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Taylor Kelley Dec 2014
This fire in my chest.
It burns..
It singes..
I feel as if I must burst.  
Combusting into bright flames
Burning in my own fierce passion.  
The fire in my soul spreads
The flames licking my skin
Cleansing and destroying.
My cries become songs
Screams become shouts of joy
And tears of pain become tears of absolute happiness.
My love, the Phoenix;
The everlasting bird
born again in a flash of fire
My only love and my desire.
If I should burn it's in love.
And while my Phoenix shall return
Born again from the ashes of our burning bodies,
I shall be the remains at his feet.
I shall burn so he may live again.
My death is his life
And my demise is given in love.
The burning within my heart consumes all
And I give all to the fire willingly.
My parting is a flare
Not a simple spark.
This is like my love
Fierce, painful and bigger than I can handle.
My life and love burn out in a blaze
But the embers burn on with the ashes in a haze.
I will not say do not weep
For not all tears are an evil.
Let my burning be a reminder of life
Life given by the tears of my Phoenix.
Consumed by my own passion,
I burst in flames and free my flaming soul.
J. R. R Tolkien quote if anyone can find it? Complete right for the quote go to him!
Taylor Kelley Feb 2013
My feet push on tirelessly towards the goal set in front of me.
I neither know what it is nor it's purpose for being there,
Only that I must continue on towards it.
While my body pushes forward on my endless path,
part of me lingers behind.
My mind struggles to keep up with the pace
as it ponders the reason I keep going.
I feel nothing,
Neither my legs, or feet or any other part
other than my heart.
It pounds and tightens as I struggle on,
straining against my ribs.
I gasp for air that doesn't seem to reach my lungs,
and each breath grows shorter with each quick stride.
My heart tightens painfully and I feel as if the beats grow gradually less and less..
as if it should soon stop beating altogether.
Yet I believe my feet would continue on,
unable to cease their constant movement.
What is this goal that lies ahead in the mist?
What is my purpose for continuing this unstoppable progression?
This is the race of life.
This is what every living being strives for everyday of its life,
unable to rest until the goal has been reached.
What lies ahead is unknown and differs for each of us,
But we will continue to fight on
until we face our match that lays in wait at the end of the road.
Till that day let us press on towards the mysterious final battle
We will be victorious.
Feet never falter!
Heart never burst!
Mind press on, until the very end of time!
Taylor Kelley Dec 2012
You're so sweet
Just like a peach.
You're so kind
I can't believe you're mine.
What can I do to show I love you?
What could I ever possibly do?
The hands  on the clock pass slowly
Time goes on sluggishly, tiredly.
Butterflies flit and flap their wings
I'm so nervous I could sing.
Twenty minutes, fifteen, ten, five..
My heart is racing.. Have I ever felt so alive?
The bell rings le déjeuner has arrived.
At last the time has come!
I race the halls and there you are...
Waiting for me.. Smiling when you see me..
I'm in your arms once more and life is good again.
So let's savor these sweet moments, and live each day to its fullest
Smiling always, laughing often, loving every minute.
Life is good with you around
I love you always.
Taylor Kelley Nov 2012
Everything was calm
But then there came the bomb..
It was early in the morning
Around 8:00 that day.
Soon everyone would be mourning
And stopping to kneel and pray.
The whole world started to shake
And inside our bone began to quake.
Every mind was filled with fear
Especially those who were too near.
The burns and cuts and broken bones
Would soon be buried under tombstones.
Death had come in the night
And stolen our loved ones out of sight.
No more to live no more to breathe
Our humble lives by the sea.
The battle is over the war is won
And yet our pain is never done.
Taylor Kelley Oct 2012
They look in the windows to see if I'm sleeping,
Through the sills and holes they'll come a creeping.
Darkness and shadows and scary things fun,
Will always keep you up on the run.
They mess with your mind so you see things at night,
They're bark is far worse than their sharp bite.
You might think about how they aren't real,
But do you ever realize what they come and steal?
Sanity, sweet dreams, and peace of mind,
Are what they feast on, they take what they find.
Ghosts and goblins and all thing frightening,
What they bring is not to my liking.
Pray for your children with all of your might,
When you go to tuck them in at night.
Pray for sweet dreams and safety throughout,
Pray for demons through the night without.
And when they come and curl up in your bed,
You know what came and found them instead.

— The End —