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Tallulah Jun 2019
I've borne witness to a clear night sky littered with stars,
I've watched a hurricane from across the sea during a humid Caribbean night on a neighbouring island,
I've watched a million glowing flakes of firework every year, one time over the great Thames with the mighty bursts of noise echoing through the valley created by the river,
I've been in and absolutely mesmerised by the peaks of mountain tops with such delicately laid snow i was doubting my atheism.
I've even seen huge rubies and emeralds. Pieces of asteroid, glow in the dark diamonds and statues from before. jesus christ.
I'm still left unsatisfied.
I want to share these sights with you so that you too may experience moments of pure ecstasy just from reflected light.
I want to be able to admire both the unreal beauty of the planet Earth and of you too in the same moments.

— The End —