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Sep 2019 · 656
“Cosmic Candy “
Tashea Young Sep 2019
As she is Feeling worthy,
She takes the journey
With Eyes wide shut; in truth ever so blindly
Embracing her spirituality Divinely

She Rises As Peek of the Day At High Noon
She’s In tune
Like the Sun in rotation to the 28 phases of the moon
She’s in tune as summer in the month of June
Just as a flower in its fullest bloom
She’s in tune
As the skin embracing the molecules of perfume
She’s in tune
Just as a baby in the mother’s Womb
Just waiting to be born soon
She’s uses Art of Divination
Shes sees Life/God in all of Creation
She self heals through crystals, spiritual baths and mediation
Her Aura is that of roses, poetry, and galaxies
She pulls one in with her defiant rules of gravity
Draws one closer with her celestial cavity
She’s cosmic candy
Some may say They call her the Milky Way Because around her even the stars feel safe enough to come out and play
She’s a whole vibe,  the rhythm of reggae
She’s life one breathes into their airway
She’s paradise’s secret highway
She’s Cosmic Candy
She’s As beautiful as watching the chaotic grace of a Star burst  to me
Her spirit is wild and free as the unknown depths of the sea
Speaking aesthetically,
she is truth So heavenly
She is Cosmic Candy
Jul 2019 · 753
Ode To The Black Girl
Tashea Young Jul 2019
Dear Black girl
I love the graceful like movement of which you twirl
You are One of the only Real jewels in this delusional world
I love the Density of your mind and how it adds volume to the thickness of your Beautifully defined curls
I love the way The infinite comic skies glow within your diamond filled moonlight eyes
It’s like Watching the Sun set and Rise
You embrace your Inner G You speak your  colorful native tongue in vibes
So fluently
Pure Energy
You Are A frequency and you flow to the wave of your own ride
Black Girl I love the way your bodacious figure carries that sacred space called heaven safely between your thunderous thighs
I love The way your skin gives life to that blissful Melanin that let’s the world know you were sculpted and crafted straight from the Divine’s hands and placed into the womb of heaven
You are A Joyous Blessin’
There’s No Guessin
A whole Garden, a Goodness Of Perfection
There’s no word or picture that can capture the Power of your Magnificent Essence
You carried this deep within the fibers of your being every since you were just an adolescent
A Temple Of Gold
Walking Tall and Bold
That no naked eye could behold
Just So **** Mesmerizing and Beautiful!
You’ve been chosen from the vine like grapes to unfermented wine.
Never to age but the savoring flavor of your nature’s nectar it just gets better over time!
Tashea Young Dec 2017
My scars are NOT just scars sometimes they remind me of traumatic experiences.
Sometimes people would stare at them with a look so curious, that I myself, would become furious.
Because my scars felt like a punishment of a series of consecutive jail sentences.
They had me Feeling overwhelmed by weariness
So I put up a fence to hide what I believe was my hideousness.
Then my naked eyes realized the true lies, that behinds these marks are where the truth hides
My scars are NOT  just scars they are Evidence of a Wound, evidence that after pain healing must come soon.
My scars are a sign to show Life was adjusted just as a violin being tuned
My scars are not just scars they show that I have gone thru a Transformation.
My scars are not just scars The give me motivation in my times desperation.
My scars aren't just scars They signify even after my trails, I am Triumphed!
My scars are Marks Of my pass History to celebrate even I was hurt I have the victory! For Greater is He that is within me.
My scars are NOT just scars, they show that God was With me thru it all Truly!
My scars are not just scars they are Permanent sacred Marks Of Beauty.
Jul 2017 · 520
Tashea Young Jul 2017
I Fully comprehend what they mean by the struggle is real.
My true self is what I tend conceal
Afraid of what I feel
And lately it hurts as I began this process to heal

It's my pride I wish would die along side with the plenty of tears I cried
Its the chambers of secrets that silences My truth I tend to hide
Its the bottled up emotions that internally lie.
Its the unheard voices on the inside

Its the toxic and venomous things I can do without.
Its the violent roars from the untamed screams and shouts
I breathe in, and I  breathe out
I'm letting it go, I'm letting it all out
Then I sense the spirit of nature surrounding and filling me all about

