Crossing the Baltic
    young sons sung

Helsinki harbor
    young sons sung
whatever my destiny
dear ***, protect the boys

if I go down in nameless dread
let it never them destroy

I suspect a tragedy
waits on my horizon

May I meet it courageously
whether apparent or surprisin’

Keep them in your care
safe from those who harm

playing, reading, thinking
this poem a good luck charm
questing quantum weirdness
   Neils Bohr before my beardness
         contraria sunt complementa
                    beyond fearness
just now the nameless dread
internal devastation

fearing for my future
sensing such negation

to fight against the fear
I practice songs and meditation

soulsick I reappear
shamanic restoration?
seasons of hope and despair
tonight the panic building
     homelessness near
          though I fear
            yet I steer.
it’s true our lives are meaningless
but this truth can’t be accepted

the preciousness of children
their need to be protected

though the cruelty never ends
it must be resisted and rejected

despite downward to defeat
upward us is still reflected
picking and packing books
so much to read, so little time
       Paradise as Bookstore
        words, words, words
              forevermore . . .
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