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Tee Dec 2017
Girl in the mirror
Its cold inside
gloved hands
ripped tights
closed eyes
maybe it'll work
this time

What does mercy taste like?
Is it bittersweet
like medicine
is there enough
for someone
like me?
Please tell me what you think? What did this poem mean to you?
Tee Dec 2017
How far should i
go to find you?
lost promises
retraced steps
i hold hope
reality too
to comprehend
Tee Dec 2017
Water me with
your words
and I'll bring you
the ashes from my
  Nov 2017 Tee
magnificently maddie
you are not an inconvenience to the world.
my dear, this world is an inconvenience to you.
Tee Nov 2017
Is there a guideline
to being a good person?
Is there a rule book that
I can read?
Who defines it?
Is it God?
Or is it man?
Tee Nov 2017
What do i regret?
I regret that
i cant form a sentence
the words construct
and break apart
almost like they know
theyre too ashamed to
be associated with eachother

I drag words from the back
of my mind and force them
into submission
i try to speak but silence
is a weight and
words are foreign.

You translate.
The silence...
not so repressive
becomes a blanket
i want to hide under
Tee Nov 2017
Will my flaws
be the face of me?
Does my past
haunt my future?
If i colour within the lines
will that save me?
When you look at me
What do you see?

Regret is my hunter.
You are the sun that
unveils me
exposing me under
your observation
the question leaves its mark
burning through my mind
do you see me or
do you see my shadow?
Please give your opinion, I'd love to hear feedback :)
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