Its what my mind perceives as pain that  My soul and body feels, embraces, and dances in the midst of the storm's rain
As it cleanses and purifies my lower self composed of dirt, blemishes, and ****** tainted stains.
Its all about the experience of learning, character building, and strength to help me sustain.
Because one would never know joy without pain, or sunshine without a little rain.
And now I'm alive again With Gold,  Royalty, And Power Flowing through my veins carrying microscopic Intellectual messages to and from my Renewed brain.
Jun 2017 · 409
"Kiss Me"
Tashea Young Jun 2017
Kiss me slow and passionately
Hold me in your captivity
So I can Set these silent screams of desires for you free
Give me a buzz in my heart
as we are connecting together to create a magical spark
Increase my levels of Serotonin
While I'm holding back these soft moans and
I'm tipsy from Overdosing on this love potion
As we are coasting on the majestic waves of this beautiful ocean
Close your eyes
As together we fly
Caress my divinity
And Magnify this energy
When you Kiss me.....
Kiss me and lets get high of this natural Oxytocin
Leave me with a sudden rush of adrenalin
As It gets more difficult to keep my composure while trying to hide what I'm honestly feelin'
You make My Pupils widen
Because of you My life has been brighten
This Royal Queen
gets high off your love
Like I had a triple caffeinated shot of Dopamine
For You are my drug so for you I fein
Yes I have Got Love on the brain so bad it drives me insane
Now im Trying my best not to act upon these hormones
that make me wanna jump your bones
However both of us can sense we are Aroused by each others Pheromones
So Kiss me
Kiss me to release massive amounts of Endorphins
As I feel the warm tingling sensation upon my golden sun kissed skin
You and I together become 50 shades of melanin
May 2017 · 416
Inner G
Tashea Young May 2017
"Inner G"
Maybe you can tell by the look on my face
All I really want is just a tiny taste
I promise you that I will mind my manners and not waste
You see
Most people just want to ****** you energy,
But me I'm tired of sinning B.
I want to Caress that part of you that they cannot see
I desire to bond with you spiritually
To connect on a higher vibration, because what you make me feel is something out of this world on, a different frequency.
Its the deepest encounter of intimacy
So can I experience The essence of your Inner G
As we fill each others worlds with Love, Unity, harmony, and Synergy.
To Reach Beyond the physical cavity
Tapping into that Powerful Divinity
And making time cease to exist as we venture a moment of eternity
And upon my lips will be the most pleasurable  kiss to me
As it leaves the most delightful flavor so blissfully.
And right now I'm quite Thirsty for your fresh herbal tea
So May I get a taste honey ?
May I taste The Purity of Your Inner G?
#InnerG #Energy #Spiritual #Intimacy
Apr 2017 · 903
Tashea Young Apr 2017
I'm from the land  overflowing with  milk and honey and my mind is more rich that The Europeans useless green paper money yes far from a dummy and like the dawn of day my personality is Always sunny.
I am a rare soul
On the outside I am just another hueman but on the inside I'm a being of the supernatural
I am a radiating rainbow
Shinning in between blue and purple
I'm the canvas of the star child so paint me Indigo.
I'm a lantern in the darkness of the heavily wooded forest, I glow.
My heart is as pure as the whitetess  snow
I am a farmer planting seeds, So, I reap what I sow.
I expand my horizons because the more you know the more you grow.
I am  vibrant just as  the stained glass window.
My soul is  a strong and fierce bolt of  lightening, quite powerful.
I am Fearlessly and wonderfully made in the image of  The Most High, Quite beautiful.
I'm an individual whose  energy is a current thats just flows.
Maybe because Love is My religion no matter where I go.
I was Created from the particles of stars hidden in the cosmos
Mixed with the elements of earth
Descended from the heavens, past the galaxy and from the wombman my spirit and body became one at birth
As it bursted thru my Earth mother, The Universe.
this body became both a gift and a curse
My life became as song unrehearsed
I guess thats why they nicknamed me lyrics because my words were my  hook and verse.
I am like many phases of the Luna very diverse
I am the moon that rises to rest in the midnight sky upon the evening shore as the cool ocean passionately kisses the sparkling sand.
I am the wombman with a vision and a plan.
I am India Arie, boosting your souls immunity. Healthy for you like vitamin C.
Loving me unconditionally
Embracing the Queen in me.
I am free!
I am Lauryn Hill opening your eyes to see the things that Are Real.
I am the peace that is still.
I express the way I feel.
I am Jill Scott giving you some food for thought.
Pay close attention because lessons are being taught.
I'm am Erykah Badu giving you something you ain't use to.
I'm Alicia keys Feeling the music putting my mind at ease
As the nature gives my skin goosebumps with its cooling breeze.
I am Janet Jackson giving you that that fire and passion.
lacing it with that poetic justice style and fashion.
Yet  I will have you talking to and looking at that man in the mirror like Michael Jackson.
Apr 2017 · 381
Tashea Young Apr 2017
I dont mean to cause commotion as I am  pouring on you of my waves of emotions flooding your ear's gates like the ocean. Overflowin. But You cast a spell me with your Love potion. You became the only thing running thru my brain in slow motion.
I could see your face, your dimples, your smile, and even the hear tone in your voice with each and every word you had softly spoken.
I was a Good book that you left wide open.
You left me there with my soul exposed and  others to come by and touch my word with their ***** hands as they were groping.
You weren't the person I was hoping.
I was claiming you but you were naming me because I wasn't the one you have chosen. So I sat there in the dark, forced to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart you left broken. And my own self pitty was as a buble bath  in which my crush bones was soaking.
And there I sat with the  bottle from you love potion overdosin.
All it was was an Over do in sin From the beginning, because I knew my love for you was never gonna win. it was  her, her and her, oh yeah all the rest of em.  I guess I wasn't enough for you because  I wasn't one of "Them". So my question is why didnt you just leave me in they zone where I could of just stayed your friend. I thought you were different from the other men. Now I'm sitting here wishing I never would have pressed that little green button on my phone that said, "send". Because you I couldn't  seem to get you of my System, Man I was strugglin. My heart was not  meant to be stressed out like a tree  blowing in the wind.
However you forgot to realize that I am resilient, I don't break, I bend. So I must Say thank for the Inspiration. Cause now instead of running after you it will be my dreams I'll be chasin
Mar 2017 · 540
Tashea Young Mar 2017
2 melanized hueman beings mesmerized by the beauty of their interior extending to the exterior shells
falling under one another's enchanting spells
Time was frozen the room grew still but the eyes spoke their own language in silent yearnings of screams and yells
becoming each others eye witness
Treasuring  each other temple of sacredness
Exploring their magical majestic nakedness
Both unapologetically shameless
Igniting a fire, So passionate yet flameless.
Infecting each other with love as if it was an air borne illness, quite contagious.
Feeling the wondrous Joys of  unfiltered bliss
Picture This ...
The natural beauty the 2 shades of Brown pigmented bodies shimmering as nuggets of Gold.
2 magnificent souls are as a flower in the spring ready to unfold.
The energy flowed,
True feelings get exposed
And they both glowed.
In the darkness of unlit room was the bride and Groom, Taking turns radiating similar to the sun and and the moon.
All 3 eyes are open wide.
As both of their worlds collide.
they drink of each others water fountain flowing from inside
their fleshy beings have died
their hearts cried
their minds wonder
The Temperature was hotter than the summer
She began to stutter words she can hardly utter
while he was captivated by this wombman he called "Earth mother "
  Telling her he loved her and he would place no one else above her.
  As the sound of their pulses and hearts were beating like a drummer.
Its was something more than *** that both had to discover
From the moment her touched her,
Revealed was their true colors.
She become him and he became her,
Reflections of one another.
Going pass what Was Happening under that black silk cover.
their spirits elevated high, ascending into the sky,
she bites her lip as he kisses her thick inner thighs,
She is intoxicated from his testosterone and from the sweet smell of her pheromones he gets high.
They close their eyes for a brief moment as their minds escape and their spirits tell this earthly world Goodbye.
He taste the delicious juices overflowing from her yonnie As she screams out, "Oh Papi".
Needing him so badly.
Falling in love with every bit of him, Madly.
He takes his Royal Phallus and places it gently inside of her Royal palace.
Reaching Heaven Bliss with Every single ****** and every single sensual kiss. Their hearts are pounding like the sound of the fist banging against the wall so loudly.
He was climbing her mountain till she reached a peak at her valley.
Both have become vulnerable and open.
Then she pleasures him until she starts chokin, Chokin on the words left unspoken.
Understanding the words they don't speak because the connection between them is unique.
As the slows jams are on repeat, she sits on his face like a seat until she gets tingles all over her body and feel weak so then he flips her over and dives in to her sacred waters so deep.
Praying that this is a treasure he hopes to keep. Placing her legs around him while making the bed squeak
moving to the rhythm of the beat unleashing the soft moans of her inner freak.
Grasping  a handful of  bodacious, firm, and soft **** cheek.
The juices again began to seep.
Reaching high levels of intimacy so deep.
Time has stop and their souls sprung a leak. Finding out the truth about one another that they have found the love in which they both seek.
Such a sweet treat!
He has swept her off her feet and She had him feeling like she was that missing piece to the puzzle making him feel whole again as if he was once broken but now complete.
Mar 2017 · 299
He leadths me
Tashea Young Mar 2017
You see
I have the tendency to fall in love so easily
especially with a kindred soul,
but it always seems to end in a catastrophe.
Maybe because I preconceived it in a manner Viewed only religiously.
And search for it in people, The Sun, the moon, the stars, and the infinite galaxy but I always ended up feeling empty.
Until the day you came my way and opened my eyes to see only to be blinded by your truth
you leave me vulnerable and as open as a room without a roof.
Its Like I'm thirsty for something real and your  living waters hydrates me to quench  the parchedness of my desiccated soul.
For I was the driest desert until you poured upon me Your showers of cascading rain.
You are my shalom and joy in the middle of my most excruciating laboring pain.
You are my momentum, You help me maintain.
I hope that these words I Write Will uncover the expressions of what I can hardly explain.
Now I'm hungry for something more than what I am currently experiencing and your vibes nourish my psyche. And the times when I felt alone and worthless I felt your powerful presence surrounding me. Your energy embraces me with open arms. Your spirit speaks to me. You comfort me both knowingly  and unknowingly.
You see straight thru the physical me As if I was an image of transparency. Apparently, when you look at me you see my hidden identity, My true colors, my passion, The Awaken me, the Conscious divinity, The God in me.  Your deep  Still voice is soothing.   Your words are comforting. You captivate me intellectually.  I cherish thee for you are many of the written pages in my diary. You Motivate me. You inspire me. I'm in crave for you.  My father the Most High.  Who knew my soul before it arrived, before I was even a twinkled light in my mamas eye. Before I became a caterpillar that morphed into a spiritual butterfly. And Yet and still, my brain cant even Begin to fathom the various reasons as to why. Why, your love for me is unconditional and is as endless and beautiful as the powder blue and cotton ball sky?
More the reason to ask you why?
Why, have you saved me, saved me from my sinful nature of iniquity?
Setting me free from the shackles of wicked principality.
Exposing my lies to face the Realness of reality.
You made me a Valuable Commodity
Becoming A product of Grace, authenticity, And honesty
You are shaping me into The woman you have predestined me to be. Yahweh I Thank you ever so graciously for guiding me on this spiritual journey. For It is you who leadth me.....
Mar 2017 · 478
Tashea Young Mar 2017
I must Confess,
I am Baring witness to the beautiful sight of your nakedness even though you are physically and completely dressed.
Its such a sight to behold as you bare the essence of your soul, revealing it uncovered and undressed
Now I have you right where i want you with Your heart under my arrest.
So come lay your Kingly crown upon my chest As I caress you with my love and tenderness.
Listen to the rhythm of heart beating like an African drum, *** pum pum pum pum.
Feel my Energy impermate your atmen flowing thru all of you, from me.
Here in this place is where we meet, its that place of serenity.
While you Delight in my words as they gently kiss your ears.
Let me Take my pencil and an Erase all your fears leaving behind not a single trace. Only a smile upon your face.
Allow me to take these soft delicate hands to massage the beatings your masculine stallion body you had endured today
each touch Is like fire to ice melting all of your stress away.
Now we can sit here in silence mediating thru out the day. King to Queen Nasmaste
Mar 2017 · 421
Dear Mommy, Thank You!
Tashea Young Mar 2017
You are the Queen of my heart.
The Unfailing love for you will never part.
You are the most beautiful work Art.
For you I would cross the ocean, Climb The tallest mountain, and go to the ends of the earth, just to show you the truest value of you and your loves worth.

If you wanted the sun, I would run into the Deepest depths of the galaxy and bring it back to you to show you that I'm thankful for all that you have done.
I Wish I could give you the world on a silver platter
So that you could have a fairytale life living happily ever after.
Sometimes I wish I could bless your neck and wrist with diamonds and pearls.
Because Your love for me dances in my heart Ever so elegantly,  like a ballerina does her twirls.
For every sleepless night, broken heart, and every single tear you shed for me.
I Thank you for it all, even for loving me inspite of flaws, unconditionally.
I wish i could give you an abundance of sapphire Rubies
Just to show you how valuable of a treasure you are to me.
But I Don't all I have is my heart, my gratitude, and my love to offer you.
I'm so thankful for all the things you do.
Mar 2017 · 1.6k
A Letter to My King
Tashea Young Mar 2017
Hey king
Just wanna ask you a few things
Because I noticed lately that vibe between us has been changing.
My first question is,  To you does my love still mean anything?
Like , I use to be able to feel you in my being....
And you were the man that my subconscious created in my dreams brought to reality
But that feeling has faded  and I feel quite jaded.
I mean I been patient with you I have waited
Does our human hearts no longer connect one to  another feeling related?
Are you not pleased with my soul being naked?
Things haven't been as good as it once seamed
I mean, Have you lost interest?
Does the soothing sound of my voice no longer put the stress of your mind at rest?
Are you not impressed by the offerings of my very Best?
Cause I'm in a place of loneliness.
And You were once My sunshine but now that you are gone I'm the forced to shine my moonlight on Painted sky of my own  darkness.
I'm sitting here with only memories of you and I as I reminisce
While missing our hour long conversations filled with  love and tenderness that ignited a fire burning with bliss.
And with your deep, smooth, and sensual voice you caressed my heart until my mind relentlessly undressed.
And at the thought of you my love ticker rapidly beats outside the ***** of chest.
Just to know A man like you I was sincerely blessed.
but now I must Confess that Me being without you I have turned into a mess.
What happened?
I thought what we felt was beyond the physical attraction.
Because of the way you had my all of me reactin
as if I were the ship amongst the sea And you were my captain.
Maybe I'm just overeactin
Or maybe I just Didn't met the standards of your satisfaction.

So can you please tell me did our seed of affection not sprout?
Have we reached a love drought?
Can you sense my fears and doubts?
What is this silent treatment about?
Like can you help a sista out?
Mar 2017 · 210
Tashea Young Mar 2017
Just Venting....

I feel stagnant and fear has become my magnet.  I'm tired of him and he's tired of me. He continuously drains me of my positive energy.

In just a few moments like I was counting from 1 to 3.
And just like that we went from Ecstacy to agony.

I feel everything from everyone and yet from my own feelings I feel Numb.
my heartbreaks, with every breath that I take..... my struggles....., my fears......, and doubt's shout! They are more bold now than ever.

I swear you're just like a pill instead of making me better you keep making me spiritually ill.
I wish my Empathic ways would turn off and go numb so that my heart and soul could no no long feel.
Yet and still, I trust my intuitional forceful power inside of me to know what I feel Is real.
Because  that's one of the powers given to me by the God of Israel.

So Tell me Is it my peace and happiness you are here to steal?
As you Leave me empty like a cup that needs a refill.
And Your words beat me like I am Emitt Till until your energy becomes a ****** weapon  licensed to ****.
Ha! Ha ! Ha ! You must get a thrill
About how you make me feel
you leave me broken with blood pouring on the ground like red juice from From a cup that leaves behind a stained spill.

