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 Jan 2017 Tark Wain
Little Bird
Why are you alway behind ?
You're moderate
Nothing special
Good at everything
You can't do anything right can you
Everything you do is nowhere near enough
Nor it ever will be
Look at the mirror
It's already broken
 Jan 2017 Tark Wain
Koh Pei Yi
A huff of anger,
I puff the smoke,
We wont be together,
Those words you spoke,
Puff the smoke,
While my heart broke,
Trying to cope.
These barren hopes.
Rose, leaf of love
You sprouts
Gentle and wild
Beautiful in thistles
Charming amongst thorns
And the world is filled again
With affection and obsession
The world is gay again
With laughter's and devotions

Rose, flora of love!
You opens up
Beautiful and pretty
Colourful and mighty
Awesome in prickles
And blesses the earth
With perfumes of your petals
With fragrances of your fallopian
And the earth is in cheers and dears

O rose, stalk of romance
In fingers you dances humble
Watching and wiping tears of love
Of dejection and rejection
Igniting and lighting fires of desires
Infernos of adoration and admiration
Bringing unity to lost and hope to found
You rose a simple selfless stem
Hungry hearts you satisfies with forever

O rose, charity of love
Beauty in bloom
Bud in blossom
Leaf in split
Sheet in spread
Where comes love-
Out of no hope
Where comes life-
Out of no dope
O rose, shower of love.

@Kîûra Kabiri. All Rights Reserved.
 Jan 2017 Tark Wain
There is a Story in my soul
but I have no idea where to go
The story fights against my will
so much to think,to feel
Heart's desire is to write
but with fear and anxiety do I fight
Comes down to who I am
feeling like my will is out on the lamb
I need Someone to be my lead
so I can rest and think in the mead
Story let me know you and you me
so my will and soul can finally be free
no such thing as a lost cause
you won't always feel this way
a year can turn somebody into a stranger
some things you just can't contorl
 Jan 2017 Tark Wain
Long ago, I was lonely
My only friends were in boxes, my life was a dream
I wrote for comfort
I cried to feel
But all I knew was pain

I had given up on love
On hope
I had moved on and let go
But then I met you

You showed me how to see the world in color
You taught me how to smile
You made my whole life suddenly worthwhile
But how can I repay you
What could I ever do
To let you know that you saved me
And that I love you
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