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Jul 2015 · 591
Oddity Commodity
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
For just over two thousand years
we've held to the thoughts of the past
Followed teaching,  and the preaching
that professed faith to all whom asked

Dare we ever question that faith
we find ourselves mired in pain
Be-seeched by those, one might suppose
to be blessed or somehow ordained

Legislating morality
has never worked and never will
you can't force folk, under a yolk
of privileged who sit top a hill

Eating from the tree of knowledge
perhaps we found our sanity
We need be fair, man's self aware
one can't deny humanity

The religious right will survive
behind glass in a museum
An oddity, commodity
for all those who want to see them
You know I have given this much thought of late. The recent Supreme court decision on gay rights has split the country asunder. As for me I have a sister who is gay I simply want for her happiness. The government has no business in our bedrooms or our private life. We seek to marry those who bring our lives meaning. Follow your own path. It is not for others to impede the road upon which choose. This is not a question of morality it is a question of rights. By what right does any man have the ability to tell another who to love? love thy brother as thyself.
“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”
Jul 2015 · 431
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
I have a daughter Jessica
just as sweet as she can be
And every time I look at her
she is smiling back at me

She gave me all my grandchildren
with the joys that each would bring
Her face is bright as morning dew
like the first breath of the spring

A pixie of a girl for sure
who weighs but a hundred true
Yet has a heart larger than mine
or any I ever knew

Each time we stop by to visit
she suspends rules of the house
Lets me do whatever I want
the same as her loving spouse

Of my children she is the one
I have not done justice to
The truth be told it's all my fault
oh Jessie I do love you

Of late I had jessica and the kids over. In our conversations I realized I had been remise. I had neglected my daughter Jessica. Of my three children she is the only one I have never written of. Yet though I had not honored her with anything. She had given to me most of my happiest memories of late. I can't remember a time when I saw her that she didn't say "I Love You ' to me. She is the mother to Payton, Landon, and Eli my grandchildren. I am sorry. This is my fault. So Jessie I stand before you a repentant father and ask that you accept this from me as the first installment of what will likely be many more. On another point here's a cry from me that feels more like a plea. "Frieda please come home"
Jul 2015 · 428
Measured Weighed
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
Neither birth, nor death, escape pain
it starts with the babe's cry
Men wax and wane, throughout their reign
in the end just to die

Through heat and cold we push onward
like Lemmings to the sea
Ever shore-ward, ever nor-ward
and on to victory

The weeks pass by without delay
and with them countless tears
As most I'd say, lament the day
that their months turned to years

What makes man something to behold
is not the after-life
It's in the gold, of stories told
and arms of the good wife

We need no promise from above
to tell us we'll be paid
By joys hereof, through souls we love
is man then measured weighed

It has always bothered me the idea of being paid in the end for our good deeds that is. If a man needs rewarded in the end for deeds he should do by conscience there is something wrong with him. Kindness is it's own reward. Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
Jul 2015 · 450
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
Here was the friend that heard the cries
from the monster under the bed
Who stood watch over her at night
just to scare away fear and dread

Through all the pain and the laughter
he's shared the pleasures and the tears
Watched over her every day
as the months have now turned to years

He is privy to her secrets
none of which he will ever share
The lifelong friend, who in the end
is her very own Teddy Bear

He takes the blame for toys left out
while passing her a knowing wink
The mess was his upon the floor
and the dishes not in the sink

His the last face she sees each night
a smile, greets her every morn
Their's is a friendship born of love
the bond that will never be torn

In the four years since my granddaughter was born she has had a Bear. This bear stood her in good stead through laughter and tears. He was there when her father died. He dried up all the tears that they both cried. He has slept beside her every night and played with her everyday taking on any roll her skits called for. Payton is rarely seen without Bear.So when her mother called to tell us Payton had taken Bear to show and tell at preschool I had to smile. For here is the repository of all her hopes, dreams and fears. All contained in the little bear with the big heart.
Jul 2015 · 1.7k
Yellow Springs
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
In a hollow off the main road
sits a village that time forgot
Where things flow, a little slow
and peace of mind need not be bought

The main street beckons all to see
how life ebbed and flowed in the past
Where smiles abound, the happy sound
of a life not metered nor fast

There you'll find the town Silversmith
making jewelry in a forge
The coffeehouse, echos of Strauss
a trodden path out to the gorge

It is home to the Glen Helen
part of a thousand acre woods
Steering the helm, coin of the realm
are the fruits of the craftsman's goods

There by the Antioch College
we spent a good deal of our youth
Climbing the trees, skinning our knees
among beauty we knew as truth

You might just see children playing
Hide and Seek throughout the street
Where "all yee all yee in come free"
sings of a melody so sweet

So should you find that your bones ache
from the pains of life you endure
Take a stroll, over the knoll
to the little town with the cure

What can I say about this village but it is heaven on earth? Here you will think you went back to the 60s. The art fairs and galleries are accented by the ancient architecture. Home to Antioch College and the Glen Helen it echos back to a simpler time. You won't find Target or Walmart. You will see and meet the local artisans. Perhaps you will even find a music festival out on main street. You will never want to leave. For here is where memories and dreams were made and still live.
Jul 2015 · 368
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
It takes some time to find the way
that leads us to life's master plan
Till then we take it day by day
as the boy grows to be a man

We count most years of life well spent
the few touched by sorrow well lost
I know the best that came and went
others purchased at twice the cost

We sway in rhythm to the time
as we dance through years and weather
Matching hearts beat to inner rhyme
we'll end it the same together

When minds are tired and our hearts old
oh we'll cherish those days of strife
For one more chance to be so bold
as to touch heaven in this life

It is always with the greatest humility that I admit that any man who holds within himself the feeling of greatness has a woman who grants him that bravado.
Jul 2015 · 3.3k
2014 Christmas Cannon
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
A collection of thoughts and prayers for our friends their families and the whole of humanity. Written by 76
voices from around the world.

The biggest star shines, proudly announced he arrived
My lord Jesus Christ was born to witness the truth
He granted identities to all of us, lost and unknown
Taught us love, peace and harmony, while forgiving all
A. Amos - United States

An ancient mission, a veiled plan
The Son of God, the son of man
A virgins wonder, a humble birth
The King of heaven is born to earth
Adanette - United States

Winter creeps in as fall fades to an end
frost coats the ground and snow begins to drift
tis' the time of year
Christmas is near.
Alicia Schroeder - United States

Let peace on earth begin at home
And spread to friends far and near
Bringing together all those we love
"It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Ana Sophia - Canada

Little excitement triggering at night
What Santa will bring for me this night
Little wish of mine; do listen my lord
Let Santa bring this time happiness for all...
Anne - India

Egg nog, holly, and Christmas wreaths
Pointsettia's white and bright red leaves
Fat, jolly Santa and Jesus' birth
A bright star arises and alights the Earth
Anne - United States

Adorable boy wiping the blur window pane with his poky hands,
and have a wish that santa claus will bring joy through this window,
Gracefully chanting jingle bells, he became santa for his parents,
so santa given the happiness from this side of window
Anshul's Vision - India

Dreamy hot chocolate kisses
steamy snowflake sprinkled wishes
lists of who's been naughty or nice
blend together this wintry spice.
April -United States

We have no jingles or Santa Clause
We have no snow
Still we have spirit of Christmas
Love and hope
Avinash - India

Christmas in Australia,
Sun, summer heat, Christmas outside
Backyards, and Barb-B-ques
Yule tides under the stars
Barb - Australia