Some call it a relationship but I called it a situation ship because the only time we can relate is when we situate our feelings long enough to ride the lustful seas with our maghony ships flowing from the currents between our hips.
Then once that's over again you have the nerves to abuse me from the fruit of your lips  
And like fool I continuously drink your poison as I entrancingly take sips.

While as writing this did you sneak and poke holes and then dip? Because this is the sound of a sinking ship.

Until the death of me, will have you strangled like A MC on the mic that he/she grips ready to spit their rhymes ever so slick.
Weighing heavy on your soul like the Weight of a thousand bricks.
Making you feel so sick
You'll be needing some Vicks
And things in your mind will begin click
As the memories of me will beat your brain blow by blow with every single lick.
Remembering when you called me B*h and that I will never be sh*t
the words and images of how you treated me will haunt you like how that ghost is watching you in as it sits
As the time passes and the clock  just ticks.........
Mar 2017 · 1.7k
"She Is A Queen"
Tashea Young Mar 2017
She is A Queen
She's something special, similar to a candy coated dream.
The God in her will sooth you soul as if you were Listening To the sound of the rushing river Streams
Her spirit Shines brighter than a car's high Beams.
Her love is sweeter than brown sugar
And Me oh my she is Looker
Her big chestnut sultry eyes reveals the beauty of Her soul inside.
I can just smell the aroma of her Shea butter and coconut fragranced skin as it glows due to her internal flame shinning within.
Cocoa Brown is the color of her melanated Bronze complexion.
Man, her smile drives me wild.
That luminous smile, her glorious smile, is as gorgeous as the clouds when she shows her pearly whites.
It brightens my day like a lamp in the darkness of the night.
And her mind Is a secret treasure That only her King Can discover and uncover the bountiful mountains he'll climb.
She's Artistic and Musically Inclined
And at the drop of a dime shell bust out in A poetic rhyme
And her words, Gosh her blissfully profoundly spoken words, will send chills up your spine
She's My own little personal ray of sunshine
Radiating truth and her words are so kind
She's simply divine
She's a peacemaker staying serene
From the inside out she is a beautiful Human being
She's good for your mental hygiene
Kinda like how your body needs protein.
Royalty is embedded in DNA gene
And her crown is made of lustrous flowing locks shining like oil sheen.
She is Royalty, She's My sister from another Mister, She is an Unshaken, Strong, melanized Beautiful Queen.
Mar 2017 · 314
"I Blame Me "
Tashea Young Mar 2017
I'm like a hot sunny day and your like a tornado that runs the peace and sunshine away.
You are the equivalent to Destruction happening at anytime of day.
But See I blame me.
I take full responsibility
I ate from the fruit of the poisonous tree.
Which I knew was forbidden of me
Because it would bring death spiritually.
Then I had become Infected Immediately
In my viens flows your L-O-V-E
Impairing my 5 senses indefitely
Blinded by love so I couldnt see.
That I was no good for you and you were no good for me
But something has shocked me and awaken me to face lifes reality
After you Beat me, and stripped me naked like nudist
Made me feel stupid and useless
Maybe your problem is too deeply rooted
Or is it cause you cant handle what my truth is.
Truth is you Make me sick like lupus.
But ill get thru this
...... Cause Like The Messiah I needed a Judas.
So Yes I blame me for letting you infect my mind my thoughts with your poisonous energy.
But today is the day I decide I'm no longer going to be held in your captivity.
Im breaking free. No more chains holding me.  I hold the key to my liberty.
So now instead of blaming me I am training me.
Feb 2017 · 492
My Balance/Reflection
Tashea Young Feb 2017
"My Balance/Reflection"

Once I was an cancerous cell until he become my cure
So Raw and Pure
I Never knew A love like this before
He makes long for more.

He is my source of light that awaits me to shine his radiance upon my night just as the dawn adds the orangish yellow colors in the dazzling sky making me believe I'm a majestic bird that can fly
Feeling like a cloud floating so high

Don't awake me if I'm dreaming
You are giving my life a whole new meaning
Now I can even feel my heart beating
You resuscitated me, my life you have revived
I feel so alive

I have Breathed you in like oxygen
And just like that you became my addiction
That feeling of Rejection has been replaced with love and Affection
We did an Exchange of power
You became my strength and I became you weaknesses
No long am I a damsel in distress and you lay your head in between my chest as I put your fears and worry to rest.
Leaving behind the Burden
No more Hurting
No more searching

In eachothers arms we are The fortress  of our solitude
He's Calms my crazed mood
And my love Nourishes his inner being like grandmas Soul food.

In love with him did I just fall?
As I stare at him in awe
I am speechless for he's beyond what my mind could Fathom
He gives me Intellectual *******
As my heart palpitations from making my body have multiple spasms.
Its Like a bee to the skin his love stung
And His gentle touch make me utter a foreign tongue
Thats when I noticed I was Sprung.
And my heart knew he was the one.

Its like the universe connected with me thru silent communication As I gazed upon the constellation and God spoke to me in conversation.
Telling me of how he's going to send me a mate to increase my spiritual elevation and give me postive motivation thru my toughest situations.

Then clouds opened up to show the Stars have aligned
And I knew it was a sign
That you were meant to be mine
For he was Crafted so carefully to be my divine design

Our souls Did a heavenly tango as if you are my sun, and am I your earth constantly rotating around each other For a new day to be birthed.

You keep me on my toes like I'm a ballerina
Pirouetting thru life with elegance, poise, and grace
And an infectious smile upon my face
Almost as if its my passion instead of one of my many hidden talents.
You keep me from stumbling, you are my equilibrium, my balance.

I was just another lonely soul in a place of inperfection until I gazed into the mirror and I saw you as my reflection.
That completely changed my perception Showing me that even with my flaws to you I'm Perfection.

As I drank from your fountain of youth
I realize that You validate my naked truth
Just as Boaz did Ruth.
Let's be the evidence that love can't die because its bulletproof.
Feb 2017 · 1.2k
"Black Love"
Tashea Young Feb 2017
When I see into your eyes I see our futures that lies
As if I was looking into the mystery of a crystal ball
answering attentively to loves call.
And it was there That i find
You are one of kind,
A materpiece crafted into a divine design
I can tell by the way Your eyes locked into mine
Although we didnt touch we had become like a braid as both our souls interwined
you send chills quickening up my spine
Its like my body, soul, and mind can sense you are the essences of Greatness defined.
As I examine your mind
It was like was like watching the sunrise
As your lips sing me lullibies
And I become mesmerized
As you give me butterflies
Then My palms fit perfectly in your palms
As My soul sings to your soul a scriptured praise from psalms.
My heart unfolds
And my truth gets told
My femininity surrender to your masculinity.
As I dive into deepest depths of your ocean's bottomless sea
Swimming in it endlessly

I become Intoxicated by your Testoserone
While you get high off of my sweet smelling Pheromones.
Your vibes make me Fantasize
About the sensual exercise you could do while sipping from the rivers that flow from in between my thighs
And from the womb of My belly I let out a beautiful cry
As I am being Submerge in your love as if im being Baptized
Then he Lifts me high like A diamond in the skies.
I take a deep breath in and SIGH
Because no man is better than my Handsome guy as I get high of his Chocolate supply.
Oh me oh my!

Its the beauty of black love between the Black Man And Woman
Its the shimmering shades of Melanin to Melanin
The contact of Skin to skin
Caressing each others souls from within.

A Queen needs her Royal King
Just like the violin needs its strings for without it its just a wooden box that doesnt mean a thing.
A God for the Goddess
Thats Honest and modest
And a Venus for Mars
And A consolation for the Most Majestic Shooting stars.
Thier powerful engery turns into a love song traveling distances so far.
Feb 2017 · 531
Tashea Young Feb 2017
You make my soul dance
You leave me in a trance by our Romance
Drench me in Translucent Love like a Shower
Purify my being by providing me with Strength and Power
Quench my thirst for I am your beautiful flower
Dance against my body like sapphire ocean waves
You are the very subtance my soul craves.
You surround and worship me as if my body is temple of praise.
Revitaling my mind leaving me feeling refreshed and amazed.
You saturate my ***** coils
You Sprinkle me like a plant in the earths soil.
You Soak my honey suckle melanin
you enchance the beauty of my skin as it glistens.
You soothe my very essence as I listen
I wish to be a river otter That way I would always be near you.... Water
My souls happy place is water. Water reprsents cleansing, life and freedom.
Feb 2017 · 509
When 2 worlds Collide
Tashea Young Feb 2017
I am amazed at the beauty of the earth's Glorious wonder
As I sit in silence and ponder
I look up to gaze at the wide blue yonder
As the Golden glow of light appears upon the glittering water
The Sun bathes the earth
Showing all of humanity its worth
I was embraced by nature's peace and serenity
Feeling free like nothing is holding on to me
While I was captivated by this breath taking scenery.
And Through The warm grained sand I waded
Until i found a spot where I could relax my mind and let the stess of life become faded.
Feeling elevated
The Divine spirit left my soul impermated
With the sensation of Feeling exhilarated.
And then I felt Something dustrub my tranquility
Over taking the peaceful canvas indefinitely
Its almost as if the Sun fearfully hides behind the clouds that surf across the wide gloomy skies
And Darkness overtakes the light.
As if all suddenly the day immediately turns to night and my soul is filled with anxiety and freight
The Thick black ominous clouds were bellowing in from the east and west.
And I could feel my heart rapidly beating from the middle of my chest.
The thunder roared
As the The rain heavily poured
the lightening struck the sky furiously.
Almost as If God Spoke Angrily.
As I just prayed Softly
The wind Howled like wolf
Then the wind Swirled around and around from the sky to the ground
like a child first leaning how to draw with a crayon and scribbles away
Drawing in a circular motion leaving behind smudges of grey.
Its a storm brewing in my pathway
Do I stay or run away
His road seems a little rocky
But I just wanted to speak life joy and peace into his cold heart and body.
But I never knew he would leave me in a state of being melancholy.

