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Euphorie Jan 7
Come, come, come let's dance naked tonight,
Exposing my soul to you all the time,
Our feet in my imaginary rhythms, touch the watery grasses,
When I see your chaleur, I palpably need glasses,
You are my dawn and dusk,
Making me addicted to your smell of Musk,
Darling, I am a shy person
But my mind imagines you like a glass of bourbon,
Come, come, come let's dance naked tonight,
High and heights let's together climb.
Euphorie Dec 2019
Not far away,
Just beside dark they sway,
May be some are dazzled by them,
And some are just fighting their demons with contemn!
Euphorie Dec 2019
Her true eyes were hidden by those specs,
The blue haze she was trying to escape,
He came and sat by her side, a touch like the fire was blazing,
She gasped each time those blues were staring,

Her hair was like autumn fall, she seems to emanate air of serenity.
Making him insane by the smell of her sweetness,  he fell in love with her helplessly,

Made her believe in happily ever after,
by showing her the glimpse of laughter,
From sitting together to walking along,
They enjoyed this lovely journey lifelong,
Euphorie Oct 2019
What is so beautiful about me?
Are you attracted to my mind,
Or the thing that blows you is my smile,
Is it my eyes that are windows to my soul,
Or is it my case of Jean *** which you troll,
Are my seins more alluring to look at,
Or is it cliché you love that I am confident,
Like a alpha male do you like a hourglass,
courbes are more extensive that my cognizance,
When you look at the marks in my face,
Does it feel like she is a Empress?
Euphorie Oct 2019
As she remembered her first kiss,
That moment of pure bliss,
His tippy toes higher to reach her,
ses cheeks burned in the summer heat,
His eyes were as innocent as grace itself,
This instant of love viewed by the shore,      
He confessed to her smiling face,
As the breeze witnessed their embrace.
Euphorie Oct 2019
She is so pretty that it hurts,
the way she smiles and her fossettes,
will be the cause of my décès,
her hair hanging on her epaule,
are my favori like a rainfall,
her blue eyes with a haze ring,
confuse me for a second,
her breath on my chest,
Her hands in my hands.
Every time she passes my eyes
It's aches more than hundred times,
I want to die for her,
be the last to embrace her,
she is so pretty that it hurts!

— The End —