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Taylor Oct 2021
Tea for me to start the day
One that I cannot explain.
Roaring churning 4am can't sleep
Tea for me to start the day
Taylor Feb 2021
Looking through ourselves
Not to ourselves
When all we needed was within.
Taylor Nov 2020
I was thinking small.
Where rubber meets the road,
Leaving little pieces of ourselves
Everywhere we go.
We are slowly decaying rejuvenated with life until it runs out.
Taylor May 2020
A tingle on the spine
A heavy heart
A shortness of breath
Taylor Apr 2020
Skip the street
Remember me
At home
In a zone
I wanted to be
I finally have the time
To do the things I wanted
And just don't .
Taylor Apr 2020
Sanitized sanctuaries
Old memories
Holding hands
Hugging friends
Just being.
Taylor Mar 2020
Cobble stone
Deep desire
Cold bottomless
Dark pitted
Source of life
I'd fall into you
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