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Tee Dec 2018
Get high off music
Meloncholy calls To me
He sells depression
Tee Oct 2018
Draw a confession
Hold it against me until
I become empty
Tee Jan 2018
My Dear rose petal
Your silk touches define you
Slip through my fingers
Tee Dec 2017
Paint me a picture
My body is your canvas
Brush me like you do
Tee Dec 2017
How dare the
I Love you
be used in
reference to
other than

How defiant
they are to
claim their
and lose their
Tee Dec 2017
The sun is setting
it's getting cold out,
I want to wake up
can I go now?
My breath is fading
and my heart
forgets to
Tee Dec 2017
Perhaps i am more
day than night
so say then i am more
dark than light
should you desire
I will bring you stars
should your heart incline
I will bring you fire

Could it then
be said
all Is one
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