Soft Smells of frankincense.
pine needles of fresh scent of bright Christmas Trees
Frosted windowpanes Magical time of the year
with children playing in the snow
Benita - United States

The season of love and joy is upon us
Sunshine or snowfall, no matter the weather
Smiles and laughter, and good cheer among us
When friends and family gather together
Brian - United States

The count down starts
for the best gift ever received
let peace reign in your hearts
as you wait to unwrap it.
Cassie - Kenya

Time is right, the time is near Christmas will soon be here.
Bells will ring and folks will sing "Oh holy Night all is bright
Children will wait with anticipation for Santa to come
Hearts will be warm, and love will abound Christmas is here.
Cheryl Davis - United States

He is the gift.
Jesus Christ,
He can have our burdens lifted,
By the gift of Christ.
C. Lee Battaglia - Unites States

Wind has licked the poor trees clean
All brown and bare in desolation
All except the evergreen
Soon to be sold as decoration
C. Rose - United States

The snow flakes dance in the wind
Shining lights like a magical dream
For those holding on to promises
To find in these times their wishes.
Dayran - Malaysia

Flash floods of snow replace once august plains of paper white
Mystic rivers freeze over as December lets her true colors shine
Incandescent light spreads throughout the ethereal winter night
As chariot of Christmas comes to life for yet another fiery ride
Doorman Dan - United States

A Merry Christmas poem
Always brings me Advent Joy
As we laud the Christ Child
The Birthday of the King
Douglas Raymond Rose - United States

Shattered crystals float to the ground
Stillness lay upon sweet earth
Warmed by angels silent sound
Jesus love bless yuletide hearths
E.Noodle - United States

To the poor and sick this year
I wish a bit of Christmas cheer
From the homeless and forlorn
Stable where a child was born
Fabian G. Franklin - United States

Christmas shines shimmering bright.
Stars spotlight a dance with the snow.
To welcome a merry season with cheer and light.
Bringing peace, joy and warmth for all to know
Fran Marie - United States

Snowflake kisses, full of holly wishes
peaceful rejoices bestowed upon fellow man
warmth of hope abiding a Joyeux Noel,
& muchly good cheer throughout the coming year
Frieda - United States

Lights shimmer,bells jingle on Christmas Tree
Half asleep eyes waiting for Saint Nick
Straight from the Pole wrapped with love & care
The gifts arrived our homes with a conjuring trick!
Frozen Eyes - India

The night before Christmas is known to be magical
With snowflakes in the air and Santa in the fireplace
And a smile plastered on our child's face
When the morning comes, all the magic will be done
Haley Wilson - Canada

Distance keeps us far apart,
Despite the cheer within our hearts.
The Spirits of Yule sing far and wide,
Let their songs brighten our minds.
Hime no Yuki - United States

Stuff your face, there's more to come
Before the games, the laughter and fun
in lively repose we'll mark the feast
With music and song and family treats
IanJohn63 - United kingdom

This reminds us of the true spirit
of the season.
It is much more than the material dreams dancing in our head
peace and love are the real reason
Jacob - United States

Unpack socks,yes this year is dying.
No child on this day coming should be crying.
I would be lying if I said Christmas isn't exciting.
All joy and glee,wouldn't you agree?
John - England

When children dream each year of Christmas,
Whispers from river and mountain pass --
Touching each language, corner, and part,
Wishing this year's dreams unwrap each heart.
K.L.Goode - Canada

Family visits,
where strangers find each other.
Long lost smiles reborn,
to sister and to brother.
Kusa Da Shin Avira - United States

Shining great star from heaven into hearts
Intimate wooden barn with manger in place
Celebrate the birth of Christianity and Jesus
Who died to keep humanity sin-free and safe
Lady Ann Graham-Gilreath - United States

We danced the year's temporary rhythm
Hitting the high or low steps to each tone
Like black and white in a composition
Let's find forte in harmony made
Laury Hitch - Ghana

The festival of lights is near
"Happy Hanukah" a wish we will hear
Every sundown, one candle more
A wish for peace in our hearts will endure
Lydia Shutter - United States

Bright patterned paper parcels waiting
with ribbons gold, green and red
while children peaceful dreaming sleeping
of the stockings hanging on their bed.
Mad Englishman (Clive) - United Kingdom

Drifting droplets over Christmas Tree
Spreading white foam of cracking snow,
Santa stood beside distributing to all free
****** Mary blessed divinity from above.
M.A. Rathore - India

Son of God, salvation of man
At last unto the earth is brought--
Who will remember, indeed who can
Unless final Ipod or Bratz is bought?
Mark Teague - United states

Thoughts toward the poor, sick or dying
Yet another year passes without some knowing
Of Christmas cheer, frolics for them too annoying
All symbolism meant only for those who are growing
Martin - Ireland

The gift of love.
The gift of peace.
The gift of happiness
May all these be yours at Christmas
MBUYISA - South Africa

To one and all I would grant a gift,
blessings for the holiday season.
Hearts overfilled with a joyful lift
from the angels bright holy beacon.
Michael Greenway - United States

In this season of Christmas
Through the eyes of the child
We look up and do believe
In Peace and Mercy mild
Momzilla - United States

Better than men than me,
Make their own mark
on world
and modern history
Moriarty Mesa - United States

Red and green dress our doorsteps
as our holiday dreams of
smiles and laughter, friends and family
fill our hearts with warmth and love
Ms Jewel - United States

O heart, receive Him! "There is no room in the inn."
May that cease to be our case.
May our blessed Savior be most welcome
in our most holy place.
Nautili - United States

Flakes of snow have come to remind,
Regrets, sorrow should be left behind
Prayers, hopes n joy to everyone's mind,
Family come together for dinner and wine.
Nitesh Poojari - India

The rhythmic snow cascades and falls,
Its beauty overshadows the polar air,
And welcomes the Christmas season,
In a glorious dance the waltz …
Nisa - United States

Christmas morning, early, dark, silence abounds
Coffee in hand, watching the deer on the lawn
Waiting for the family, and their rising sounds
Is there anything more peaceful than Christmas dawn?
NoelHC - Canada

Writing out a list, while sitting in my room
Christmas is approaching everyone soon
Decorating my beautiful green tree
Fairy on top, presents underneath
Noodlebumble"Sye" - Scotland

The wheel of joyful tidings on my mind.
We celebrate love and the gift of life
Our hearts rid of hate and squalor
As we dance to the sounds of Christmas
Norbert Dwayne Weweh - Ireland

We came under the inspiration of poem
To celebrate you, often nobly, is your season come?
Delighted hands trenchant: you reign!
Creeping towards the Bethlehem to be born again.
Onyia-ota, Kingsley C. - Nigeria

The problem with his beard
when the child isn't looking
is the rustle that is heard
when he opens up the stocking
Pete Langley - United kingdom

A fire in the heart as angels sing
Young and old caroling sweet and clear
Wishes for love, and Peace on earth
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year
Phibby Veneble - United States

Where the cold bites and snow may fall
there is always a lesson of beauty within for us all
hold the hand out, next to your own
see the unity of the season,that brings us home
Poppy Ruth Silver - United kindom

Let the tolling bells bring peace on Earth
Be the only fire, your yule-log's warmth
The only red, the cheer of holly
The only fallen … a snowflake's folly
Pryde Foltz - Canada

Excesses of the season have commenced
Remember those beyond your fence.
Beyond the reunions,parties and the food
Find in in your heart to do some good.
(Rachelle) Mara Lin - Philippines - China - UnitedStates

As we celebrate in feast this Christmas Day
may you heal our land and the sick
for your touch of love strengthen the weak
a perfect gift for Christmas Eve
Racquil - Philippines