This Tornado is on a Rampage of Destruction
Making it hard for my brain and heart to properly function
This Disater paralyses me and knocks into a concussion.
I thought I heard his voice and mines fussing
But it was My heart, my soul, and my brain that were having a discussion
Leaving me in the blank space where all I can hear and see are all the thought in my head that were rushing.
I went numb feeling Nothing.
Entangled and trapped in his gravity.
Being drained ny his bad engery.
This is what it happens when our 2 worlds collide.
My happiness, my joy and strength has just died.
As the tears turn into a river streaming from my face That I cried from keeping all theses Emotions bottled up inside.
Feb 2017 · 1.1k
A Poetic Love Affair
Tashea Young Feb 2017
As He And I take a dip into each others solar eclipse  
He sips from my faucet that drips
and not the one located between my thick thighs and hips
but from the truth that flows from the softness of my lips.
In that moment he Indulged in Truth's kiss.
As he was overcamed by a state of bliss.
Thats when He knew That God must Exist.
Now to him I say this.......
"Lets Go beyond Us
As I allow you Undress my Conscious
Make love to my thoughts
As you diminish my distraughts
Lick my intelligence to taste the saccharine nectar of my Essence
As I give you this mental *******
You will be headed in the right direction
And there will be no need for a ****** for our protection
Just dive into my purely unadulterated love and affection
Make your understanding stand at attention
Stick your knowledge in my head's dimension.
Giving me all its been missing
as I not only hear but Inventively listen.
Love me good and so deep
That upon me your heart begins to seap
And My my eyes begin to weap
Make my cerebellum ****** until it reaches its peak.
Keep going deeper until you hear all the words I dont speak.
Have you found the Subtance in which you seek?

See into the depths of my soul until you see A light of shimmering glittering Gold.
Touch my psyche with a gentle caress.
Until you uncover the glory of my nakedness.

now its spiritual fire burning with Red hot flames from within inscreasing my soul's desire.

I let him see the quintessential part of me that in just a short time I had courageously bared.
And He allowed me to breathe in the fresh air from his atmosphere
As I tasted his words like freshly cut herbs
And He explored all my bountiful roads to learn all my turns and curves
As he Disect my unwritten literature to understand my creative verbs.
We fly beyond the clouds like 2 lovebirds.
I have become the many pages of his diary
As he shares his most private moments between him and me so secretly.
I feel like my my world is being pulled into his force of gravity.

And yet the question I ask is,"Is he into me?"
But I can already answer that by his his energy.
While he's staring into my eyes endlessly.
My universe has been shaken by the waves of his charismatic frequency.
As we are luxuriating in our Unfiltered Raw level of Intimacy.
Feb 2017 · 401
I am the Youiverse!
Tashea Young Feb 2017
I freestyled a poem yesterday
Here it goes.

I am The universe and the universe is me
I am not of the natural I was birthed from the womb of the divinity
Descended from the realm of the heavenly
From The very Essence of me
I am as a seed in the ground full of soil producing massive amounts of engery
In my presences is where you can feel the warmth of my vibes and flowing waves of my frequency
My Hair, my mind, and my soul's density are the only things that defy the laws of gravity.
Outside in the sun is where nature and I become as 1.
Its my secret place of serenity
Where my peace last for infinity
A space where I am as A bird flying; I let go to be free
A place where I hold the key to unlock the door to my Authenticity
And like a deeply rooted tree I florish spiritually
Awakening my conscious and do away with the old mentality.
Dressing modestly wearing my Intelligence like its the new ****
And embracing my melaninted Shimmery skin in all its glory confidently.
That when I had come to face reality That I am the universe and the Universe is me.
There are 2 big eyes looking at back at me
they are deep and dark yet shine like the brightest stars in the galaxy.
This nose must be The scented flowers as it gives off the fragrances of me.
These soft luscious lips are speaking words to me Fervently
This heart is the producer of life working So powerfully
These mamory gland produces milk to quench the thirst of a baby
This body must be a living valley as my stretch marks are The road maps with a special route that leads to the deepest ocean of The sea.
My love is like honey with each gentle touch it heals thee.
Because I am universe and the universe is me.
Jan 2017 · 477
Let me
Tashea Young Jan 2017
"Let Me"

This is the oppsite of loves Abyss.
I am Awaken me with warm hugs, and The fragrant smell of your sweet Chocolate passionate kisses while telling me you miss this. Cant you be my Mr. And Ill be your Mrs.?
Let me be your genie as I grant you three wishes.
Let me take a ride in your mind like a test drive in a new car just to see the real beauty in you and who you truely are.

Let me be your tour guide as you sit back relax and enjoy this ride but keep your ears and eyes open wide so I can show you the things I have been trying to hide and disclose to you information that has been classified.
Let me Be your bonnie and you'll be my Clyde. For you I willing take a bullet and die.
Let me Take your hands and rub them slowly all over my front and back side.
Let us make a California King Bed full of white, pink, and red rose pedals in which we both will lie
Let me drank from your fountain of youth and get a creatively euphoric high
Let me Tell you your thoughts That I can hear coming from your heart and mind inside.
Let me have a piece of you just to consume.
In your life Let me be just as a metaphoring caterpillar in a cocoon turning into a butterfly soon
Like a purple priscilla flower
Gaining its God given power
Between the Spring's early rising of the sun to magical Fluorescent colors of the the moon as its preparing to blossom and bloom.

Let me get hooked on you like a pain killer prescription
Let me have you as my favorite addiction
Let me Feed my mental temple knowledge from the chapters worded in your paperback novel of non-fiction.
Now ill let you grab the body of my guitar, grip my mic and sing like a star as your soothing barry white voice sends quivers that travels distances over my soul near and far.
But you must Hand me the lighter
So In The quintessential part of you I can  ignite a wild fire with hot blooded flames burning with heartfelt desires.
Let me intensify your pneuma taking your higher and higher.
Let me my love sedate you like Tranqulizer.
Let me decode your messages as if I am your decipher.
To love you have been a backslider.
Let my baptize ya
Purify ya.
Listen to your inner being and let our vibes guide ya.
This is a message to my peace King........Holler ✌
I wish he would just let me
Jan 2017 · 381
Letting go
Tashea Young Jan 2017
I have this crush
Who is refreshing as cascading waters falling off a steep cliff giving me an invigorating rush.
Making me blush, Just from every gentle touch.

I got him thinking his brain must have a leak because I hear and understand the words he doesn't speak.
He holds me closely to him like Im his favorite guitar
As he plays powerfully singing heavenly giving off frequencies and vibrations of how strong our love is as it travels distances near and far.
My heart is is hiding a secret its complled to tell.
As if he has it under a spell
He is the sweetest taboo
Possessing stronger power and better magic than the African's voodoo
Its a divine kinda of love from Man who is Hebrew
Its Authentic, Pure and True.
Like A yo yo I unwind as I plunge endlessly into the endeavours of his wonderous mind.
This place in his mind was beautifully unconfined.
I almost went blind after being exposed to that radient light inside that shined.
It sparkled like galactic milky way.
He had me intoxicated as if I was sipping on Chardonnay.
He really had me feeling some type of way.
My soul was lit by a flame that I myself couldnt tame everytime his voice would uttered my name.
Its ashame how it drove me insane.
He waters me as the Earths summer time rain.
The temperature swealters like the Summer's blaze with every single, "I Love You" Pharse that potrays his passionate praise.
The affectionate chocolate kisses puts my mind at ease like the light wind blowing on my skin during the summers breeze
He makes my thoughts freeze like the chill of winter that nature's nose sneeze.
His fragrance smells like Hawaiian Febreeze
Like calgon he take me away like a plane flying overseas.
I escape off to my fantasy land
Where I am holding on to his hand
As I listen to the rhythm of his heart's beat and with him I slowly dance.
We become stuck in a trance of romance
Star gazing at one another looking starry eyed
Feeling the pits of our stomachs full of butterflies
Eating each others vibes like my mama's homemade sweet potatoe pie
The atmosphere shifts quickly like the autumn wind blowing ever so swift
The ambiance is amplied as our intense feelings electrifies as if we were the fireworks on the 4th of July
The sparks fly
Lifting our spirits as they acsend Toward the blanket of soft white cotton filled clouds in the sky.
The rapid beating pulse in our sweaty palms tells me that the engery doesnt lie.

The Fire has been kindled.
We have by passed the physical
Entered into the mental
To explore the Church's scared temple
Submerging One another in the pool of love as if its a ceremony for our own secret baptismal
Letting love take contol
Getting lost in each others soul as we close our eyes willingly letting go.
Jan 2017 · 843
Tashea Young Jan 2017
Im a Sapiosexual
Im attracted to The intelligence of the individual.
Lets get undressed
Let show each other Our Subconscious Nakedness.
Your Dialect had me finessed
While your psyche I delicately caressed

I don't want a few inches of deep stroke *******
Id rather have you treat me with some mental stimulation
I gave you a Chance
And you made my soul dance
With just one glance
We have entered a spiritual romance.

You have Massged my intellect and now my  heart wants to follow.
You have quenched my thirst with the sweetest words I will ever swallow
Every time we Converse
You touch the center of my universe
Even though our relationship is strictly Platonic
I find Your heart, mind, and soul so ******
We have so much Chemistry
Cant you tell by our Energy
Our Eyes speak thier own lingo
They are Beautiful Words silently spoken that  only you and I have learned to know.

Crash! Bang! Boom! As we collide like a car causing multiple wrecks
This is what is sounds like when we have *** and not the kind you had with your ex.
But its everytime we go back and fourth with our emojis, hearts, kisses, and I love you Texts.

Your mind has the greastest allure
Its as fathomless as the ocean floor
Its a beautiful sight to expore
You leave me gasping for air and begging you to let me taste just a little more
I never Felt like this before
I had a cancerous disease and you became My cure.
my souls feels like its deeply connected to yours.
As we take a look into deepest depths of our poetic souls
we try desparately to maintain self control.

