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Taryn Pope May 26
The house is broken
Doorways cast too long a shadow
Foundation fixed upon a lie
Eyes rest within the fireplace
Gazing with disdain
Inciting argument after argument
I move so softly
But cracking all the eggshells
And throwing up the yolks
I spoke more words here
Than I would ever like to speak
Feet creep ever so slow
Wherever now I go
With every place I choose to dwell
The cracks sound out with every step
My shoes have become shells
Taryn Pope Mar 28
I wanted you to have something
To tuck inside your pocket
Words locked in ink and love
Sinking in and out of my center
And meant for your eyes alone
Never have I known
A story that longed so fervently
For happily ever after
A cynic in me steps away
As laughter meets these ears
I look to the years with a new gaze
And a quiet amazement
That sings louder than any old fear
I had fallen prey to before
What’s more is that new doors
They are opening to us
And for once I can trust
We will face what awaits
With both a grace and a strength
And as we wait for each moment
That has not been unlocked yet
I want you to have this
To tuck inside your pocket.
Taryn Pope Mar 16
There are words
Painted in this old shell
Stretched between these cracks
That seemed worlds away
Tainted by the trials of yesterday
Longing to be rewritten
And long have they lost their luster

When you spoke them
Sparks etched the curves and corners
Brought body and breath
Bringing new life from the dead

Teach me to trust
Hold fast to the hope
Learn to love this broken shell
And know I can pen my own notes
Because you have taught me so well.
Taryn Pope Dec 2018
Legs rub together
Pages turn
All these years add up

The spine on your back
The spine on mine
My fingers rest upon it

Here, her full body
The rose bud in bloom
And the fervent wonder
Of when bones will grow

Something shows like new
A heart, a breast, a belly
Beautiful ****
Soft to the touch

Just how much can one book hold?
Taryn Pope Aug 2018
The door is taped up
To hold all the pieces together
So little light comes in now

Glass shatters at the temptation of hope
A single fragment slices
Never cutting deep enough

A little girl, afraid of her father
Her daughter, afraid of her father
Her mother, afraid of her

The door is taped up
To hold all the pieces together
So little light comes in now

There are no more broken pieces to make their mark
But no one can see in now
And we all cannot see out

Shouts echo in my own ears
Manifesting screams I had all along
A suicide song year after year

Her mouth is taped up
To hold all these pieces together
So little light comes in now
Taryn Pope Jul 2018
I swear to you
There are parts of me
Still vibrant
That want to see
To feel everything
Carefree and jubilant
Parts of me singing
At the top of their lungs
That song we wrote together

Whether I am lacking luster
I have gone dull
Collected dust on this shelf
There are parts
That will never forget
The feel of your skin
Dancing in the moonlight
Your hand in mine
Parts of me
That are still vibrant
Taryn Pope Jun 2018
There are small parts
Of me
Of you
Wasting away
No longer in bloom
A constant swaying
A goodbye all too soon
Tired of holding on
Day after day
Torn apart
Shattered & blue
Little parts
Of me
& of you
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