To each in season warmed at the hearth
Soft carols play as we serenade by the fire
The little babe come of a ****** birth
We come to offer blessings of your desire
Realmwriter -United States

This Christmas cold with winter chill,
snow flows free upon the hill,
within the home, warmth from the hearth
parents give love and children laugh.
Richard Allen Beevor - Cyprus

Star of Bethlehem, snow in the air;
red suit, chimney soot, Santa beware.
The stars all sing from high above
and Christmas wraps my heart with love.
Richard Williams - United States

The warmth and love of those amassed
Gathered 'round the family tree
Brings cherished tales of Christmas past
And gifts us with sweet memory
Rita L. Sev - United States

There shone warm light on a cold night
with the angels over head
Keep watch along with the Wise-men
over this blessed child's bed
Ron - United States

Sharing the joys of sharing
sparkling how life meant to give
receiving the blessings of each day
hallmarking the key role of sharing and giving
Roy Mark Azanza Corrales - Philippines

Stockings hung,carols sung
Tinsel on the tree
Don't forget to thank the one
"Twas born in Galilee
Samuel Dickens - United States

The poinsettia alone in a darkened room
Faithfully again begins to bloom
No particular rhyme or reason
Just a beautiful reminder of Christmas season
Sharon L.H. Kelly - United States

A sunny celebration under a winter sun
never put up a tree, no presents
yet holiday spirit excites, brings fun
amidst cake, tales and dear ones: lovely time spent
Sindu - India

I found myself following the Christmas Star
To Bethlehem not too near or too far
Throughout the dessert I roamed
To meet the Christ Child at the Stable Home
SmittyJas - United States

Hoist the glass to men we once knew
those of us who passed on before
The moments shared with precious few
whose souls we knew in times of yore
Tate Morgan - United States

A feathered mess of ****** bird,
Let's feast the corpse no room for third,
Dear pudding flame cause acid nose,
Let's run it off St. Nick's repose.
Thomas - Ireland

Hope is born on Christmas Day
Bow our heads give thanks as we pray
Peace to family and all our friends
Peace to those across all lands
Tina Kline - Unites States

Another year has come to pass...
With many an opportunity missed...
Yearly resolve comes around so fast..
preceded by yuletide bliss
Timothy Woodfin - United States

Spirits or Christmases past,look on those who celebrate today
With the celebrants of Christmases to come, in life's circular way
We think of those who've past on gone, tell of times past we did enjoy
Knowing someday the child will talk of us, whose engrossed in his new toy..
Tomas O Carthaigh -Ireland

Remember Jesus love of mankind
As we celebrate the holiday
With family and friends
Spreading cheer and love to all
(Tootsie Harvey Novels) Valerie L Harvey - United States

Our lord was born into flesh and bone,
dazzling star above his manger shone,
came to pay our debt though vastly great,
that we may enter the pearly gates.
Valormore De Plume - United States

Dry sands in this winter season
Lonely may seem at heart we rejoice
Hiding vibrant happiness for some reasons
Life in this dome, still we enjoy
Willyam Pax - Saudi Arabia /Phillipines

With smiles all on the children's faces
old folks prepare stockings for the fireplace
Churches singing Amazing Grace
preparing his birthing place
Wordman - United States

"Lovebirds dance with Christmas song
Divine message make them happy
Children clatter ding **** ****
Christmas made them quite sappy"
Zainul - Bangladesh

From our family to yours please try to be good to one another this year. The Cafe is a refuge for us all to hang out, share our lives and dream

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

Can a thought or feeling be larger than a universe? Love is the only trait that is worth remembering because it is meant to be given away selflessly. The recipient is as happy to receive it as you were to give it! To my friends those of you whom I hold dear If you'd like to be added to this years Canon message me. I will do my best to add you to this poem.
Jul 2015 · 371
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
Friends who played with you on birthdays
through all the laughter and the tears
Alongside whom, your gifts would bloom
with secrets shared over the years

The nights you cried yourself to sleep
for the things that I'll never know
I'm sure you knew, as I did too
time would pass and you would grow

You've made it through adolescence
finished college, then got engaged
I'll cry the day, you go away
and lament on just how I've aged

I will be right there beside you
proudly walking you down the aisle
Then let you go, face all a-glow
father charmed by his daughters smile

"Aris and Andrew it is with all the love in my heart I grant you both my blessing and that of my ancestors. May it be enough"
My daughter Aris's life is about to change. Her fiance is arriving home tonight on a flight from Afghanistan. I am going to be the man who walks her down the aisle fulfilling her childhood dream of getting married to prince charming. Has it really been that long?
Jul 2015 · 290
More to Me
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
Much less the night upon the sky
no more than the foam to the sea
So less a breeze facing the storm
did you feel for me

More than the stars that lit the night
way more than the rain to the seed
Much more than a home to a child
was your love, my need

As young man my first true love was Julie Oettle. As a young man my emotions were able to rule me and the tumultuous times I had were adventures. Julie and I broke up when she started dating another man. She claimed she didn't believe that I was true to her however I had been. Years later I ran into her by accident in Henderson Kentucky where once our loves had played. Our roles were reversed. I was happily married with a child Tatertot and she was unhappily divorced. That afternoon I spent playing in the pool with her 8 yr old son swimming but as evening approached she wanted me to stay. I couldn't break the bond I had in marriage. She said to me "the man I remember would have stayed".To that I was incredulous and told her "You never knew me at all". Perhaps it is true we find fault in others for what we are guilty of ourselves.I hope she found happiness. Her lack of faith in me was disheartening and heartbreaking at the time. I think in the end she saw the error but too late.
Jul 2015 · 394
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
Though now the clouds roll over me
as the west winds have blown
I find I long for distant plains
endless skies I have known

But what to me was east and west
and lure of many lands
could never replace the green grass
with tepid heated sands

For here was where I set my roots
bright summers in the glen
A-wash in colors of the fall
your heart shines now as then

While at times I long for adventure from my misspent youth. I always turn to Becky and smile, realizing, I have come to the end of the rainbow.
Jul 2015 · 1.7k
Papa Tate
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
We mixed colors from childhood
with gentle tones that came with time
gave birth to a generation
that became the pride of our prime

Those were days of joys un-ending
you think we won't see anymore
'Cause where we find ourselves these days
we have never been to before

Each place in life brings adventure
meant to try us all of our days
To test resolve and resilience
that we apply to each new phase

We will always have a purpose
as now I am called Papa Tate
To tell you the truth I love it
being a grandfather is great

The days of life may dim at times and new things always feel unsafe and insecure. But what we fear is infirmity. However Life is only good as long as it is changing and growing. Like the seasons we come and go and face the end like any man. So it is that when the time comes I'll conform to the masters plan
Jul 2015 · 420
Birth Rights
Tate Morgan Jul 2015
Wheat fields wave across the meadow
bright yellow 'neath a sky of blue
Beautiful swaths of sun bleached straw
cut down long before their due

So like the children of our city
colored yellow, red, brown and gold
Living out their lives in dog years
struck down long before they're old

This sickness flows through our land
leaving the helpless and despaired
Where all are made to be thrown out
none are saved or even repaired

When the silent spring finally comes
and all the birds are in a museum
We'll sell our birthright for a song
so children can pay to see them

Then all the beauty will be gone
as our grandchildren run out to play
Not under blue or across the green
but in the trash from yesterday