Now that I let you come inside and you we're as Joshua's Israelite army you made my walls come tumbling down.
You made me your Queen and I Shined your precious crown.
When Im in your prescence My feet don't even hit the ground.
Its like was lost in the woods alone and then you search high and low until now that I have been found.
Its our frequency kissing passionately
I think its Spiritual Intimacy.
Jan 2017 · 265
10 word poetry challenge
Tashea Young Jan 2017
You are in my verse to create our own youniverse.
Come on poets!
Jan 2017 · 909
"Kinda Love"
Tashea Young Jan 2017
I want that kinda love like the way Obama looks at Michelle
I want that kinda love Like Cinderella in her happliy ever after fairytale
I want that kinda love thats brings you Heaven in the mist of all hell
I want that kinda love thats gonna be there for you at the lowest point in your life when you fail.
I want that kinda love that if you start Looking into thier eyes you will be put under a spell
I want that kind of love that Feeds your mind knowlege until you both feel Faded.
I want That kinda of love that takes you high and gets your spirit Elevated
I want That kinda of love that keeps you going and movatived.
I want That kinda love where you keep on all your clothes but still be exposed like your naked.
I want That kind of love thats scared
Yes that kinda of love.
I want that kinda love Fitting me like a cold hand to warm glove
I want That kinda Love expressed through the lycis that Jill Scott sings,
That kinda love of how much joy and life loves brings
That kind of love Manifesting the many blessings
That India Arie Compassionate kinda love
That kindred Family soul kinda love
That make soul glow, and your spirit Grow kinda love
That poetic hip hop lauren Hill kinda love
That Vivian and Uncle Phil, Jada and Will kinda love
Yes That Kinda Love
As it Washes away my pain and let me dance in your love like the Summer rain
Kissed by a rose kinda love
Let's Cherish the day as if were are lyrics to the music sung by Sade.
Old school R&B; kinda of love
That Smooth Jazz kem music kinda love
That maxwell fortunate kinda love
That Babyface Whip Appeal so I know its real kinda love
That Cliff and Clair Huxtable Honorable and responsible Kind of love.
That Unlimited, Unconditinal, Uncommon Kind of Love.

That Purpose driven,
On a Mission,
Bringing The vision to fruition
kinda love
1 Corinthians 13 kind of love
You'll be My King and Ill be you Queen kinda of love
That Hebrew Royalty
Showing loyalty kinda love

I want that nourish your soul like Grandmas Homemade Turkey and biscuits casserole kinda love.
I want that Acts 6:3 kind of man with faith, prayer, and a plan.
I want a God fearing man who genuinely understands.
I want a Relationship like Boaz and Ruth,
Taking the journey together living in the Truth
I want a love that will fight for me just as Jocob did For Racheal and I promise I'll always be faithful.
Let it be Pleasing to God's sight just as Leah
But yet As wise As Solomon and The Queen of Sheba kinda love
I want that 1 John 3:18 Kind of love
That Unforseen kinda Love
As we Build like Noah and Nehemiah,
But Weep together like Jeremiah kinda of love
I want that Serve like Sammuel
And Pray like Daniel Kinda of love.
That love me like Christ Kinda of Love.
Yes That is my Kinda of love.
The kind of love I desire
Jan 2017 · 645
Tashea Young Jan 2017
Its Gives HOPE, JOY and PEACE!
It overflows from the purest Hearts like FOUNTAINS
Love is more than showing compassion.
Love is an action.
No its more like decision.
Love is The best form of a healthy nutrition.
When the perfect amount is given
Love is the most artistically talented musician.
Love is The best Physician
It gives the a nautural medicine without a Prescription
It treats the wounds of affliction
Love is the Antibiotic medication like Amoxicillin
It kills off bacterial infections and brings about the process of healing.
Love is more than just A sensational feeling.
Love is more than words in a form of an Expression
It Leaves a long lasting legacy of impression.

Today I will Give it
Spread it
Share it
Live it
Be An Example of it
Lets Manifest It!
1 John 3:18
Let us not love with word or talk, but in deed and truth!

Love you all Have a Postive day filled with Positivity, Prosperity & Love!
Spread Love Not War!
Jan 2017 · 376
Paradise Wish
Tashea Young Jan 2017
"Paradise Wish"

I ambled on the beach to Explore
My bare naked toes touched the gentle waters cascading upon ths sandy wet shore.
As I Inhale the air, the taste was refreshingly pure.
Watching Birds taking flight
And slowly fading from My eye sight

I begun to be Entranced with the Reddish Orange Broad painted Horizon, where the waters meet up with the sun.
I close my eyes as Nature And I grew to be as one.
My soul breaks free and just runs.
My hair sways back and fourth with the coconut trees
My skin Tingles as it feels the cool ocean's breeze,
During the hour of Summer's Eve.

I open my eyes to behold the Golden sand
As it Shimmers like tiny bits of diamonds in the palm of my hand.
And out of no where Comes this Royal looking man,
Grasping a hold of my attention span,
Walking bold and strong like a sound of the drum in a band.

He was tall dark handsome, slim build, with a muscular physique,
I felt his Charismatic ambiance as it loudly begun to speak
Then it caress my forhead and kissed me on my left and right cheek.

And the whiff of his scent was ever so pleasant.
I had smelled an aroma mixture of shea butter and coconut oil.
He had me drunken with the overwhelming sense of being Joyful.
I was surrounded by his presence as I was the flower blooming with radiance and he was my healthy soil.

He was the Ripen fruit specially picked from the grape vine
That look so delectablely divine
I desired to let him Intoxicate me with his  fermented wine.
He Exhilarated me sending chills up my spine.
He Vitalize my mind.
As I left the stress behind, And continue to unwind.

The waters were Groving to thier own beat.
As the ocean laughed at my feet.
The Rippling saphire waves played a song soothingly.
And This beautiful man was being pulled closer to me as if nature took Conplete control over our space of gravity.

The opera of the sea danced all over our bodies and the waves became a tone serene and heavenly.
A Musically fine tuned medlody, like an voila in an orchestrated symphony.
He and I at this moment were ment to be.

My wrist against his veiny wrist
I couldnt resist,
Our tongues Exchanging salvia as they twist.
Who knew our passionate kiss lead to us swimming in the ocean's of love like 2 love making fish.
This is the place my heart longed to exist.
It had me thinking it couldnt get any better than this.

Until I woke up out of my sleep realizing I was only dreaming about my paradise wish.
Dec 2016 · 616
Tashea Young Dec 2016
Im not even going to hid it or fake it.
I Must Admit
I want to see you naked
This is the moment I have awaited
Such a special hour in time so sacred
I promise you no time will be wasted.
Its something I had anticipated.
I hope that you can be persuaded
So I can let you grow to be comfortable enough that you and I can get naked.
But You can keep on all your clothes though.
Im not trying to be no *** bro bro.
But for me can you please Strip down to the barings of your brain.
Take off the window seal of your Pain.
Bare it all; allow me to see every single crack, wrinkle, blemish and stain.
I promise I won't complain.
And Ill let my adoration flow; for you are the earth and I am the heavens pouring upon you my surge of rain.
Let me investigate the very Essence of your Illuminated Soul.
Lets take a stroll
Exploring the mental's temple losing physical control.
Igniting an Radiating glow.
shinning as the intangible spectrum of a rainbow
No longer living in A Shadow
But Being a Royal King and Queen living in The most Elegant Chateau..
Inhaling The Most High's divinity
Traveling The Roads of Tranquilty
Then Exhaling to let go of the epitome of Negativity
Sensing each other's energy
As we enjoy one another's company
While sharing A piece of Serenity.
Let me look deeply inside of your
Our spirits come to be acquainted.
As our human hearts become related.
And Upon your  white anti-blemished canvas My mind was motivated
To ask the question it effortlessly painted;
Do you mind if we can get Naked?
Dec 2016 · 351
Love's pool
Tashea Young Dec 2016
"Love's Pool"
In the pool of love thier beautiful bodies took a dip.
Thier internal temperatures elevated so the faucet of thier impassioned frames drips.
He amorously tastes the softness of her juicy luscious lips as if they Were the spring of water his thirst desired to sip.
Voyaging on this boat of passion while back and fourth it whips.
Gently nuzzling the curvaseousness of her
Womanly child baring hips.
Her soul case he fervently grips.
He takes a moment to just to see Her big Brown eyes as a Star twinkling back into his eyes
As they erotically swim together in profound oceans cascading between their thighs
Their bodies were Intertwining like a braid but their spirits were like rivers as they rise.
Her bodacious body and his masculine physique were climaxing reaching their loves peak.
As they were coming down they both let out a sensual shriek.
Letting it all just flow as they let their tenderness speak.
They dived in the water too deep.
They are left feeling tired and weak.
They Quietly Stare
Because All they see is the glistening skin they bare.
down to the crown; The curly thick ombres of Natural, gravity defiant, untamed hair.
They lit a match where both their souls sparked and man that **** is rare.
They swam together in unity and oneness as they feel in thief being magical energy they share. It  just showed them that beneath the surface of their hearts they both do truly do  care.
Just a daydream
Dec 2016 · 682
With you/without you
Tashea Young Dec 2016
With you I am bitter cold and bleak
Without you I am creative and mistiquely unique.
Without you my brain operates on a level of an Intellectual Geek.
But when you  are around Im feel like climbing a mountain thats too far way and too steep
That I give Up climbing because of the pain in My knees, my legs and my feet,
My soul cant breathe and heart and mind become feeble and weak.
Without you I am Strong enough to conquer any mountains peak.
But with you i feel Rather incomplete.
But without you im Woman of Proverbs, A portrait resembling one who is humble and meek.
But with you The cat has my tongue so I cant express What Im feeling through the words I speak
Is it my demise what you seek?
Without you I feel put together and kinda neat.
With you its hard too feed my spirit what it needs to eat.
But without you It like Just another sad love song on repeat.
With you I feel im at war and your personal gain is my defeat.
Without you its hard sometimes, kinda of bittersweet.
But with you all I feel alone and in behind my smile I weap.
Without you my transcendent self can't seem to find sleep.
I guess the capicity of my love maybe just a little to deep.
Maybe You should learn how to swim because you sow what you reap.

I use to be all about you.
Like everything I say and do needed your approval or had to have value.
Until the day I found out you didnt love me the same I once loved you.
Then my heart became like a freeze color of blue.
I felt like i would be lost without you, I cried Whats a girl to do?
I felt stuck like an animal trapped in the zoo.
Until I changed My perception and started seeing things in a new view.
I had to tell myself you know I matter, Im Important too.
That was just kinda a clue
That its time to move on boo boo!
Its hard to be with you but I think its better to be without you
Crazy true story
Dec 2016 · 894
Tashea Young Dec 2016
When i look into your eyes I see the infinite galaxy.
Its an Out of this world level of intimacy.
Its a Place where you, I and The most High live unity.
Its a place of stillness fill with serenity.
Where The Our Dreams Become interwined with reality.
Where Metaphysical Fantasy becomes A living valley.

