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16.5k · Dec 2014
Technology ?
Tannor Fortin Dec 2014
The World Relies On What I Despise,
We Thrive On Its Soulless Power,
To Our Demise,
And We Hope To The Skies,
The End Of Its Mighty Hour,
Technology Will Fall So Fast,
And Most Of Us Won't Know What To Do,
As We Continue Thriving On The Past.
My opinion on technology as the world stands with it now.
2.0k · Dec 2014
I Run With MaryJane ♥
Tannor Fortin Dec 2014
With Every Breath My Life Is Changed,
With Every Puff Of Smoke Exhaled,
Life Is Easier On The Other Side,
Don't Be Afraid To Run And Hide,
The Pain And Fear Just Goes Away,
All Behind The Glossy Haze,
The Powers It Has Oh My,
Those Powers Do More Than Just Amaze Our Eyes,
I Found Myself And You Can Too,
Just Pick Up The Pipe And Don't Feel The Blue.
This is a poem I wrote, expressing simple feelings and opinions.
920 · Dec 2014
Do you ever wonder?
Tannor Fortin Dec 2014
Do you ever wonder to yourself?
Where would you be if one simple thing in your life was different?
Such a small thing can change so much.
I would be a completely different person if I became friends with different people. The world would be different if just one leaf fell to the ground.

Long story short; Think before you make choices. Although those choices may not be your last, they still make a difference in what you will become.
Just a little inspirational blurb I felt like writing for you all c:
905 · Mar 2016
(No Title, Comment?)
Tannor Fortin Mar 2016
Without you I would slowly lose my soul.
Without you my heart would quietly grow cold.
You light the path to my days travel
and grasp my heart with loving handle.
There is something about you that holds my attention,
your eyes and smile the perfect expression.
Your personality is divine, you are mine, there's no sign that you'll ever leave me crying.
I will spend the rest of my life with you.
I will make you my wife that's true.
One day one baby, someday one more.
A family with you is one thing fore sure.
I'll be happy forever - forever satisfied,
someday I'll be lucky enough to call you my bride.
Eternal love <3
801 · Dec 2014
School is a joke.
Tannor Fortin Dec 2014
It isn't what it seems,
A safe haven of learning,
Its really a bad dream,
What truly goes on is concerning,
Bullies rule the school,
They make you fear the hall way,
You tend to worry most, if not all day,
With no escape.
My opinion on school.
777 · Dec 2014
Tannor Fortin Dec 2014
Deep fear fills my chest,
You didn't seem like the rest.
You gave me a chance to hope,
Until you handed me the rope.

You destroyed my every emotion,
Despite all of my devotions,
And I loved you the best I could.

I now turn and walk away,
I never expected to see this day.
The day where I am so alone,
The day I wonder, I walk, and I roam.

As time passes my heart will heal,
I will cautiously remember to feel.
Over time I will forget,
All the pain, the troubles and regret.

My life is now back to the way that it was,
Before I met you and became your lost cause.
I appreciate the experiences you gave to me,
But I will forget you completely in
I wrote this about a breakup with a girl I was with for almost two years. It has been about a month, and although she is still in mind, I am over her and my life is back to normal.
742 · Dec 2014
Christmas Day
Tannor Fortin Dec 2014
Cold snow covers the ground,
Cuddled in blankets around in a mound.
Hot chocolate toasty,
Along with the air.

The fire is burning strong and bright,
Warming the room with vigorous bite.
Watching the flames,
Your body is warmed.

With loved ones in mind,
You get up to leave,
Enter your room and happily you find,
Your bed awaits your arrival.

You lay down to rest,
You gave it your best.
You close your eyes,
To put an end to this busy day.

Merry Christmas
Song about my favorite things about Christmas.
711 · Mar 2015
Her ♥
Tannor Fortin Mar 2015
I love your smile,
I love your laugh,
Let me hold you a while,
And let the time slowly pass.

You're beyond too good for me,
But you let my heart roam free,
No longer worrying myself silly,
A feeling that would someday **** me.

You in a sense are my soul savior,
So please, please, please let me do you a favor.
Hand me your heart with all of your trust,
I promise I wont treat it unjust.

You are all that I adore,
And every thing I am looking for,
So you and me should be together,
And never break up, but last forever.
Bout' a girl c:
540 · Aug 2015
The One <3
Tannor Fortin Aug 2015
Week one we started dating and yes it was fun,
You looked at me. You smiled wide.
You always brought out my happy side.

Week two my feeling grew.
I was scared, but you were there.
Were your feelings really true?

Now simply three weeks together,
Still happy no matter the weather.
I was falling for you, but you had no clue.

One month, and I looked into your eyes,
At that moment I nervously realized,
That the girl standing in front of me,
let me be free, I loved her so dearly I got on one knee.

— The End —