Loves me not?
mara Sep 2016
Be still dear petal
while you are dissected
to decide their fate
Sep 2016 · 307
mara Sep 2016
She cant help it,
to feel all this pain inside of her.
It needs to escape,
she cannot carry it.
She is being buried alive,
her mind is trying to **** her.
So yes, shes take her release
She cuts herself.

Dont believe her smile,
Let the scars show the battle she's been through.
She'll tell you the story for each,
she'll paint you a picture,
you can hear her words
and feel her pain.
Sep 2016 · 161
mara Sep 2016
My body is marked
by your love
it'll take some time
to *fade away
Sep 2016 · 235
mara Sep 2016
You stole my heart,
now im emtpy inside.
You try to run,
but you can not hide.
Sep 2016 · 179
Black Hole
mara Sep 2016
I try to ignore the struggle,
the bitter taste of emptiness
the weight of nothing
is crushing me slowly
My heart is dead, it beats for no one
Sep 2016 · 274
mara Sep 2016
Father please reach out to me
I long to be set free

I am the night and all alone
Two battles locked in one

Darkness threatens to consume me
A war is raging on relentlessly

Drowning in a void of emptiness
I need your light to bring me happiness

I have lost my way
Fooled by men and led astray

Father please reach out to me
Aug 2016 · 386
mara Aug 2016
For once,
my life is better
than a dream,
I no longer
need to depend on
sleep to save
Aug 2016 · 237
mara Aug 2016
I will gift you this final tear
as i steal my last breath away,
I have broken the promise of tomorrow
because there is no reason for me to stay.
Aug 2016 · 614
mara Aug 2016
I dance to whispers in the wind,
While heaven sheds its tears.
Lost in a sea of endless flashes
Unchaining me from all my fears
Aug 2016 · 379
Stars in the sky
mara Aug 2016
I told you my secrets,
you carried them away
into the darkness
before the sun announced
the day.
Aug 2016 · 458
Hide and seek
mara Aug 2016
I'll keep these thoughts hidden,
so i dont break your heart.
But know, in regards to mine,
it was yours from the start.
Aug 2016 · 501
Battle Scars
mara Aug 2016
A scar
for a sin
countless lines
faded by time
made bold
by mistakes
Aug 2016 · 268
mara Aug 2016
She touched the clouds
and wanted to fly
to taste real freedom
at the tip of the sky

Grasping for air
in the city of blue
this bird had no wings
if only she knew

The wind tried to catch her
she realized her mistake
a broken surrender
her own life did she take

— The End —