At the rate we are going we are sadly destined as a race for a dry, dusty, polluted, future. Devoid of beauty, music, children or hope!.I once had this posted however seemed to have misplaced it.
Jul 2014 · 570
The Midwest
Tate Morgan Jul 2014
I was born of the ceaseless plains
with the endless sky above
It was there I learned to wander
it was there I learned to love

Despite where life had taken me
from green, grass to black, sea foam
I’d cried to each wind filled valley
"will I ever find a home"

Days of life would pass into years
distant plains rang out a plea
Over the rivers and valleys
where my home had drank of me

The Midwest had been calling me
as it echoed out in song
"I am the land of your fathers
and here is where you belong"

The original with pictures and music
For many of the years of my life I wondered why I never felt at home when I traveled far and wide? Then as I aged it came to me. There is a reason birds fly back to where they were born and fish swim thousands of miles to spawn in the rivers they were born from. Who we are is as simple as where we came from. So I came home to start a family and pass that to my own children.
Jun 2014 · 427
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
The post parade complete at last
the bugle finally played
My heart pounded as it sounded
just get us home safe I prayed
That night was like many others
as I sat behind the stud
Skies overcast, let loose at last
each horse seemed to swim in mud

We turned to face the starting gate
I chirped to set him alight
All could tell as we knew too well
this was a hell of a night
Fire stoked in each the beasts nostrils
I could feel each burning breath
I knew too well, the hounds of hell
could take us both to our death

We followed the gate to the stretch
the wings closed to let us fly
I tucked him in, hoping he'd win
and nothing would go awry
On back my neck breathed the Demon
front-ender that I most feared
The Devils Spell I knew too well
one the gamblers all revered

Death rode the back of my helmet
his hot breath searing my neck
I’d rather he, be behind me
than in front and cause a wreck
The quarter pole bunched up tightly
the front end had closed ground
Tighter it got, man he was hot
he wanted to run me down

The hooves pitched limestone in our eyes
we closed on the second turn
At my wheels, nipping on my heels
the Demon began to burn
He wanted out that was certain
but the field had closed us in
I couldn't see, neither could he
how either of us might win

The Demon wasn't used to this
he had never been held back
He would burn wheels, kick up his heels
as he ran off down the track
I could hear his labored breathing
as his driver choked him down
The last turn steered, then we all cleared
it was time to go to town

The field rolled out of the end turn
as the Red Sea opened wide
My stud snatched his bit, in a fit
we were off for a wild ride
Just in front of the Demon Seed
I felt we'd surely collide
I turned to see, he was on me
as he rolled up alongside

But the fire had gone out in him
he had spit the bit the beast
He'd choked upon humility
or so it had seemed, at least
We had cleared the rest of the pack
stared down the Demon of Sin
To slip and slide on life’s rough ride
and come out the end to win

The Demon never won again
retired of a broken heart
I think all knew, as I did too
he would draw an Amish cart
But that’s just how one grows in life
all made at times to feel small
The best aren't mean, though they are seen
to get up, each time they fall

Original with picture of Scarlet Message and I racing in Illinois
What makes the character of a man is the same thing that makes a horse want to win. Pride in oneself. And the ability to accept defeat. It is not as important that a man win as it is that he accept his performance and try his best. Of course anyone who lacks humility will be humbled by rocky shores of life. With or without his permission. This a poem to honor my fathers life. For he was one who always got back up when he fell. A fitting testament to the creed he learned from his own father and then passed down to me.
Jun 2014 · 7.6k
A Day In The Sun
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
With the start of the first inning
as the wind whistled through the tree's
Our short stop had his shoulder broke
and the fates blew in on the breeze

This team was a thorn in the side
of the Harding Presidents Club
It was on this night my son Tate
was scheduled to play as a sub

The kid pitching for North Union
hurled a cooking heater down field
You could hear that freight train coming
as it's hide was 'bout to be peeled

Their coach then rallied his talent
pressing their shoulders to the wheel
like natives dancing 'round a fire
driving devils who'd struck a deal

A death defying mid-air, catch
the bounding, ball tossed on the run
The Devil was in town this night
riding in on the setting sun

They dove and slid then nearly flew
as if the angels rode their backs
While running bases half possessed
plowing the field with cleated tracks

No one remembered the last time
that our team had beaten this bunch
That night they took the field in style
serving them all up for their lunch
The dice kept coming up seven
and oh prophetically so
When the sun had finally set
the score was seven to zero

Come ye father's follow your child
through the tough times every one
For the oft chance will someday come
when they will have finally won


© 2012 Tate Morgan

April 12, 2014
Americans love the underdogs.

Original video poem of the same
Americans love the underdogs. It is such an American thing to do. Because the thrill of a win from a team thought washed up gives us all hope that the dreams that were washed away in our own youth could be rekindled and burn again.Such is the nexus of the American soul!
Jun 2014 · 725
Wild West Wind
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
We were traveling roads out west
'cross the plains of the great divide
We'd been up into Canada
a country that’s both tall and wide
We drove across the Queens Highway
over the mountains one by one
To the North West Territories
in the land of the midnight sun

Where we came upon a mountain
that was cleaved in half at the top
At the bottom lay the result
for there the road came to a stop.
Where once had been a little town
now lay the boulders far and wide
An earthquake had torn it in half
and ripped off an entire side

At the base of the mountain lay
a plaque inscribed with all the names
Of those who had perished there
all the families who'd lost their claims
Each of them were drawn by riches
to the gold fields of the North West
There strong of heart, sought a new start
and were willing to brave the test

An old woman in the diner
where we stopped to marvel the scene
Set there telling us the story
as she managed to cook and clean
"Only one soul had made it out
and lived through that horrible day"
"You know" she said, “they went to bed
that same night that they passed away"

"The night before had seen a storm
that blew a gale across the bridge
They'd built with pride, to the far side
that led to the top of the ridge
There they had drilled and dug and fought
to reach the gold and silver vein
like the miners, Forty Niners
and their kin of the Spanish Maine"

"A child’s cry was the only sound
that could be heard that fateful morn"
But after that I'm sure she wished
that perhaps she'd never been born
The old woman’s face lined with pain
told how she'd lived through cold and fright
Recanted as if yesterday
for the folks she had lost that night


© 2013 Tate Morgan
September 30, 2013
Around 1990 I was out in western Canada in the mountains near the north west territories when I came upon this missing town. Sometime between 1907 and 1910 a small town was lost to a earthquake. There I came face to face with history. This is an attempt to do justice to those whose warm hearts are buried there in the cold cold ground.
Jun 2014 · 390
End Of Days
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Both the tears that live in sorrows
along with tears born from pain
Echo through the lost tomorrows
that will never come again

For I had closed my heart away
as to hide behind a door
So the longing I'd kept at bay
would trouble my soul no more

With the storms brought by the spring
came the April winds sublime
The children's happy feet now sing
pitter-patter keeping time

I kept the promise to my heart
burning love has kept me warm
I'll ready for the end in part
with my back turned toward the storm

The sun did set upon my chest
as lost, love cried out in me
“Give me life or give me rest"
was the sound of my hearts plea


© 2014 Tate Morgan
March 2, 2014
Life rarely allows us the chance to look back upon our lives and appreciate the struggles we have endured.
Jun 2014 · 268
Child of the Night
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
I have to wonder now and then
as the dreams I once held divine
Have left me just like other men
to age and wither on the vine

Where once I thought that I would be
so much further along in life
Now the dreams that I once could see
so cut me quick just like a knife

Perhaps the gods that rule my fate
have turned their backs upon me now
Lacking what I once thought so great
leaves me this truth to disavow

