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 Apr 26 Taru M
i’m becoming an
insomniac like
my mother
fried rice and almost
midnight thoughts
i murdered the life
i thought i wanted
she died in a sheath of
quirk and holiness
went quietly in her sleep
at 11:20 pm
breathed in a life
and breathed out peace and
leftover carbon dioxide

i spoke with your mom
in broken bits of promise
and spanish
i hope you taste forever
in between spoonfuls of
corn, carrot,
and me trying
 Apr 18 Taru M
b for short
Guided by something heavier
than a final notice or a dollar sign.
It's a power, not for profit,
that's respected silently, without a like button.
It tangles my hair in the stars
as I dream of places that feel like home,
but never visited.
It whispers the names of people
that I know I've loved in another life.
The world is on fire, but
I close my eyes and hear its music.
It hums. I follow.
The world is on fire, but
I dance in its glow.
© Bitsy Sanders, April 2020
 Apr 18 Taru M
b for short
Rolling symphonies of snores
keep me from a dream as I
conduct their crescendo with a smirk;
barely of a sliver of blanket
left to call my own;
goosebumps on my legs remind me
that this bed is full of things I love
who choose to be here too.
I am wide awake,
wrapped in hushed darkness;
like a freshly dipped photograph,
I develop best here too.
©️Bitsy Sanders, January 2021
 Apr 18 Taru M
 Apr 18 Taru M
Meet me where the sidewalk ends and the highway begins
Somewhere between the endless showers of spring and the changing shades of autumn
A place I once knew like the back of my hand
resting under yours
Where we could have sat in silence for all of eternity
If time had slowed down or stood still
But seasons shifted

Wrapped in the dying light of the setting sun, I close my eyes
And fall off the face of the earth and back
Into your arms
 Apr 18 Taru M
Of all our modern sorrows
Few compare to the sadness of happening  
   upon a space
Once beautiful in its solitude
Now sullied by man and his ever-spreading  
 Apr 18 Taru M
After months of sleeping next to you, today I woke up, rolled over to see your face, and was __.

a) in love
b) complete
c) nervous
d) alone
e) all of the above
 Jul 2018 Taru M
Muggle Ginger
I am not a Phoenix waiting for rebirth
I am a silly boy dressed in feathers
thinking that Mardi Gras could bring me joy
I am not trying to disguise a part of me
I am trying to become something new entirely
 Jul 2018 Taru M
Caitlin Drew
Let's sit on the back of your tailgate for old times sake
Looking at hands that used to hold
Connected to arms that kept each other from the cold
I wander my eyes down to lips that are no longer mine
And wonder if they can still spill words that were meant for me
But instead of filling the air with words that we've lost
We let the silence do all the talking for now.
And for the first time in a year
I didn't skip the songs that remind me of you.
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