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 Oct 2016 Tee
Finley in Despair
Oxygen is precious
and I continue to waste it
contemplating life
and the decisions I make in it
but I can't decide if it's
sadness or anger I'm filled with
I clench my jaw constantly
and I cry in my sleep
don't know what I'm worth
every day I'm reminded I'm weak
decisions decisions, a lack of ambition
or rather the strength to acquire
what I desire and I know
life is truly a lustrous haze

My soul wants to dance
whilst my heart wants to fight
inflicting pain on others
only to lessen my strife
my mind is a complex maze of thought
thinking we were gifted with intelligence
but now I get it, it's a curse to see
understand, realise and go on knowingly
that life is hard and the world is not fair
well I realised it young
so I can admit that I'm scared
the people that comforted me,
stood by my side, seem unaware

I hope people see something in me
because I don't
I see pain filled eyes when I wash my face
I connect with a reflection
that has felt my pain
I doubt everyone else is different
we're all ashamed
the circumstances differ but
the pain is the same
 Oct 2016 Tee
phil roberts
Walking in the cold rain
Alone and
Going nowhere
Just hiding tears in raindrops

Always dreaming of being lost
Lost and then
The endless fall
Then the gasping awakening

But always the rain will end
And sunrise
Put an end
To the cruelty of night

And life will begin in warmth
And hope
Into the sweetest softest petals

                                           By Phil Roberts
 Oct 2016 Tee
South by Southwest
I am the moment before the sun
I am the light you see on a dark moon
I am the eye of a typhoon

I taught the birds to fly
I taught the child to ask why
Who am I

I put the steps into caterpillars
Showed the leaves how to fall
Tore down every wall

I ran with the Buffalo
Dove with the whales
Know who I am then do tell

I am the dirt beneath your feet
The sky so tall
I am the fly upon your wall

I am the ache in your head
The pain in your heart
I know when to end  , when to start

Who am I
 Oct 2016 Tee
Mysidian Bard
And though she was blind
Her eyes shined with inner light
And love beyond words
I met a blind woman today and when she looked into my eyes I saw something incredibly profound that I still cannot explain. This haiku is my best attempt to put that feeling into words.
 Oct 2016 Tee
blue mercury

midnight drives on these long nights,
i leave the heat
in my car
so i can see my breath
in order to know
that i am still breathing- alive.

after the blankets
of white
come the blooms of brilliance
roots sunken under green.

this is the kind of feeling
that makes you
over mountaintops
and trees
of green.

bare arms and
tank topped torsos
sweat dripping onto
each other as we

words i say
emanating heat and
childlike perfection
chalk marked sidewalks.

bright eyed, i say yes.

orange, yellow, red.

the trees
are on fire-
it's that time
of the year.

the trees are on fire,
cool air
holding desperately
on to
my space.

maybe your heat could melt my icy skin. condensation dripping from your finger tips. i'm holding on to this, this moment. my life isn't in several shades of watercolour blue hues, but in vibrant shades of yellow. mustard is the one shade that's screaming whispers and lighting matches.

xo autumn is coming (:
 Oct 2016 Tee
blue mercury
i'll be almost an adult
yet i don't feel mature
as the pain goes down my throat
and collects itself into a ball
of tears.


i feel stuck.
i feel sorry.
(i wish i could say i feel nothing.)

i feel like i'm going backwards, asking myself
if i should be or not be at all.

i don't know what i'll say
on my birthday

when they ask me what i wished for
on the candle of the cupcakes

that aren't even the ones i asked for.
crying a lot lately my birthday might not be so happy this year, idk
The more you resist
the longer they persist.
 Sep 2016 Tee
 Sep 2016 Tee
Sometimes I want to die;
But the saddest part is,
I'm not afraid of those thoughts
September 28, 2016
 Sep 2016 Tee
untitled #5
 Sep 2016 Tee
and after all i still believe
that death is the wrong answer
in this world of multiple choice.
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