In this place You make my brain stimulate
As the the words formulate
our brain cells become awake
and our thoughts began to penetrate
As We serve one another an essential  
subtance and Truth on a plate.
Raising Our engery as it Elevates.
Indulging in Our frequency as it Vibrates.
Staring slowly in yours eyes While we quietly meditate
And the pain subsizes and evacuates
Drowing the voices of the hurt that are drying as they suffocate.
Feeling one anothers embodiment as we soundlessly communicate.
Your bring out the beauty of this beast Everytime we conversate.
Its a sensational authenticity
We are wires that spark fires of Electricity.
A source of Power that drives,
Exuberantly Spirited and adernalized.
What a blessing it is to be Revived and Alive.
This man is like my muse. His word like music to my ears. I am deeply moved by him can you tell?
Dec 2016 · 334
The War within the mind.
Tashea Young Dec 2016
Has the close of day ever have you morph into something you were not meant to be as if you were Optimus Prime.
And The darkness strikes you like Evening skies strikes the earth at 9.
And like a scared baby you whine?
And you become Depressed like a prisoner who screams for help from the bars they are locked behind.
Trapped in box space in a moments time whose senses are growing blind as The negative thoughts chills the spine.
Dont be The Inmate Whose thoughts put you in a place to be confined.
Go to Your that happy place In your mind
and Reverence The One Who is Truely Divine in that peaceful place of Shrine.
Because The battle for right choices begins in our minds.
Inspired by

2 Timothy 1:7 - For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
Dec 2016 · 368
Tashea Young Dec 2016
To whom it May Concern,
If dont have the spirit to disrcen.
You will not be able to understand us or learn.
We can take you to the point of no return.
Just as the skin being torched by sun, you can feel the burn.

You feed into us Everyday.
Especially when you listen to what other people say.  
Like shiny new toys, on your heart and mind we will play.
More often than not we will have you feeling some type of way.
Like obstacles you face in your walkway to overcome us you must pray.
We are like the waves of the oceans
Moving you left to right, upside down and round and around in a pattern of commotion.
Like a force we direct your feelings as the  river's current that causes a hostile motion.
We tend to change like the weather we have no devotion.
We can be magical or posionous like spells to secert potions.
Sincerely Your,
Dec 2016 · 271
Tashea Young Dec 2016
What is it to have eyes but cannot see,
Ears but cannot hear,
A brain but cannot think,
A nose but cannot smell,
A mouth but cannot speak,
A tongue but cannot taste,
Hands but cannot touch,
A heart but cannot feel......

You can't come to your senses when you are senseless.
Its kinda like being placed in a war blindfolded and left to fight defenseless.
You cant see them when they are coming,
And you dont know where you're going.
You are Slumbering and Unaware that you are existing in a state of being Unconscious,
While The Most High Is Declaring his presence Among us
Once you Awaken to the truth your senses will become active.
Your soul and vibes become attractive
Will Ignorance continue to hold you Captive.
Or will Choose The Divine Authentic Truth That's life changing, Powerful, and massive.
I wasnt sure about this one its way different than what i usually right but I keep hearing to write it anyways so Heres goes nothing
Dec 2016 · 328
His Words
Tashea Young Dec 2016
His words takes me to that beautiful place
The place where his words are like
Love's arms of warm embrace.
And Like Sweet Nectar of honey I must have a taste.
His words grows a Blissful smile upon my face
His words are like a Boost to my immunity
His words are like the equivalent to Vitamin C
His words pack Calcium like Vitiamin D
His words Promotes the Sunlight Sparkling for all see
His words are like herbal Tea
Therapeutic like therapy.
Our conversations Suspends me in estacy

I was as cold as a winters freezing night
Then he approached me in way that was so polite
I was literally standing still but my heart took flight
To a new demention to a new hieght
Man I felt like I was flying high as if I were his kite
His Expression of phrases fromulated a Euphoric picture in my spiritual and physical sight.
I swear I tried so hard to fight
But when he spoke to me his words became the heat and I melted me like ice
I wish i could have relived that moment twice
The things he would say were as beautiful as The sun setting upon The San Francisco Bay.
His Statements stops the time in the middle of the day.
This Man is the Very person for whom I silently did pray.

His words compliments me just as the Cocoa Butter nourishing and healing the Imperfections of my complexion So Like lotion the more we talk the more he rubs it in.

His Messages are so powerful that when he speaks I am complelled to feel Humble and meek.
Is this the peak at which His Intellectual geek is Attracted to my Spirtual freak discovered by the Sensational vibes we both seek?
His words soften my heart like silk sheets
Yet are as smooth as a leather jacket so sleek...
His Words are The Vibes that I crave One of A kind and So Unique........
I wrote this poem about a guy That gives me these Sensational Vibes.... I hope he reads it!
Dec 2016 · 581
Holding hands with Destiny
Tashea Young Dec 2016
I feel like he was created just for me.
I think im holding hands with Destiny.
He Encourages me to be The Woman The Father has presdestined me to be.
Hes like a dream given unto me.
He sees straight thru me like he can hear my thoughts telephatically.
Got me fiening for him like jodeci
Plunging into the depths of his soul's love as I enjoy The journey of his story....
Hes The Instructor of love and Im the student thinking critically.
He has left An impact on my life tremedously.....
Im drowning in his love ever so endlessly.
He is Waves from the oceans currents of
pure bliss
And I......I am his ocean shore that his waters of love kiss.
He's like a precious treaure I have discovered.
Unlocking the chest to look inside and see what I have uncovered.
Im happy for what I have found
Hes A King worthy of Sparkling crown.
I wish I could wear his love Like a White Flowing Wedding Gown.
I feel he completes me like a sentence Yah is the subject, He's the predicate and im the noun.

With his words he painted a vivid picture of me
Its a picture with definition, depth, and clarity.
Its almost like he captured every little detail so Carefully.
As if I were an image of an angel made so Heavenly.
In his eyes Im a portrait crafted very delicately.
A beauty constructed with integrity.
Sparkling like the waters of the deep blue sea.
To Be held in The Artistic nature of his Creativity
Is a Wonderful sight to see
With his poetry I see The illustration of his spiritual Imagery
I caressed the Compassion of his vibes that discerned The ambience of his Frequency.
His Energy Sweetly Speaks so pleasntly
His Diction shows me his style Musically.
His wisdom shows the level of his Maturity
And it makes me drawn to him as if Its a force was pulling me closer into his gravity
Ill admit this experience is kind of scary
But My lovely Beautiful Mahogany
theres no place I rather be than with you standing by my side next to me.
Feeling as if I am Soaring like a bird so Free.
He Surely bring out the Best characteristics of me.
I Believe Im Subconsciously holding hands with destiny
#destiny #serendipity #Love #beauty
Im fallin in love
Dec 2016 · 1.5k
Black Men
Tashea Young Dec 2016
Dear Black Men,
They have been throwing you away like a trash can.
Never to Understand
That you have value, and for your life God has designed a plan.
So Here I am with you, Side by side I place my hands, in your rough, calloused, laboring hands.
Merging together in solidarity just as a musical band.
As you are Always being placed under Servere Scrutiny
At this moment I stand with you declaring that we start speaking the healing language of unity.
Or This will be The End of Our Community.
Before our Village becomes Extinct
within a moments notice like the eyes that blink.
Removing The hate from our heart and brain that have formed into a kink
like the negative thoughts that we think
Overwhelming the mind drowning only to sink.
They are an Important asset to the family  just as the body needs Zinc.
They're An Esstenial Mineral.
Yet you label them as a Criminal, Cynical, Miserable, Pitiful,
A Creature deemed Unforgivable,
But if you look beyond the attributes of the physical
Take a glace At the mental and spiritual temple.
Resting inside is Gods Love that's Unconditional.
Then is when you will see what I see  Indispensable Individuals; Descendents From Israel.
Does the pigment of thier skin disqualifies him as being equal?
Is this Prince of Egypt's Sequel?
Or maybe its the fact that These Men are  Gods Royal people.

And Still you label them a Negros.
But when thier Tribe looks at them we See A heros.
Trying to lead thier people to the mental state of freedom just Moses did In Exodus from Pharoh.
If only it were that simple
To see inside The temple's window
You would see souls so beautiful.
conscious men awoken to what thier mind and innermen has come to know
Or hearts so rare its special.
And Like A super Moon painted on the black sky thier spirits will glow.

They are kings whom are kind and gracious.
Like a lion's Roar thier Words Are Boldy spoken into the atmosphere and Audacious
Their presences is contagious
Their spirit his courageous.

They are men whos wife and children watch intentively and admire.
They are the household provider.
In their minds he sparks a fire
A flame That Inspires.

He's The The soul that lives within.
Their Maghony skin has been dipped into Hersheys Rich Chocolate Melanin
Thier Deep Voice sounds like A roar from Lions Den , Vigorous and Masculine.
They are powerful like strength and of A thousand men.
Thier smile is as bright as the Radient sun warm and Golden.
From what Cloth was these men woven
that such a men of thier statue has not only been called but also chosen.
Theres something they are Beholding
They are just as a campfire in the blackness of the night glowin.

They are men of color
They are the cover for thier lover
They are My brothers from other mothers.

To The Blackwoman they are our
Batmen, Supermen, Ironmen, Tarzan, Patrolmen, repairmen, handymen, guardsmen, Businessmen and Gentlemen.
And We are your support system, your biggest fans.

You all are The craftmanship of The Most High's hand.
Constructed from the dust of the ground on which we stand.
Mixed with breathe of Life created a human being who bare feet ran,
feeling the warmth from the grains of sand, As he Walked among the surface of the land.
Adam, the Earths first black man.