Where is the strength that gave men pause
where once I bent life to my will
When I was game for hell and cause
and drank until I'd had my fill

Be careful where your shadow cast
as the dimming light pays a toll
The day will come you breathe your last
when you will have to face your soul

But then I gaze upon my child
with the strength and the fire to fight
I think of when I was so wild
I shunned the day and loved the night

It makes me want to continue
to keep the Hounds of Hell at bay
Push the muscles and the sinew
to wake to face another day


© 2014 Tate Morgan
March 27, 2014
I often think of my own end. It is hard not to feel the hand of time on me. Life has a way of wearing us down. I have outlived my own predictions by many a year. I once thought I would surely meet the end by the time I was thirty. I shall have to console myself with the thought that I might just live to be old lol.
Jun 2014 · 373
My Dream
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
I'll tell you my dream come true.  I want to be in love again for that love to be my last.  I wish to run home to her waiting arms every night make love to her till I can't breath.  Forsaking for her all others I'd feel her sweat pour over me, like a waterfall.  To have those rains wash away my sins baptizing me in tears of joy.  Fall asleep to the beat of her heart, all the while her whispers caress my ears with "I love you". Play on the beach sharing our deepest fears and grandest joys.  Wake not knowing where I end, nor where she begins.  Drink of her love till I drown.   Look at the moon each night I'm away, know she’s doing the same.  Close my eyes, feel her heart touch my soul, and know she has shared with me something precious.  Walk hand in hand through the park at 85.  Stare into each others eyes not seeing the years gone by, but the priceless love within.  I want to die in her loving embrace from a life well spent.  All the while the lofting sounds of laughter, pour through my window, as grandchildren play hide and seek, in the fallen leaves of changing colors.  To the sound of the lonesome whistle down the river the steamers would roll.  I dream my last words to be “I love you".  The last sounds I hear to be the new life crying down the hall  echoes of the child that will take my place.  A loving tear from my beloved wife and son, I'd pass from this world with a smile.

This is the only prose poem I ever wrote. The original poem for my wife
It was this story that found my wife for me. For all who ever dared to dream of the great love in life. I thought of this dream and carried it with me all my life. I intend to live it and take it with me to the end. My great great grandfather immigrated to the United States years ago from Ireland. And though I never had the pleasure of knowing him. Be it enough for him to know I am thankful and happy. To him I say "thank you for my life". His spirit lives within my heart!
Jun 2014 · 369
A Lesson Learned
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
I rode the train with my girl today
across the barn swept hollows
Past lush fields of emerald green
with the life and love that follows

The train car tapped out a lullaby beat
which spent our time lost in leisure
The smiles past came by with the peace
life's sweet gifts we couldn't measure

A man had set across the aisle of us
he seemed so different from me
Clothes tattered, torn and weathered
homeless and likely worn hard was he

I couldn't help but to take the notice
his features hewn and deeply lined
Drawing a map of where he'd been
red eyed he looked half blind

Something alone in his vacant stare
said It was me that he resembled
The thought had taken me a-fright
I looked hard, long and trembled

I saw my lover look over him too
noticed the hair might be the same
Except for straggling beard and decay
I had felt a deep sense of shame

Could that be what would happen to me
what fallen angel had led him astray
A nightmare vision of life’s full truth
eyes of pain in the heart they betray

Then my lover looked back upon me
her thoughts she sought hard to repress
How kind the teared eyes that hid the truth
from her lips that would never confess

Original version
An introspective mirror of myself.
Jun 2014 · 614
The Secret
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
I dreamed three words within my mind
that longed to touch her heart
Each a third of the love
I had felt for her from the start
I'd hid these words I'd treasured so
praying they would only heed
But needing love they wanted out
to touch the soul they'd freed
So now at last I let them fly
as all would freely do
That she might know the first be I
the others Love and You


Original version with picture of Lucy Hamilton Princess of Ireland to whom it was written
The answer to all who seek it. The eternal valentine !!
Jun 2014 · 633
Bottle Of Rain
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
I've come to bury the last of love
beneath this willow tree
In the deep forest I went
where no one else could see


Held within this bottle of rain
are the tears I cried for her
The many nights I couldn't sleep
as I dreamed of how we were


I'll place on it no pictures
spin thrice to forget the way
Save in me the pain she flowered
leave the dark for light of day


I'll never visit her again
forever play all day in the sun
But night when no one else is there
Ill cry of her as the one


Original version
Yes Virginia I must have a heart. I think it's broken
Jun 2014 · 332
Stand By Me
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
We seek a kind and faithful friend
devotions, sweet, flower
One who will stand by, till the end
lighting the darkest hour

Love, immortal, thoughts, exchanging,
devotion scales the wall
There we share our love unchanging,
with smiles for one and all

Her guiding hand, which proves so sound,
my inner soul to see
Oh may no friendship, ever found,
mean more, than she, to me


Original poem with music and photos
To have a great lifelong friend is one of the greatest and most profound experiences. I would encourage all who have not done so to try it. The answer to all who would topple your life is the unwavering devotion of the great friend! Theresa, May we all know the wonder of the warm breeze that you bring to our lives. This the blessing that counts above treasure, built from the bricks and mortar of the small town and life spent running the fields together. Written for Theresa . Taken from my interpretation of my wife Becky's feelings for her. Recently Theresa's husband became ill. It has been a great comfort to her to have Becky.
Jun 2014 · 321
Childhood Nights
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
In dreams of my sweet former life
with the wonders childhood poses
I find those friends I left behind
still so young and fresh like roses

I wonder if to them I'm old
when they think upon occasion
Do they wonder as, I do
of that inner child's persuasion

To me they are the cherished ones
memories of lost summer nights
When we played hide and seek till dark
enriched by all life's smells and sights

In dreams they live on as before
echoes of games we use to play
I start each night as they ended
with the dreams from yesterday

Original poem with music and pictures
The days of childhood haunt us .Yet they fill our dreams and buoy of thoughts hopes and dreams with the possibilities of life .
Jun 2014 · 282
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
If I could only see in the truth
to look beyond our simple ways
I would love knowledge even more
than all the lies of long gone days

If man could put away his sword
and beat to plowshares all he'd worn
Then I might be able to see the light
and forget the failings, of those I scorn

If we were not such fragile beings
that prayed for things not needed
Then I might think we had a chance
but all the lessons still go unheeded

If life would only start as it ends
with great knowledge left to share
We might not trample each other
then sin to hide what we must bear

If life could only do all these things
I would live deep in the truth so wise
To take the life, that I've been given
and turn to God with forgiving eyes

Original poem with pictures and music
We tend to be such a predictable as a species. Predatory to the core. Yet here and there I see hope of evolution taking a kinder approach.
Lets Hope before we **** us all.
Written for the turbulent 60's and all they gave and took from us.
Jun 2014 · 374
My Girl
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
With the girl I loved most in life
I walked in street lamps glow
Could she hear my heart calling
for the love I never show

Treading lightly along beside
her footprints marked the snow
The warmth of heart I felt for her
I doubt she will ever know

With the girl I loved most in life
I walked in street lamps glow
Oh if I could stop Earth turning
then she might never go

The original poem with pictures and music
A gem stone of my life every bit as precious as the emerald eyes from which she views the world.
Jun 2014 · 315
God To Man
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
I'm the deepening of the blue
upon the sky of man
I am the stories all told
like the billowing blowing sand

I am he who gave you life
beneath my sky gone gold
As sunset burns and dies
I give you my stars to hold

You have but one fleeting chance
plant the seeds of love to grow
Create a life long everlasting
such as none could ever know

Then you will be the gentle soul
upon whom all life does seek
You will inherit this little world
you the loving and the meek

Original with music and picture of Tatertot
I wish for all of us that this be true.
Jun 2014 · 304
Songs Of Youth
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Grace and Eloquence knew you by name
playing together while you were young
The sweet smell of the summer breeze
lessons learned as you sung

Songs of the youth you once lived
white cloth flowing in the breeze
Wheat colored hair whisked in the wind
racing across fields with youthful ease

Think ye oh back upon those days
fondly remembering as we were
Cherished memories that we all save
another tomorrow of that we were sure

When life came in with the seasons
the cheering laughter of a friend
Secrets we all knew and saved
who would think it to ever end

Life has that way of fooling us
especially when we're young
Always promising another day
forever-another song to be sung

But like all great things we enjoy
the bill one day comes due
And as your friends each pass away
you wonder if next may be you

Original with music and photos
I need not say what this is about. We all know don't we? Go see your parents and grandparents.
Life's time waits on none of us.
It masters fate with earnest callous.
Caring for none in favored mercy.
Helping not whom it shows malice.

