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  May 2015 Taylor buus
Every time the sun comes up
I go down
And every time the moon shines
I am up
Ready to work on my stuff
Ready to play with my baggage
Packing and unpacking
To find what I am lacking
And putting it all back in again
Then I cycle back
  May 2015 Taylor buus
I have never been a fan of letters.
I rewrote this multiple times.
but here it goes..
would you listen to me if I sang the same words to you in different melodies
or different words in the same melody?
would you giggle everytime I hold your hand?
or sing my favourite songs with me?
I'm thinking about you while writing this, you are in my thoughts.
you're a wonderful person amongst many other things
look at you now, scaling heights,conquering peaks.
isn't all of this fun?

I have forgotten what happened between us.
It's weird,
Two years have gone so fast.
I am better now. More versatile,angry and intuitive.
I restrict myself from feeling emotions.
I am try to make myself better every moment.
I have been self harm free for a year.
Sometimes, I sing.
I am strumming random chords in my head.
I listen to a German band now.
I have a crush on a Norwegian chess player
That's all about me, how have you been doing?
Did you get to visit the places you wanted to? Did you get any pets?
You're turning eighteen in May! That's awesome!
I am happy for you.

With rage and love,
I hope you find this
  May 2015 Taylor buus
i can't stop thinking about you
and when i sleep
all i do is dream about you

i guess
(i know)
i miss you

and now i realize alot of me
depends on a little you
  May 2015 Taylor buus
Zane Stotts
Love comes with a price,
not everything is free.
You toss the dice,
but not without a fee.
One must give,
the other must take.
One may live,
the other may break.
The dice represents chance. When someone "rolls the dice" in a relationship with somebody else, they're taking a big chance.
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