I Wrote this to let you know we value you My Dear Black Man.
Dec 2016 · 391
A storm's Rain
Tashea Young Dec 2016
One  must learn from the mistakes no matter how long it takes.
I once use to tell myself that i was always the one to blame.
Man that use to drive me insane.
Crying out to The Most High Screaming and shouting his name.
Taking Beatings from feeling guilty hurt and shame.
like my heart was the target and Everyone had an perfect aim.
Stomp on used and abused by everyone I opened up to that came.
But everytime I got played like a video game.
So One day I desired to smoke me some mary jane.
I wanted so badly to drown my sorrow with her frame.
Just to numbing the pain Like novicane.
Until I was left with nothing but brokeness, stupidity, and a blind fool who was lame.
Negative Nancy Is whom I became.
The tears kept falling but yet I couldnt began to explain.
I felt stuck like my I was living my life in vain.
Like a house fire I was inflamed
How do you put out a fires flame?
Its by dancing in the rain.
Im telling you is a refreshing experience It was almost like It washed away the ***** stain.
Went in the storm muddy but came out of it never to be the same.
Thru the pain It was strength I've gain. 
The trails, tribulations, the hurricanes, storms and tornadoes I overcame.
Thru Yah I was able to Say Its Victory that I proclaim.
I pray that helps whip you into shape.
I guess I just needed my earth to quake.
Expose the fake that slithering among me as snakes.
We are human beloved sometimes We are do not bake  like the perfection of a bakerys cake.
So unfortunately sometimes our hearts do break.
But you are still A SUPERWOMAN even if you dont wear a cape.
Dont let this heartbreak be your way of drowning in a kryptonite lake.
Arise, and mediate,
All the bad vibes shake, shake, shake!
you have to Remember is that each breathe we take is way of escape.
I pray That you come out fruitful like a vine of ripen grapes.
From my heart to yours my beloved Agape
Dec 2016 · 483
The Soul Of A Lotus Flower
Tashea Young Dec 2016
Shining in the shadows of the night
Radiently glowing like a Nothern star at Twilight.
From the darkest thickest mud of nature I rise
Seeing how I grow is a element of surprise
thru the Human's naked eyes
Im surrounded by the troubling waters
And yet my pedals dont get wet.
Once I take a deep breathe in
A New adventure will soon to begin
As I let my life unfold
Look at The Beauty of Yah's Work, Behold.
Standing tall, so beautiful and Bold.
Shimmering like nuggets of Gold.
As still as the sight of Winters beauty, So Cold!
Beyond the grandeur of my splendor is a story left untold.
Breaking out from the Dimness of the gloom
Becoming Like a lotus flower to blossom and bloom.
Breaking thru from the darkness of my past.
Thank Almighty I am free at last.
In my yesterdays I was a caterpillar and Today Im a butterfly
Metaphorically speaking the new me is living so the old ugly me had to die.
Like water is to the body being washed clean I am purified.
Positioned like a Tower.
Inside Lies Source of Power.
I have a soul of the lotus flower.
Im not the one to use a cliche
But on this very Day I can feel your vibes coming my way As I close my eyes and bow my head to pray
To you all who reading these words Namaste!
A lotus must rise thru the muddy dorty water to feel the suns warm rays
Dec 2016 · 317
Awakening My Sleeping Soul
Tashea Young Dec 2016
In the darkness of the night we were designed to be as bright as The stars spread across the spacious skies of Twilight.
Never knowing that from the outside we shined.
Our expressions mirrors our thoughts weather it be divine or unkind.
I guess thats why they say The face is the window into the mind.
And The eyes are the pathway to the soul
Playing  the most influential role
Filtering what our vision percieves because  it affects us as whole.
It has the power to control the thoughts flowing through our menatal.
Now I understand why its impoartant to look beyond the physical,
Its too seek what truth lies within realms of the spiritual.
As I Let my words be like water and flow from my lips as i give my confessional
I begun to get emotional
Because I went from Fighting battles Just as Joshua did in Jericho
To Being surrounded by a devasting tornado
Only to coming out on the other side and being Just as glorious as a rainbow.
While The Most High Sculpts and paints my portrait of life  better Than any famous artifacts crafted my MichealAngelo.
Or Even more creativie and colorful than any painting by vincent van gogh.
And more Illustration then what is depicted in the Last Supper by Leonardo.
Builted with Empathy, curiousity and strong willed like children of Indigo.
I am a Specially made Individual.
Made in his image therefore I am beautiful.
No longer am I a Embryo, I have been birthed from the womb in the spiritual.
Like A Sunflower flourishing from the seed that was planted in the meadow, I grow.
As I stay under my Savior's teaching, learning and applying what I know.

His Love and blessings are as Rivers that overflow.
The Holy spirit illuminates my body lighting a fire in the pit of soul as it ignites a fluorescence light to glow.
Awaken My sleeping soul.
Nov 2016 · 332
The Passion of Love
Tashea Young Nov 2016
Like a grain planted into the ground I will be sowned,
So the produce from my seed will be grown, and Thru you My fruitful offspring will be shown.
I cant be bought so Im no one's to be owned.
Im like no other you have ever known.
I am good for you like the sweetest cantaloupe and honeydew.
I cling to the blades of your grass like the  Morning's due.
You are the canvas and I am the brush with my kindness I paint you as the serene skies a beautiful hue of Indigo Blue.
I am Honesty, Pure, and true.
My life I gave just so your soul I could save
For you, I the faced death so brave
Yet you barely desire me, not even so much as a crave.
This not just for Show
I want the whole world to know
I care for so.
You are in debt to me and Your heart is what you Owe
Some would want to put me on display like a family portrait hanging from a frame.
And like luggage many have tried to have me bagged, tagged, and claimed.
Some tried to condition me but couldnt even have me maintained.
Too many Put me in a straight jacket and had me restrained.
So Like water being removed from a fountain they have left me Drained
Making a mess of me like red wine spilled on the carpet I have been Stained.
Like a sword that pierced my side I endured your agonizing pain.
Hand in hand I walk with you even in shame.

But you say that Im the one to blame
When indeed I only came
Because it was you who called upon my  name
You traded me in for fortune and fame.
And My Darling my compassion for you is still the same.
My affection For you never changed it will always and forever remain.

People will say that they regret the day we met.
Just because they see themselves like a butterfly trapped in a net.
Having an enclosed mindset.
Not realizing you need me like a pet needs its Vet.
The rejection and pain you've experienced you will soon Forget.
I can Cleanse you without ever getting you Wet.
Its a process and im not finished with you yet.

Im am beyond your control,
I came embedded into your soul
Taken your Brokenness to make you whole

Swallow me like a pill,
be still and allow me to do my will.
Ill give you the strength to climb even the steepest hill as I pour my spirit into you like an empty cup to fill,
Just for assurance sip me and taste and see That I am real.

As you sit back and reminisce,
Are you drowning in life's Abyss?
Wondering if something so beautiful as This Can really truely exist
Moving you in a state of bliss, interlocking with our souls first kiss.

I fit you like a glove,
I fall on you like rain from the heavens above
My presences is engaging and graceful like a flying white Dove.
Hello name is love.
God is Love and love is God
Nov 2016 · 685
Dear Mona Lisa
Tashea Young Nov 2016
Dear Mona lisa,
So Comely Just like The Queen of Sheba
Standing Wonderously As if you are The leaning Tower of Pisa
Putting me under like anesthesia
Forgeting where I am As if I have amnesia
You are Everywhere I want to be like visa
Painted With glitter Shining bright Like Fame
Some may see you as a picture living in a frame
But I......I just Pondering at The thought of just knowing your name
As I Admire from afar
Praying to get to know how truely beautiful you are
It amazes me how thru you I can see him.
You remind me of an artistic painting in a museum,
Seen Marvelously but left untouched
Yet I yearn to have your heart to clutch
Desiring One day that you and I can love one another so much
Nov 2016 · 4.0k
Dear Black Woman
Tashea Young Nov 2016
As Stong as the An African Elephant
Yet were are supple and elegant.
We are persuasive talkers so our words are very Eloquent.
Crafted From man's rib and An earthly element is How God made the first Wombman in the old testiment.
During the worlds development
We somehow begun to be irrelevant
Forgetting that we were designed as a help mate who is heaven sent.

We shed Bloods for days sometimes a months without dying.
Raising our children to Be Ladies and gentlemen whom are edifying.
In our wombs a human life we are able carry.
We are informational like a human dictionary.
We store resoureful pieces of data like a library.

Created with brown sugar, warm honey, cocoa and Gold.
Out spirits are Radiently Bold.
Our bodies are temples that can't be bought or sold.
We have a Story that must be hear and told.
We are the beautiful flowers in the month of May That Springs up and blooms in middle of noons day.
We flourish just as the fluorescent blue jay, Whose mood is Joyful and gay.
Our Skin absorbs the sun's Incandescent. Ray.
Some may say, Our hair is ***** but Actually, Our hair just happens to defy gravity
So we wear it upon our head proudly like a Crown
because Living in socitey's prospective of what you should look like will weigh you down.
You will stay stuck on being lost when you already have been found.
Be about your fathers business and know you are Heaven bound.

We are run life's race with meaning and purpose in our pace
Even our walk is embedded with grace
Nature's beauty smiles upon our face
As We Wear God's love like a Pure Gold necklace that's trimmed with lace.

The Strength we've gain
Turned us into warriors from living the through the most Excruciating pain
Thats the Reason we humbly pray as we sing and dance in the middle of the storm's rain.
Our humility will continue to remain.

