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 Nov 2019 Anjali
Please think about me,
I don’t do this often.
Please hold me close,
let your energy seep
deep in my bones.
Don’t forget me
when I push away
because I only push
to see if you’ll stay.
Tomorrow I must wrestle
with the wolves again,
I must throw myself
in the middle of the fray.
Please think about me
when nobody else will,
my shaky hands have
come to a still.
I hope you think about me, please.
 Nov 2019 Anjali
Olivia A Keaton
"When I was a kid.."
"You're still a kid"

Then tell me
how is it fair that you expect me to act like the adult you say I'm not?
 Nov 2019 Anjali
Olivia A Keaton
sickness and poison once ate at her chest
illness took over her kind face and she began to age before her time.
can you imagine the trauma? probably not.
the blackness and the vines that enclosed her,
the white rooms, blinding lights
the sunken face and the worry still.
all proves that she's strong, wouldn't you think?
that she's grown, an adult woman.
but she's with this demon
his hair is red because it was the devil's favorite color.
his smile is wicked and his eyes are cold with everyone he meets.
she sees this cold, wicked hell.
there's no love. only using and abusing
so may I say this
I love you
I hate him
We all do
so find that strength that beat the scariest darkness
Grow. Up.
 Oct 2019 Anjali
A lover asked his beloved,
Do you love yourself more
than you love me?

The beloved replied,
I have died to myself
and I live for you.

I’ve disappeared from myself
and my attributes.
I am present only for you.

I have forgotten all my learning,
but from knowing you
I have become a scholar.

I have lost all my strength,
but from your power
I am able.

If I love myself
I love you.
If I love you
I love myself.

— The End —