They wont be here when you find the time to visit.
Do it while you are thinking of it.
There is no regret like that dealt to the one who wasn't there when needed.
Jun 2014 · 632
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
A special gift lies on the wind
for each man who dares the blunder
Then rolls the dice to pay the price
to both touch and feel this wonder

As then one finds the reason why
that has thus far been so hidden
Endless the loads that walk life’s roads
with the fear that was unbidden

Therein lies the conundrum
which we know our hearts to command
Now it will be for us to see
how well the ship of life be manned

Our lives have no greater calling
then to comfort a poor child’s tears
Truth shows clearer through the mirror
for he who shares these hopes and fears

But oh the sounds of fatherhood
how narre they touch to the heart
Laughter and tears pour from the years
for each of us who play his part

Life doesn't reveal the secrets of the heart until you look in the eyes of your own child!
One thing I can say about children is that no one can take them from you. If you raise them in love they will be the things of beauty by which you judge yourself and find you're not wanting. Happy Fathers Day all!
Jun 2014 · 1.2k
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Beside patches of green grass meadow
golden wheat fields wave in the breeze
Beckoning out to all my fellows
come walk through me with ease

Upon just such a lazy day
I once casually sauntered by
Hearing the call of nature's beauty
thought that God had spoke just to I

With the sound of a lonesome whistle
down the river the steamers rolled
To this the backdrop behind the field
the childhood longing is all told

Across the field dressed all in blue
a boy and his team worked the ground
I stood to watch an hour or so
not moving or making a sound

A smile as wide as the river
shown across the boys bright face
Perhaps this was the very first time
he had taken his father's place

In him I could see a purpose
a reward for his tiny soul
I could tell by the way he worked
nothing would lure him of his goal

Long it is since I felt like that
as a boy just going on ten
Doing twice what was asked of me
to be noticed by him again

Passing for gold in a boy's heart
are all the looks his father pays
collecting what he can in life
to spend long into older days

In him I saw both rhyme and reason
as we all live and pass away
A boy working so hard to grow up
while we men all wish we could play

The original of this poem I think is much better as I love the music
Is there anything that mimics the flow of life better than the big river? The mighty Mississippi rolls on to the sea.
Jun 2014 · 324
Our Humanity
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
A man feels zest of emotion
till it sets his whole mind afire
Calling forth his inner demons
fueling him run instead of tire

No problem then seems too immense
to not warrant a good man’s deeds
The boy hurt on the inside finds
he is the man this child now needs

Life's truths keep turning round and round
generations each wax and wane
Loving ones pick up the pieces
of the small child that still remain

Who among us can rightly say
he has himself just walked on by
To leave the injured child alone
within hearts lonesome soul to cry

It seems we need no help learning
epitaphs of profanity
But when our eyes see love defined
that's where we find humanity

Original poem with music is held here
Will man ever learn his children are his future? Other peoples children mean just as much to their family as well. May we all pause at the thought of pain for any childs sake. To our servicemen I would like to say "Let your heart be your guide and though you might be scarred by your experiences. May your memories flow to the times when the noblest of your nature won out.
Jun 2014 · 518
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
What makes a man's character
are built of actions on life's field
Not from the size of his body
nor of the power it may wield

What makes these men so precious
are the gifts they share each day
Carrying our dreams with them
then teaching us along the way

Who can say they do not cherish
the idol of their childhood dreams
When building for him an altar
from where their tiny heart then beams

The traits that we adore in them
that we all wish that we could be
Sown from seeds of imperfection
and that handsome humility

Rising again, time after time
drawing on the strength all but gone
But oh what lofty heights indeed
for us to place our laurels on

The original poem with my grandfathers picture and accompanying music
We all want to be happy. We all want to be remembered. It is those who sacrifice of themselves for us who attain this lofty goal. Immortality in the minds of those who loved them. May it remind us all of the fountain from which our lives have flowed. Grandpa Ed was the father of Eddie Morgan Jr and grandfather to me. My grandfather was the rock all other broke upon. There were times when I thought he to be possessed of the furies. On one occasion he was racing on a half mile track. A man cut his horse down on the first turn. Now on a half mile you go round twice. So once recovering his gate on the second half mile Gramps returned the favor. The man came up after the race,tapped grandpa on the shoulder. "Hey Morgan what the hell is wrong with you"? The poor guy found himself drop kicked to the ground my grandfathers foot upon his throat. The others trying to keep him from finishing the lesson. The track is a tough place to live and grow. I learned the lessons there that taught me fairness and mercy.
Jun 2014 · 328
My Son
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Looking now upon my child
how grateful I must be
He is the Sun and the Moon
the hope of the world to me

Glad of heart I walk with him
all the while he studies my stride
Carry for him the hopes and dreams
of the life we two abide

Sweets the gift to watch him grow
always bending to pick him up
Marking his every height on the wall
drinking the love that fills my cup

His light burns bright upon my soul
watching him play at being a man
Knowing that just what he'll become
is from me always saying "you can"

Find in yourself that goodness
which makes you straight and true
Be mindful where your shadow cast
as he is always watching you

A special bond are father and son
as daughters marry and move away
A boy will always remember the lessons
shared with dad along the way

Original poem dons in an Adobe format one of only three i have attempted
I can't think of anything sweeter than to have your own child run down the hall screaming Daddies home.
Jun 2014 · 275
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
The world has riches oh so rare
but shares them only with a few
What I love is worth so much more
they are recollections of you        

I need so few of this worlds goods
having all your thoughts, ways and deeds
They lift my soul to the heavens
where I plant loves garden of seeds

Through your eyes I have seen wonders
so numerous I can't count
But oh such beauty none the less
before God I could not recount

What need have I for coins of gold
they can't buy what your eyes can see
My treasure lay within your smiles
stamped in the mint of memory

Original poem
My children are my life's treasure! This is for you both
Jun 2014 · 361
Loves Refrain
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Love entered in my heart one day
a sorrowed, war, torn, guest
When she asked to be let in
I had her sit and rest


She woke my sleep with anguish
shook my hopes with tears
When my heart felt to sing
she filled its joy with fears


As now she has gone away
I miss the old sweet pain
Sometimes when night whistles in
the wind plays loves refrain