We are women of Virtue
I wrote this to encourage you
Never let no one break, hurt or discourage you know who you belong to.
And who deserves a Woman of your statue.
For Being black Is Exhilarating
And being a woman is Breathtaking but Being a Black Woman is an Honorary Identity that is Legendary.
See the world thru the eye of a black Woman
Nov 2016 · 720
Hebrew Israelite Woman
Tashea Young Nov 2016
Lets address whats evident
In this room There's an Elephant.
Why do you see us as being irrelevant.
Just because our skin was kissed with melanin
Mixed in with the protien of Keratin
They slapped us with a label of being African American.
Yet we are descendants from one of the 12 tribes of Israel: Juah, Ephraim, Manasseh, Naphtali, Levi, Asher, Issachar, Gad, Zebulun, Reuben, Simeon, and Benjamin
We were taught to be Nurturing and feminine
Because we were raised to be young ladies, due to our body producing high levels of estrogen.
We are sweet like sugar but can be spicy like cinnamon.
We have an Aroma of shea butter, coconut, and honey
We are enlighten with wisdom, so we are far from a dummy.
We cant be bought be bought with your worldly money.
Even on a dark day you would think its sunny
Because our souls are so divine
that it's reflection from the inside will brighten the world like the The moon in the midnight's sky that shines.
We are Unashamed.
We can not be tamed
Inside us lies a firery passionate buring flame.
We have a Hebrew name.
We are not the same,
We are individually different and one of a kind.
We have a beautiful mind.
We are fruitful like ripen Grapes growing ravashingly on the branches from vine.
We age like fine wine.
We are not to be treated as devalued change such as quarters, pennies, nickles and dimes.
Our voices are delightfullly sweet just as the peaceful sound of musical wind chimes.
We tell stories through our dancing, words, paintings, songs, poems, verses, rhythms and rhymes.
We dont need makeup to cover up a blemish
Its just a sign that we have flaws and God's not finished.
The power of Yah flows from us graciously.
For Our beauty comes naturally.
Our souls are birth from the heavenly.
We speak Pleasantly.
Some have a complexion of Maghony.
But My skin tone is Vanilla bean
I get high off life like caffeine
I glisten like afro sheen.
I am a Hebrew Queen.
Thru the untrained eye my future cant be seen
The Most High is listening,
Shaping, and our futures he's creating.

We Seek Yahwehs face for insight
Going through a transformation to get our souls right.
Taking a journey to new heights.
We are stand out like highlights
Shining in the world of darkness like flashlights.
And Yeshua Hamashiach has our copyrights
We say it out Loud
We are Hebrew and We are proud!
I am not a label. I am the soul that lives within
Nov 2016 · 2.1k
Tashea Young Nov 2016
When the wordly things get all the glory
You tend to live a life that's unholy.
Facing the life's painful reality.
Fight againt wicked principalities
Losing your sense of morality.
As you are procrastinating about Learning your biblical A...B...C's
You are counting up your salary
When you should be counting all of God's promises like 1...2...3..

Thats when it begins to Spread like an deadly ****** transmitted Disease
First its sniffle and a sneeze
Next is a cough and a wheeze
Then you'll Barely be able to breathe
Knocking you to your knees
Begging God, "Please Heal Me"
Praying desperately For His Mercy
Then the STD forcefully will begin to tightly squeeze.
Till it becomes an Infection that attacks your every function flowing like a virus.
This sickness removes the color from life and leave you like eyes with damaged to the nerves, pupil and Iris.
This happens when you Subtract Christ from your life like a math equation involving minus.
Being sticken with this ailment will deprives us, If we dont let Christ take the wheel to Drive and guide us.
This Infirmity is very cancerous  
It will impact your 6 senses Just like the  Symbol for The Eye Of Horous.
Because we are individuals who are like sponges, filled with holes, absorbant and yet very porous.
Beneath the fleshly being lies a spirit
Crying out for help can you hear it?
This deficiency will leave you Shivering from the Chill of it's swift wind's cold breeze
The very thought of this illness makes the soul freeze
Once it realizes it has a contracted a Spiritually Transmitted Disease.
Nov 2016 · 375
I might not be....
Tashea Young Nov 2016
I may not be A girl thats pretty
But for me please have no pity.
For I have personality that is humorously witty.
I may not be wealthy but I am spiritually
I may not have the perfect teeth
But thats the exterior for I am the interior person that lies underneath.
In your opinion I may not be worthy of your loyalty.
But its ok because My God Treats me Like Royalty
Loving and spoling me
Greater is He that Lives within thee
Whom protects  the treasure locked in my heart Because he holds the key.
I may not have the most most beautiful smile.
But I have hidden gifts with an artistic style.
I'm A free spirited juvenile my life is poetry expressed in the form a freestyle
Im a person of many coats I like to call it being versatile.
My people are rare we only happen once in a while.
As you point out every single blemish
Just Know That My God is Not Finsished.
No Im not person that is hollier than thou
For a made a promise, I took a vow
So To my majestic Savior humbly I bow.
To Gaze upon his glory
As he stands before me
So pure And holy
I may not be The person you think I should Be
But Im Yah's Creativity made Imperfectly in his Image fearfully and wonderfully.
It its little things and The joy it brings.
I May not be a lot alot of things
But I am the A child of The Most High King
Spiritual unique personality is what I have to bring while God's love serenades you as it sings.
Oct 2016 · 412
Behind The Veil
Tashea Young Oct 2016
Beyond the Veil
There lies a Woman with a story to tell.
At one point and time her soul was not so well.
There were so many times she would holler, scream, and yell.
And time after time she found it hard to get up after she would epically fail.
In her mind she was a prisoner locked in jail
closed off in a wall to wall four by four cell
being brutally attack by evil spirits straight from the pits of Hell.
She didn't see her way out because she had no bail.
She felt she had nothing left to offer but her body to sell.
Experiencing so much pain She built a protective shell.
Then one day her soul got mail
From the man with a hole in each hand from a 6inch iron nail.
A man who wore a crown of thorns in his head
As his precious blood was shed
A man who was pierced in side as he hung upon the cross in front Of Everyone
As he died.
And his clothes were tattered, torn, and ripped
As he was mocked, beaten, brusied, and whipped
A man whos who represenation was the true definitions pure Humiliation.
He Reached out to this woman to turn her devastation into consolation.
With her heart open in full co-operation
She recieved his blessing of hers soul's salvation.
She began to show progress of alteration.
He was her medication she needed for a total transformation.
He gave her wise information reguarding her education for spiritualization.
She began to witness Her life drastically changing after the prophetic  manifestation.
He never let her feel the hunger pains of starvation.
He feed her mind, body, and soul from The feast of harvestation.
He lead her to a spring flowing by river called, "The Living Waters" in which she sipped for hydration.
He clothed her in the finest most glorious armour as he smiled happily upon her
He Draped her in the attributes of proverbs 31.
With purpose in each and every step she would run spreading The "Good News" to each and every one.
Swiftly she ran the race As he Laced her pace with style and Grace.
He placed compassion in her heart
And told Her to guard it carefully and never let love depart.
Then one day He allowed God Fearing man to Come her way.
She stopped him and she as she bugun to say, "Now before I give you my attention as My pay, I see you are Attractive and you have A good head on your shoulders but um......., Do you Pray?"
The he gazed at her as if she was a flower in the wild
And Surprisingly he too had smiled, then these words from his mouth begun compile,
"From the moment i looked into your eyes and said, Hey
I knew That The Man above placed you here in my eyesight not just as a display.
But to help guide you as we both take this journey together down the narrow pathway. Im not the one sent here to lead you astray.
Now I know you are probably thinking that this is some childs play.
And that I was just here to use your heart mind and emotions as my prey.
But starting on Today,
I want to know you in every way I want to make every waking minute a time for your Discovery day.
I want to take to you to see a ballet.
Then hold your hand as we sit in admiring nature's beauty at The New York bay.
You can be the chocolate to my milky way
Or Even My Queen of spring like month of may.
I would like you to be more Than my lady.
I would enjoy it very much if you could be my baby.
I will love you beyond the hurt and pain till it just withers away.
I will pray with you during Sunday, weekday, Sabbatha day, and  Especially on Ascension Day.
We can take trips together where we can  find peace in our Getaway.
Im amazed at how I can see and feel your warmth of electrical sun ray
So I stand here before you offering My Love as a prize that you won in a giveaway.
So will you allow me to honor you As I ask you to be My Fiance.?"
Her eyes begun to water as she started to blink
This question posed to her made it hard to think.
Could he be the pen and Im his ink?
Like the brain that sends a message to the eye thru the nerve so that it could be able to wink.
Are in-sync.
Can we work welll together as 1 unit spreading the ministry of Love together as one link.
Building and upholding eachother never to let the other drown or sink.
Can we love and serve one another until one of us becomes extinct.
Then she replied it's something I must pray about.
For I Cannot leave My first love out.
I trust him with my life without a shadow of a doubt.
As long As we have faith in him. He will work all the kinks out.

Even with that Warning,
He insisted on courting
Mentallly Exploring
Showing love and supporting.
Having so much clean fun
Little did She didnt know That realtionship has only just begun.

He want things go further.
For her he has grown fonder
So He knew He had to do things correct and proper.
So He has sought The heavenly Father,
Asking the hand in marriage of his daughter.
He replied I give her to your as an honor.

So he took her on a pinic by the pond.
Telling her how beautifully strong they have grown a bond.
And that he care for more than the physical it spiritual and beyond.
Thats when on her it dawned
As he got down on one knee, with ring as he was patiently awaiting or her to respond.

She said, " Yes"
Next thing you know she was wearing a wedding dress.
Flowing with Gratefulness from her chest
With Kindness She Proudly Professed, "Grate Is Thy Faithfulness"
As she walked down the asile she felt so blessed
She Humbly Confessed.
"God Thank you for never giving up on when I was a wretched mess.
You brought me through the test Because I trusted you during the process.
You took my failures and used them toward my success!
God Reached down in Hell and transfromed my life into a fairytale.
This is what happens when you let Love Of God prevail.
You become beautiful female who is waiting for her Husbands love patiently behind the veil.
Oct 2016 · 261
What Is Love?
Tashea Young Oct 2016
What is Love?
Can you see it? Is it an action?
Can you sense it? Is it a Compassion?
Could it be A warm kindness that soothes the soul's satisfaction.
Or It could even be Intensely deep feelings of affection?
Is it Adoration? And Must it be taken in moderation.
Is it just a sensation from one heart to another to Place in.
Or idolization of infatuation?
Maybe just a fragment of attachment.
Upon a moment's first glance,
does it becomes a chance for romance
that makes heart wanna flutter about and dance.
Love is a ministry
Its covers a multitude of iniquity.
Love has the ability to care unconditionally.
Love lives inside each one of us, you and Me.
For God is love and Love is God.
Love conquers all against every odd.
We are suppose to Love and serve one another.
So spread to your sister and your brother.
Love is the only way to stop hate.
Let hate evacuate
So you can allow the love Of The most high permeate.
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