Original set to the tune of Till I can make it on my own.
Some people just aren't meant to be together. Yet try to tell them that and both will join in chorus to rail against your attempt. Yet when they are apart they cannot seem to function without each other. Such is the mystery of love. I am old enough to remember the life,times and sufferings of Tammy Wynette and her ill-fated marriage to George Jones. I used her music because unlike most she sung of her own miseries and litteraly cried her music out. In a later 20/20 interview with George I remember how he still choked on her name and held his love for her long after she was gone. I imagine for him that is a tragedy with great remorse and sorrow.
Jun 2014 · 384
Inherit The Wind
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Deeps the need as long's the road
we tread on the silent ground
To seek the path along home
where our hearts and love abound

Time is the fire in which we burn
around the hearths where we sit
It feeds the body and the soul
with the hearts our minds have lit

From the edge of the unknown
we proudly tell all our tale
Wonders we have seen ourselves
as the old folks laugh and wail

Poor's the man who rails his own
for to him no fruit shall bloom
Wind and fury know his name
as echo to the silent room

Barren is life that lacks a child
for it knows no magic hour
Like tarnish to a silver cup
its life never seems to flower

Rich is the man who mends his ways
his path be strewn with gold
The child that blooms within his light
grows to love him when he's old

Original poem with pictures and music
Only through children can we advance mankind. It is our duty. It is our greatest joy. To pass what we have learned to the next souls in our line. If we are kind about it they will remember us fondly. Pushing mankind on to the inevitable destiny. I can't say I know what that is, but the remembering of one another is enough for me.
I had a great great grandmother born in the back of buckboard wagon in Missouri. The date was 1878. She lived a long life. In that time she saw the end of child labor. The invention of electricity. With it came electric motors of the industrial revolution. The car ,light , movies.At the age of 90 she even witnessed a man step on the moon. In the last century we advanced further than in all other centuries put together.It was a time of wondrous adventure. It saw the end of the boundless west. And on to the new frontier. I treasured the stories she shared with me in the years I knew her. A bottomless well of knowledge, learned from a long, long life.This is why I think it is necessary to pass along all she taught me, along by all I have learned to the future from the past. Immortality in our descendants as they walk life's long road into the future.
Jun 2014 · 350
Quiet Gardens keep
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Her face is like the rising sun
who's light cast shadow on me
In darkness far and silent
where no one else could see

A mind and wit full from dreams
shines bright in summer's embrace
Close beside some ancient column
the wind leaves love's sweet trace

Her lips do scream to love me
in the small quiet gardens keep
Kissing my cheek each evening
before I lay my head to sleep

Original poem
In a garden long ago we walked and spoke of a future. Reality became a much better predictor of happiness
Jun 2014 · 984
Spring Love
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
In spring lovebirds hover fancy
till morning lit by the dew
Takes back winter's heartache
restoring the love in you

The desperate cries of anguish
from a heart that knows no joy
Feeds long upon its own regret
tossing the soul as if a toy

Give to me your heartaches
lie down in the meadow green
Let go the sorrow of past loves
have rain wash the soul clean

Always to blossom in springtime
love feeds us of our dreams
Washing away the winter sorrows
from each one or so it seems

Take all of what you've been given
set aside pieces in you there-of
No broken promise of joy's embrace
can outshine a true heart in love

Original poem with music and pictures
Spring renews all then forgives the pains of winter with hope.
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
On mornings hence I'll forget
to forgive this callous blow
That left me broken on the field
where angels hearts don't go

As to the scar left there upon
I'll hide it best I can
For fear they might see my pain
and think me not a man

When in future I'll be asked
to say this was my fault
Why open this tender heart within
to the unending pain of assault

As future bears witness of
my life and deeds inscribe
Descendants will think me as kind
for the life I try to describe

In life I took much less than gave
I walked the good heart line
Carried the hopes of the small
held theirs as they held mine

But to God, I say through it all
I was true to his design
Gave my heart in earnest love
for a life, sweet, gentle and divine

Original poem with music and self portrait
What can be said of the broken heart that hasn't touched most? I was much too old to be having my first and only heart break. It struck me like a thunderclap . Knocked the wind from me and set me off my heels. I was a long time injured. And to a depth yet unknown to me. This is the first poem I ever wrote! Written at the age of 47, 2008. Luckily I went on survived to love and marry again!
Jun 2014 · 263
Poetic life
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
As a child must learn to walk
before he attempts to run
So a poet owns the dark
long before he knows the sun

There's a shared fact to our lives
we poets all come to know
The quiet still of the cool night
that gives strength to mornings glow

It is just the way of things
that make us seem so far apart
To miss the heat or the cold
but touch workings of the heart

For whatever  the reason
we are here to make a choice
You see a child crying out
then have to give him a voice

Perhaps it's our fated lives
to give song to the cold din
But life’s a race we all share
and who cares if we don't win

It isn't how fast you run
nor how elegant you look
Think of those who took the time
to leave a mark in life’s book


Original with music and pictures
Set to Etta James version of Cigarette ashes
Jun 2014 · 617
The Garden Of Tears
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Near the road a cemetery bloomed
in the ancient noon day light
An old man stood to his task
of tending graves each night

He had spent his youth working
too afraid to spend emotion
Took all he could from everyone
but gave no love to the devotion

Romance was not his forte
he practiced disdain for mankind
Hardly giving love to another
closed away his heart and mind

Thinking life to be a race
he had pushed his way along
Took from the world no pleasure
he whistled but heard no song

Now retired and long lived
he thought himself to be paid
To have outlived all the others
was reward for plans he'd made

As he looked to stones he tended
for all those he'd known in life
An old dream ached in his chest
for words written to his wife

She had once been his true love
the only one he had known
Lost to another in his youth
he was aged, but never grown

Now his tears water her grave
stones of family, oh so few
The dreams of lost love fading
wonders of life he never knew

Called to rest some time ago
he lies cold among his peers
A shadow on winter's night
walks the graveyard of his tears

Original poem with accompanying music and pictures
What is a life for? If we cower from truly living are the extra years truly living?
Jun 2014 · 387
The Reaper
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
I stopped to see my father today
as he lay on his third deathbed
The Reaper visited two times before
but my father refused to play dead

"Son he said. Come sit with me
for I feel it my duty to tell
It's not that I have found Heaven
but more over I didn't find Hell"

I suppose when a man nears his end
he fears for his immortal soul
My father thought the sins of his youth
would reap him a horrible toll

To all of us who have known success
from labors and pains endured
It isn't the end that fills our hearts
it's by the journey that we are cured

For a man knows nothing if not that
as he learns from life's long way
Through troubles faced and overcome
strength and character grows each day

It doesn't matter which God you believe
nor which Heaven your bus runs to
Grow your faith in your fellow man
and perhaps he can go there too

Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in. Mark Twain
The original poem with music and pictures
Out from the black of eternal night shone a ray of light!
Jun 2014 · 299
A Lass
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
I chanced upon an evening walk
beneath the stars with you
Transformed was I to hear you talk
so bright and shining too

Emerald eyes from which you gaze
taken from your lands of green
Shone back to me in loving ways
more beauty than I had seen

I listen for each and every thought
to flow from your beautiful mind
Everything you say I am then taught
in greatest measure and kind

Daughter and heir of precious dreams
sweetest of days morning dew
Oh much more ever than she seems
such is the beauty of you

Written for Lucy the Princess of Ireland
The Original with Lucy Hamiltons Picture and music
Lucy Hamilton whose light shone across an entire ocean, to brighten the moonlit sky upon my endless nights.

Dear Lucy:
Each time Becky and I hear your voice on the phone we light up, look at each other and smile over the beauty that is you. We both wish you all our love from centuries and ancestors past and present.
Jun 2014 · 369
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
I wonder where the songs come from
watching children skip all 'round
Playing like time had no meaning
as snow fell upon the ground

Man's last words are never of work
nor to rule the entire world
They wish they'd spent time with others
as enlightenment's unfurled

When you rush along through your day
throwing out gifts un-opened
The dreams your parents had for you
the ones that go unspoken

Take time out of your stressful day
and try not to dance so fast
Life is not a race to be won
sadly the music won't last

Original poem with picture of Tatertot and music
The chance to dance upon this world is granted to us but once. Don't live the last half in regrets of lost moments from the first.
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Pity the heartless
wish on them well
Follow not their teachings
for them time will tell

Echoes of mercy
not for us, but for them
Is the essence of virtue
from which love will stem

While night is asleep
sunshine will be mine
I'll relight the candle
that made my heart shine

With that all the demons
once loosed upon me
Be chased back to Hell
and set my soul free

I can't say if
but I can say when
I'll pickup my good heart
to love another again

Original poem with music and picture
There was a time when my heart was cold as ice. Long before I remarried and had recovered my life. But I found bitterness too hard a hard pill to swallow. Thankfully time marched on and the better angel of my nature took control of my heart leading me to happiness again. When I first wrote this poem I was so deeply distressed. That day I decided to make of my life something new. Tonight while thinking on those days I went through my thousands of pictures and gave my exwife those that I thought she should have. A peace offering I suppose. Though after a few drinks I have to admit the song from Iris Dement had me laughin so hard. That because it is not human nature to let go pain and grant forgiveness. However I shall try not to dwell on past misery. I am trying very hard to let go the hard thoughts and swim in the river of forgiveness and grace. To those few people whom I loved and who dared to love me.
Thank you!
Jun 2014 · 566
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
A mind at peace with all below
she is beauty such so ever bright
Smile to win the hearts that glow
a wonder to the sight


I live in that world you dream of
so happily filling indeed
To know ones heart and desires
is all anyone could need


I find in children my happiness
their innocent ways of play
Catching snowflakes on their tongue
they happily pass their day


It's only later that we're told
that our dreams don't grow on trees
That we give up our heartfelt dreams
for days that brings us to our knees


I for one refuse to grow up
if it means sacrificing my dreams
For I could be anything I want
where all is not what it seems

Original poem with music and pictures
Ah to be able to see life through the eyes of a child is bliss
Jun 2014 · 347
The Waning Years
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
The waning years left me lost tears
for brethren I have loved so long
Remember days of childish ways
taste of life was sweet as a song

Winds that blew, as they always do
from youth I saw in my mirror
A pale gray face, lie in its place
old folly of years grows clearer

I laughed and played, as youth had stayed
duty could wait, while time was free
Time was my friend, though in the end
pain overcame what life left me

Original with music and pictures
So often is this truth that we all dread the knock of the door.
For life's time waits on none of us
it masters fate with earnest callous
Caring for none in favored mercy
helping not whom it shows malice
To Grandpa Ed be it enough for him to know I am happy. To him I say "thank you for my life". His spirit lives in my heart and all the family.
Jun 2014 · 541
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Let us look to our fellow man
live not in hopes that have been
Are we so different each of us
that we cannot feel for fellow kin

Let not your best friends live with want
fill lives with endless flavor
Always take much less than you give
as then you will know Gods favor

Let no vain hope deceive your mind
our short lives hastened streams be
Doomed in end to fall apart
like spent waves return to the sea

As with all the humble rivers roll
death will level property and pride
Awaiting providence and time
rich and poor sleep side by side

Original with music and pictures
Are we not afraid of the thought that we are no better?
Jun 2014 · 299
His Light Shown Bright
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Just a farthing for his childhood
poverty he met, for so long
Conquered through force of effort
he stood tall, as his arms grew strong

In his heart bold with life he lived
truth was the errant lover told
Not proud nor listless was the lad
who offered light of youth to old

First he came to were blind and dumb
ignorance, most cruel with its might
Harsh, cold and so unrelenting
he gave all he had to the fight

On through light of fearless nature
prejudice, once met he would brave
He hunted the cold screaming raven
to put her in an early grave

Along life's labored path he walked
jealous, persons followed him on
Enemies of kind nature
chased his spirit till near but gone

All that he would have been or done
love, he left behind for the fools
Gathered and scattered among us
as if just so many jewels

Left to us was his memory
kindness, shared by way he knew
Shown each a selfless character
he lit the way for me and you

Original with music and pictures
Would that we all could have such an impact upon mans own inhumanity to man. As Ghandi was once heard to say "If we look for an eye for an eye it will leave the world blind. In light of the horrific killing at the grade school in Connecticut this morning I would say we have learned little. Hold tight your children to your breast. When I am asked what I want for Christmas I always have to search my heart and the answer is always the same. I want every lonely child to know the love of their family. With that thought I am always reminded of those who pack for the weekend wait by the door for the parent who is just too busy to come get them this week. Loss of family is what makes for the dispossessed. My heart just bleeds for these poor families in Connecticut. For them Christmas will forever be the time that stole their hope, their future, their dreams.
This killing today was the 7th mass ****** of 4 or more people in the United States this year alone.
Jun 2014 · 634
Tate Morgan Jun 2014
Waves rolled across the horizon
through afternoon darkened black sky
The world we came to know shut down
as storm winds counted time gone by


I walked outside just for awhile
to see what the damage had done
Only to find neighbors talking
it was so nice to meet each one


We lead cold insulated lives
tucked safe and away from others
Too many electronic toys
to visit with our own brothers


I noticed we don't build sidewalks
no one walks around anymore
Too afraid of the evening news
to dare visit our neighbors door


My friends keep their children hidden
schedule play-dates with one and all
To visit with their playstation
just to await their friends next call


All you see in the news is fear
"be afraid foolish, there's no hope
Don't build friendships with your neighbors
they might just give your children dope"


We watch as our children grow fat
pretending we don't fear the truth
Yet we remember riding bikes
through the creek that ran in our youth


When was it that we stopped running
then gave up hide and seek till dark
Too afraid of our own shadow
to let children play in the park


I don't know what we were thinking
sitting with friends all day at work
Where we hire our private trainer's
to make us look like we don't shirk


But that one day the power died
I knew the depth of our mistake
We should turn off the fear mongers
for salvation of our souls sake


Original with music and pictures
I find that great moments of enlightenment often come in the times we least expect them. Then in a moment of Zen brilliance things are made so clear. This is one of those times. The United States news organizations in my opinion are all about fear and ratings of the same. If you subscribe to their theory Susan Smith could be your neighbor. We spend litteraly billions on defence to allieviate our fears over the present state of terrorism. Yet more are killed by our own guns in our own country every year than have been killed all together through our history from terror. Here's an idea quit giving money to the rest of the world. Bring home most troops. Spend those billions finding a way to keep us from accidently killing ourselves! If the rest of the world wants to **** themselves, let them! The tribes of Afganistan have been killing each other for at least 1500 years. We cannot change the way they think or act anymore than we change another in a relationship. I see this all the time people thinking they can change their partners through their influence. It never works it never will, anymore than abstinance has been able to stop pregnancy over the centuries. Meanwhile we go into recessions that effect the entire world. Think of what a great life it would be if we could fund humanitarian aid to our own country, our own retirees. There are as many baby boomers ready to retire soon as all those who are already retired. We need to let the immigrants back in. We need them to support these new retirees. The Government has swelled to twice the size it was in 2001. These people don't pay Social Security taxes. They are payed by us and they invest in a different way for retirement. If this keeps up the only good retirement will be a government job spying on your neighbors.
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